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Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of His Time Essay

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Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of His Time Essay

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As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework?As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? I agree that this decision depends on the grade level; it also depends on the level of engagement of the class, the project or activity, and the ability of the Influential His Time class. Class work that engages students in working together to achieve a goal or discuss an issue is excellent at any level. However, often students need to complete research or at least do some assigned reading before they can effectively engage in this work. In.

I agree that this decision depends on application for job the grade level; it also depends on the level of engagement of the class, the project or activity, and the ability of the class. Class work that engages students in working together to achieve a goal or discuss an issue is Influential Man of excellent at law dissertation topics, any level. However, often students need to complete research or at least do some assigned reading before they can effectively engage in this work. In some classes, it makes sense even to Leonardo da Vinci: Man of supervise reading or writing, but as students progress, they will need to do some of this reading or writing outside of class. I am aware that some writing instructors require all writing to be done in class, at the very least the rough draft, in order to prevent plagiarism or other kinds of cheating. Certainly some writing should be done in class so that that teacher becomes aware of the student's writing ability or even sees how some students struggle to begin an essay. But requiring all written work to be completed in class prevents students with a flair for writing or an interest in being creative from doing their best work. They may need time to linger, time to daydream, and time to hesitate and start over before they can do their best writing. I know that as a student I would have hated having to complete all my essays in class. (I am referring to high school and middle school here.) At the college level, of course, it just isn't practical to have students complete their writing in class.

My writing example is only one small example; there are many more depending on macbeth structure the subject matter and often depending on the school and Essay, the class. The answer to How People Essay the original question depends on a myriad of factors. It is crucially important for the teacher to know his or her students well and to know what they are capable. We should certainly hold the bar high and expect students who are capable of doing so to The Most Influential Man of His Time Essay put in time outside class. But we also need to understand the groom wedding needs of da Vinci: Influential Essay those students who need our help and who need the nurturing environment of the classroom in order to even begin the work. I prefer class work over assigning homework. Traditionally, I have discovered that the students who truly need to practice for improvement of their comprehension and skills neither utilize the time, nor the opportunity to seek such an How People to Interpersonal Rejections improvement. These students simply copy, or attempt to copy, the answers provided by those students who do not necessarily need the additional opportunities. Even when I assign complete synthesis-level work, students still manage to exhaust significant energy attempting to modify another student's work in hopes of passing it off as their own. Da Vinci: His Time! I've discovered, unfortunately, that homework assignments lead to office referrals more often than I would like. I also believe that class work is not only advantageous for students, but is to start also an optimal time for teacher assessment and His Time, evaluation.

Much can be discerned by simply watching the facial expressions and body language of law dissertation a student attempting to work through a grammar exercise or literary analysis. A teacher can read the cues from the The Most boy or girl in need and use that time as an opportunity to to Interpersonal provide him or her with much needed individual engagement. Lastly, class work allows teachers to create a forum-based instructional atmosphere. When students are allowed to work in Leonardo da Vinci: Man of Essay cooperative environments (similar to real-life), they are provided with learning opportunities that are unmatched elsewhere. A guided lesson, with collective student involvement, allows for multiple learning/teaching moments. I feel that both are important to building not only macbeth structure, knowledge and classroom skills, but basic life skills. Class work can help our students learn more about prioritizing and self-control. I can't talk to Suzy right now because this assignment is da Vinci: The Most Influential Essay due at the end of the period.

Homework also has its social benefits because it teaches personal responsibility and work ethic. Students learn that their education is in their hands as well and that putting things off to the last minute is not in topics their best interest. Of course, homework also has all the benefits of classwork from that perspective. I feel that another important benefit of classwork, however, is Leonardo da Vinci: The Most His Time Essay that students who don't understand the material don't have to flounder on their own. The teacher, being present, can assist and How People Respond to Interpersonal, answer questions, redirect distracted students back to da Vinci: The Most Man of the task at hand, and there is little to structure no chance of them losing or losing the work, so it can be handed in with little or no trouble. However, I do feel that the amount of classwork you assign should be less than the amount of homework you assign.

I cannot stress enough how important it is that students learn to depend on themselves and not on teachers or parents as a sole source of information. Leonardo Da Vinci: The Most Man Of His Time! Too many students are coddled almost irreparably - they act like they don't know how to function without someone there to hold their hands. It's crazy! Homework is generally something I give to reinforce what we have learned: to give students the opportunity to practice. In theory, I like classwork better because I can be there to provide some support and guidance, and sometimes teachable moments present themselves in discussion that makes the material in the lesson more memorable. Tying new information to the debate of an idea with other students allows that material to law dissertation attach itself more easily to our long-term memory. Different students will interpret work (I teach English) in different ways; this is not to say they are wrong, but interpretation is da Vinci: The Most Influential Essay a wonderful thing in English class. We can study a character and with the input of others during discussion, realizes things about a character or a plot that might not have occurred to us on our own. It also gives us a chance to know each other better as people and develop a class identity. Homework, when it is completed by the student, helps instill the content more deeply within the student's memory (we hope), and the shawl short, allows that student to think independently. However, given the choice, I like the hands-on feel of interacting with students while doing classwork together.

As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? I am a firm believer that in-class work is more effective. I feel this way because I've done both! In my first few years of teaching I relied HEAVILY on Leonardo The Most homework, and though I had good intentions of groom wedding speech going over it again in class, I found that classtime got away from me often. Leonardo Da Vinci:! I now use in class work more often.

This is better for the following reasons: 1) It allows the students to macbeth structure do the work immediately after hearing the lesson, increasing the da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of Essay chances that they will connect the practical use of that knowledge to their prior knowledge. 2) It allows for me to story interact with them and help them in the moment of their question. 3) It allows for the option of group work, and The Most Influential Man of, we all know that collaborative learning is story key for da Vinci: Man of His Time Essay, students. The only downfall to macbeth structure this, in my opinion, is with large class numbers. I have used this with classes of da Vinci: The Most Influential His Time 11 and wedding, with classes of 34, and it works well with both, but the larger classes do require more management during work time. There is Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of His Time Essay a fundamental difference in purpose between homework and classwork.

I believe that class time is a precious scarce resource, and anything done in class has to be carefully chosen. I use class time for assignments in which I want to wedding speech guide my students, or when I want to be able to provide support as they work independently. I also use classwork when I want to give students the option of working together or helping one another. Another reason for Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of, using classwork is to How People Respond to Interpersonal ensure that it is the student’s own work. In class, you can control the access to resources and watch the process. Leonardo Da Vinci: The Most His Time Essay! This prevents students from copying or having someone else do the work, or getting help. If I grade an assignment, I want to How People Rejections Essay know the conditions in which it was created. I think homework should be used for activities that need extensive resources, or that require more time than can be taken in Leonardo Influential class. Words To Start An Essay! Homework should be practice, and should be able to be done independently. Leonardo Da Vinci: The Most Influential! Homework that a student cannot do on his or her own defeats the macbeth purpose.

It only reinforces errors and creates negative feelings and stress for the student. As a teacher, what is Leonardo The Most Influential Man of His Time better -- in class work or homework? Definitely in class work. My classroom is the primary place for the students to be learning the content I have been assigned. In the classroom they have the benefit of my knowledge as well as the ideas and cooperation of their peers. In addition some of the basic resources that are available in my classroom (dictionaries and reference materials, computers, even art supplies) just are available in short story the homes of many of Leonardo Influential His Time my students.

While homework is a useful tool, I think the more we become determined to groom wedding do our job in the classroom, not relying on their parents or that time outside, but doing my job in the time alloted, the better teacher I become. I want my students also to be well rounded and they need their time at home to be with family and Man of, friends and participating extracurricular activities. I think it is a bigger challenge for short story, teachers to teach their content without relying on homework, but I think it makes for better teaching and learning. This seems to depend on the grade level, doesn't it? In elementary school, when we learn things elementary like writing and reading, it seem to make more sense to have supervised practice in the basic skills that still require us to use developing motor-skills ( the The Most Influential Man of His Time scissor and story, glue projects). High schoolers are more independent, and if we shift into college (my class room), we often have a high percentage of students who may take a course because its required and they may be only interested to do the amount of work that it takes to pass. Homework is a good way to da Vinci: Man of His Time give students who want to excel the opportunity to shine and invest extra time in something that interests them, while others may really be just pragmatic in application writing for job their approach.

For me this is really hard to determine in the class room, so I do rely on homework assignments. And then there are always different learning styles and some students learn better in class than others who may be quiet or shy. But, hey, there is always extra-credit homework if in doubt. Da Vinci: The Most Influential Man Of Essay! Neither in-class work nor homework can be summarily dismissed from the teacher/learner arsenal but for me the chief emphasis must fall on in-class work. There the engagement is the shawl short (hopefully) immediate and concrete (as in everyone is in The Most Influential Man of Essay the room or space together) and there is collaborative work being done. But as has been ably said in other posts high school students need more time and independent space in which to reflect on what is being learned. so work at home which connects and seques from that in class expereince is structure probably mandated. If the in-class learning engaged then it will engender at home continuity. It may even prompt extension learning and enquiry. What is anathema to me is Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of His Time homework that simply exists in isolation or is designed to enable students to wedding cover the curriculum content that has not been dealt with properly in class. The Most Influential Man Of! Homework cannot compensate for a lack of in class engagement.

Heaven forfend homework as extra credit. The issue of law dissertation topics classwork or homework must turn on the level of difficulty the course itself presents. For gifted or advanced placement students, a certain amount of self directed study is paramount to success. In those instances, a substantial amount of homework should be assigned; but it must not be busy work; it must be directed towards a meaningful learning experience that can augment lessons taught during class. For less motivated or less gifted students; homework serves little purpose other than drill and practice. Such work quickly becomes boring, and it is easy for kids to procrastinate. Also, there is not the opportunity for interaction with the teacher should questions present themselves. In such a situation, homework should be kept to a respectable minimum. Under such a circumstance, failure to complete homework or failure to submit correct homework should not on its own be grounds for failure. While I remember having lots of homework as a high school student (early 90s), my children (7th and 8th graders) do not.

I also, as a teacher, do not assign much homework. I have a few reasons for The Most Influential Man of, this. First, when my children actually have homework, I find it relatively difficult to remember how to do some of the things they are working on. I cannot tell you how many times I have called a fellow teacher, in a field outside of mine, to help ME with my childrens' homework. Words! Second, especially in the high school atmosphere, students have very busy lives. Work, extra-curricular activities, and Leonardo da Vinci: Essay, social activities take up much of our children and students' lives. Lastly, I find that work is How People Respond to Interpersonal Essay completed better if it is actually done in the classroom.

Students can ask questions and get immediate answers. While some may disagree, I believe that homework is something to be completed if they could not complete the work in class. I generally prefer classwork to homework, because then I am available to answer questions and help students when they get stuck. I am intrigued by the new philosophy from companies like the da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of Khan Academy. Their idea is to flip the traditional classroom model so that the lectures are watched at home through video links like Youtube, and then the homework is done in class so that instructors will be available to help. This solves the problem of the student who goes home and gets lost and does it wrong and is twice as confused when he gets back to school the next day.

I will start to implement that next year in my classroom partially, because the idea makes sense to me. Just think of all the reteaching time we could save if we could catch misconceptions in the classroom right after the first question on the topic! In recent years, I have tended to focus more on in class work, and towards almost entirely essay questions. How People To Interpersonal! For one thing, I can monitor their progress and tutor individuals for concept retention and Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential Essay, understanding, that way I can tell where the class is at. The second reason, unfortunately, is that academic dishonesty in law dissertation topics the public schools is epidemic, with almost no social stigma anymore. If I send work home with them, even if it's for an essay, I can generally count on the majority (yes, majority) of students cheating/copying their work. It's an unfortunate reality in the modern school, so rather than turn my assignments into what Theodore Sizer called The conspiracy of the Influential His Time least, where they pretend to learn, and we pretend we're teaching them, I like to keep my work in class. I generally consider classwork as more important, but I cherish the unguided input I get on written assignments I give as homework. I love setting homework with a focus on students' interests, and as a literature teacher, am often able to. I now find myself setting more and more of macbeth structure my written assignments during class however, for Leonardo, the above reasons of plagiarism (when the question is more related to the specific text than personal opinion), and also because of academic pressure.

I work in a private school, and the students do have a lot of homework; I'm now resorting to capping the time students should spend on assignments, as some students are spending such excessive amounts of the shawl short time on them (not that many though! :) Both kinds of work clearly have their benefits and their drawbacks. I tend to like classwork better when I am teaching lower-level students and homework more for higher-level (in terms of skills) students. Leonardo Man Of His Time Essay! The great thing about classwork is groom wedding that students cannot simply copy it from da Vinci: Man of His Time one another. This is a major drawback with homework. It also makes it possible for the teacher to monitor the students and to see where they are having problems. The good thing about homework is that it does not deprive you of precious class time. You can actually do more in class that will enrich your students. Law Dissertation Topics! Also, it prepares students for the levels of out-of-class work that they will need to do in college. As a math teacher, both classwork and homework have equal value. After presenting a concept in class, my students usually work several problems on the board as classwork.

Then, if time permits, they begin their homework. The goal, however, is not to finish the assignment before leaving. Leonardo Da Vinci: The Most His Time! It simply gives students time to ask a few questions after they have started their homework independently. I think that homework is a MUST in any subject. It gives the student an for job opportunity to digest the material that was presented in class. It informs the student, parents, and Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of His Time Essay, teacher of the student's long range understanding of the concept(s). I think that they are both very valuable.

Yes, with in-class work you are there to help. You see immediately who struggles and where he/she struggles. You get the instant feedback. Homework is fantastic if used correctly. Too many people view homework as busy work. For me, it is an groom speech opportunity for students to Leonardo Essay think on their own. They do not have or the other students for help. They need to know where and how to get help if they need. They need to figure the work out on their own! I see the value in both, again, as long as we as teachers value their importance and create worthwhile assignments. Recently I've attended conferences related to mobile devices in the classroom and using a Learning Management System (e.g.

Moodle). Teachers are really moving into structure, online learning within the classroom. It seems like students benefit more by viewing the lesson at home through a LMS and Leonardo The Most Influential Man of Essay, then having homework help in to start an essay class by the teacher/assistants, etc. No one in my school has tried that, but next year we are doing a 1 to Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Essay 1 iPad initiative for the shawl short, our 4th grade students and they'll do more online learning-viewing the lessons at home, communicating through Moodle, homework in school. Different types of Man of work are more effective in different scenerios. I teach college so the classroom is wedding used for lecture and discussion. These focus on the week's topic, clarification of concepts, and current events. Written assignments and reading of relevant material in preparation for class are best done outside of the classroom. Giving a brief in-class writing assignment early in the semester is helpful so that you have a sample of each student's writing ability to Leonardo The Most Influential His Time Essay compare to out-of-class writing assignments to application for job ensure that each student is doing his own work. I believe the best learning occurs within the classroom environment. Leonardo The Most His Time! Students can share knowledge with one another and help one another to speech greater understanding.

Work completed at home should be, predominately, prepatory for in-class discussions or assessments. The other use of homework is for practice of skills. The Most Influential Essay! In class students are taught to do a skill and words to start, then they are asked to practice it at home at Leonardo The Most Man of His Time Essay, night. Real learning, though, happens in the classroom where students have access to a teacher to aid their learning and to macbeth structure challenge their thinking. I generally feel the need to give enough homework to start the next day with some anticipation of Leonardo Influential Man of His Time Essay things to come. If students are prepared to do something based on words to start an essay their homework or talk about da Vinci: Man of Essay what they've read, we have someplace to start. Sometimes that's not necessary, but many times it gives students a sense of the purpose for the day before I even say a word. Law Dissertation Topics! I agree that homework is problematic when students feel no need to do their own work. This lack of confidence and trust is one of the most discouraging changes in teaching I've experienced. Essay! At the macbeth structure elementary level, students should have the The Most Influential Essay opportunity to an essay practice during class with the guidance of a teacher.

After a skill is taught and practiced with the guidance of a teacher, the students can be asked to do the skill independently. Sometimes this is done during center time, other times it is assigned as homework. The Most Influential Man Of His Time! With homework, it can be difficult to law dissertation know if the student is actually the one who does the da Vinci: The Most Man of His Time assignment. For those students who actually do complete the work themselves, it is a beneficial way to practice skills. The Shawl! I agree with litelle209 's observations about how the relative importance of class work and homework may shift as students advance and mature. In my own experiences as a student, particularly from high school onward, I believe that I learned (and retained what I learned) mostly from Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Man of homework or individual study.

With the continued expansion of asynchronous online learning, I can imagine that the importance of homework or individual study will only continue to grow. As an English teacher, I really think that reading and word-processing should be done at home. Students should be able to write in class, so that their teacher can help them with whatever they need, but they shouldn't type in class. That is something that can be done at wedding speech, home. As far as reading goes, I think the students should be able to read now and The Most Influential His Time, again for big chunks of time - at least 25 -30 minutes, depending on the interest and application, maturity of the kids.

That is something that has to be gauged by the teacher. I too prefer a healthy dose of classwork because it engages the student in activities during class and takes the onus off of me to be giving information while they passively sit and supposedly sponge it up. Homework is necessary as some items must be completed on students time. While all the Leonardo da Vinci: Influential His Time observations about the copying and source of groom wedding work stand as obstacles, the Influential Man of His Time Essay reality is that a healthy balance between class and home work is the best way that I have found for law dissertation, my class. In general, I prefer classwork, though I do assign homework. There have been some strong arguments for da Vinci: Influential Man of His Time, classwork and concerns raised about homework. One argument against homework that has always stuck with me was expressed on Dan Meyer's blog, found here:

He points out that the topics kids that are most likely to do the homework are the ones that are least likely to need the practice. Hope this helps, In the da Vinci: Influential Man of His Time UK, math work undertaken at law dissertation topics, home or in free time has been completely abandoned for math qualifications at age 16. (GCSE) Results were going higher and higher and Leonardo Influential Essay, there was no certainty about how much help the candidates were getting. Also, when you think about it, it might not be the fairest system - for example some students had parents rich enough to pay for tutors to help their kids. Now it's class work and application for job, exam only. I tend to think the work we do together as a class is the most important, but if students aren't reading and interacting with the world of books and writing on their own, it is very difficult to accomplish what we hope to in class.

I just hesitate to place too much emphasis on homework because I think there are too many demands on our students' time already. No matter what it is, homework or classwork, it is important to remember to collect and grade and give immediate feedback to da Vinci: The Most Man of Essay the students. It must be meaningful and not busy work. Most importantly, the students need practice in How People to Interpersonal writing and reading for meaning. So, no matter what is Influential His Time Essay assigned, it is How People Rejections good for the students to gain practice in Leonardo da Vinci: Influential Man of His Time those areas. Teachers need to use a combination of in-class work and homework. You are never going to get everything done in class. But you should not let students do everything at home, because you can't control the environment or how original the work is. To Start An Essay! Well, grade level is key.

Personally I've never been a fan of homework. If you have enough time in class, I say finish up the lesson in da Vinci: The Most Influential His Time the room. I say leave the homework to wedding the projects and Leonardo The Most Influential His Time, outside reading. Classwork is so much better. First of all a lot of times students fail to do their homework.

With class work they have to do it because they are in school and being monitered by teachers. Second a lot of families have busy lives. Homework adds stress to law dissertation topics the situation. Also if kids have a lot of home work then they cant spend times doing the things they love. Finally, kids enjoy classwork more. Have you ever had a class that didn't complain about homework? I think that teachers should always give their student miminal homework, but a lot of classwork.

Since I am teaching at primary school, I would say I enjoy in class work a little more. The interaction with the students and The Most Man of Essay, seeing their effort makes me very happy. However I would say homework gives me pleasure when I see something that I had not expected from a student while they were in classroom. So I believe that they are both needed somehow. Respond Rejections Essay! ) For me as a student I believe in class work is better because you can be hands on with your teachers and other students, but I also believe that homework gives you a little extra practice without anyones help to let you know that you understand what you have been taught. I agree that classwork is of better learning value than homework. Sadly, this is because it is da Vinci: Influential His Time Essay so easy for the student's homework to words be done either by someone else or through technology help. Therefore, most of the homework I assign is either reading or assignments of Leonardo Influential Man of Essay smaller weight. As an English teacher, I would rather it take us a week in class to write an essay so that I can be sure it is the law dissertation student's best work than have them write it at home overnight and always wonder about Influential Essay it. Definetly classwork because not only are you able to see how sutends work independently, you see you they take their time and/or cooporate with other students if it is a group work. For all we know, homework could be done of the How People to Interpersonal interent or with a great deed of help from the parent!

Personally I feel that classwork is da Vinci: Influential Essay better so to speak, but they both have their need a child's education. At school, the application for job teacher is able to monitor while the child is working and Man of Essay, help clear up any confusion. Groom Wedding Speech! Then you're able to Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Essay determine what needs to be done for each child individually regarding them with particular skills. Homework may or may not be attempted and/or correct. I do think it's important for children to get extra practice in the form of homework, and it also is a chance for their parent to be involved in their education. In my classroom, I teach as if the child has no one at groom speech, home to help him/her and not to depend on their homework completion to determine if they know the skills. Most of my homework entails study guides for most subjects so they get that last minute refresher before assessments. Leonardo Da Vinci: The Most Influential Man Of Essay! If you research Marzano this should help you gain a stronger grasp on the importance of homework. As a teacher, what is to start an essay better -- in class work or homework? As a student, I see both of them as important.

Class work provides understanding of the material and homework provides practice on solving different types of problems using what I already learned in class. I prefer for a classwork because you can monitor your students that they are the one who really works for their classwork, unlike for a homework the parents will do the homework and the student will just watch the television. . The Most Influential Man Of! .pmp courses , pmp certification. As a teacher, what is story better -- in Leonardo da Vinci: Influential Essay class work or homework? As a student I find it easier to understand the topic the teacher is well teaching us via classroom discussions. Yet at the same time in-class work mostly includes just copying down from the board and most students to not click with the the shawl short topic being explained, this is in Australia anyway.

Although homework is also good but it takes up time and Leonardo Essay, I find it hard to groom wedding speech do the things I love to do even when i manage my time to the exact second. My advice would be this, make in-class work interactive and fun (fun as in the age group you are teaching) and set at Leonardo da Vinci: Influential Man of His Time Essay, reasonable amount of homework. Classwork, because the student can recieve gelp from the teacher. I don't think it is a matter of drawbacks rather a matter of perks. Classroom work can cultivate many new learning spaces, a culture of understanding and sharing, group involvement and social activity.

I love varying my students individual/partner/group classroom work and seeing what works best for How People to Interpersonal Rejections, that environment. Of course, I find it is always the assignment that determines what type of work is needed. Any project or assignment that requires multiple days to complete, I like to vary both home and class work. I have certain checkpoints that students need to make which allow me to check the quality of the work before they move on to the next stage. Da Vinci: The Most His Time! Completed checkpoints are usually rewarded with marks, and students who do not complete them must continue working on law dissertation topics their current stage of the project without checkpoint marks, putting in extra effort in class (which is Leonardo Influential Essay monitored) to make the next checkpoint. Wedding! I like using this method because it varies the two, and allows myself to da Vinci: The Most His Time Essay monitor both classroom and topics, home work. In a sense, it also helps to condition students to the quality of Influential Man of Essay homework needing to be produced.

And in the end, contributes to better overall product. I teach in an inter-city schools, and when I tried to give the students homework, only 3 out of 30 kids did the homework for each of my classes. In-class activities work better for the students to explore a particular subject matter, rather than homework (in my case, because they don't always do the application writing for job homework - the Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential Essay kids who do the homework are the ones who already understand the subject matter). Groom Wedding! It is good to send out da Vinci: Influential Man of His Time Essay, a homework but for me, it is only for extra credit. Topics! As a teacher, what is da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of better -- in words class work or homework? My advice is both are good .But students can gain more in class work because they get help of their teacher ,and clarify their doubts. Both types of work are important in almost all levels. Leonardo Da Vinci: Influential Man Of His Time! In first year, grade 9 classes, I emphasize in law dissertation topics class work and it is important, especially with my less capable students. Leonardo The Most Man Of His Time Essay! As the year progresses, I give increments of homework that increase over time, as I work with students to develop independent working skills, reading skills, and responsibility. I am planning more in-class essays, timed writing as well as revised writings, with my students, including my college bound senior students. With the upper level students, this allows me opportunities to deliver and ask students to practice more strategies in writing, for pre-writing to the shawl final drafting, as well as to observe students writing and see their true abilities as well as hear their voices in their work.

The use of Internet sources for critical essays, thesis ideas, critical views of da Vinci: Essay works, and examples of support, as well as pieces of for job creative writing, is becoming increasingly dominant in our classes. Students see these resources as readily available and Leonardo Influential, thus legitimately available for copying, paraphrasing, and modifying for Rejections, their own work. I do still give outside work and The Most Man of His Time Essay, do believe students need to be assigned challenging reading assignments and some writing assignments to do on their own. Law Dissertation Topics! well im a student and i say in class work is better because when we get home we dont want to da Vinci: Influential Man of Essay do stupid home work or what ever we wanna hang out with our friends and go out side or burn of energy or even work out. any ways thats t my p.o.v. ( point of veiw) but also it is macbeth structure easyer in class becasue you can always get help from a teacher or student but parent cant always help you. and in class work would be better for da Vinci: The Most Influential His Time, teachers too because when i student is at home they can always look up things on the computer. like me :) Both have their advantages and disadvantages. To Start! However, I believe classworks are more suitable in the teacher-student setting. As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? Research supports both arguments for and against da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of, homework. As American families become busier and busier, and speech, more economically distressed, it is my belief that families simply do not have time in their evenings to spend on much other than dinner, baths, and bedtimes.

I have also had parents tell me that, since they do not have a working knowledge of the content or concepts contained in the homework assignments that this often causes them to become frustrated with the student and the student with their parent. I believe, however, that independent work is important for the student. So I focus on quality classroom instruction in my class, followed by time in which the student can have independent work time with support needed in the classroom. Influential Essay! Class work definitely, but when the time comes that you have already put into your student the discipline and willingness to learn the subject be confident to give a homework, the student will surely look at both classwork and law dissertation, homework as a challenge. Leonardo Influential! Both classwork and homework have benefits and challenges. I think the best way to go with this is to know your students first, especially in the upper elementary and Respond to Interpersonal, high school grades. Homework should be an da Vinci: Essay extension of the classwork, but not to the point where students feel that they are sitting in words an essay school again for another 2 hours when they get home. I am a believer in letting kids be kids.

Design homework, whenever possible, to be something they can share with the class, or discuss. Make the homework meaningful. As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? It is better to Influential His Time do class work. Writing For Job! If the student needs your help he/she will most likely get the answer wrong if you aren't there to Leonardo da Vinci: Essay help them. So it is writing for job better to do class work instead of assigning homework. Both types of work have their benefits. If the Leonardo da Vinci: Man of Essay purpose of the assignment is to provide extra practice and you are not taking a grade on the assignment, then that could be used as homework. Respond To Interpersonal Essay! Homework is also useful in making parents aware of Influential what their children are doing in school. If it is somehting that you would like to take a grade on, then it should be completed in class.

By doing this you ensure a couple of things. 1) You are there to groom wedding provide support if needed, 2) The chances of it getting lost are slim and completion is almost always guaranteed, and 3) You are providing a safe, quiet environment in which the student can complete the work and not be interrupted. As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? In class work is better, because it is always new and challenging and the teacher is available to instruct the students if they have questions about the lesson or task. However, homework is da Vinci: Man of Essay necessary on some occasions, if it appears that the students are having comprehension problems and additional out of class work is needed to speech foster complete comprehension of the training task. In conclusion, in class work for students, under a teacher's supervision and guidance is more needed for da Vinci: Influential Essay, the student's complete comprehension of the materials being taught to the students. As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? In class work is definately more productive than homework for most students. The teacher is readily available for extra help or to answer any questions or concerns. I worry that homework is not always done solely by the student, but that parents often give answers to words help their child get finished quickly.

Also, many students are very involved in afterschool activities, and homework is done in a hurried fashion, or even late at night when the child is tired. Da Vinci:! I support classwork. How People Essay! I don't agree on homework. As a teacher, what is better -- in Leonardo The Most His Time class work or homework? if u want to be good in teaching or u want perfection or growth in teaching field u should concentrate more on class work despite of concentrating on homework. only good lecture or class work can make student understandable in better way . so i thought a teacher should concentrate more on words class work. i prefer both, as far as am concern both have their benefits. as classwork i like group assignments or when the da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of Essay teacher explains it better than just giving me the work and expecting me to do it. in class work is good, but whatever is words not finished in class should become homework bcuz there are days one cant focus in class but have enrgy at home, or days that you dont have time for Leonardo The Most Influential, homework so you finish the work in class. :) I believe it is the shawl story a combination of both. Classwork allows the teacher to see first hand what the student is capable of Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential His Time doing following a lesson. Homework is an extension of Respond to Interpersonal Rejections what the student has learned in the class. Leonardo His Time Essay! The two should work hand in hand if the an essay teacher has presented both in the correct way. If a student is struggling with homework, maybe there needs to be some re-teaching the next day in class.

One way is to begin the homework in class, so the student is The Most Man of clear about what needs to to Interpersonal Rejections Essay be completed. Leonardo The Most Man Of His Time Essay! Also, homework should be reviewed the next day if there were any questions or concerns. Don't wait until a test to find out the student was unclear and someone else was doing their homework! Homework is an macbeth important extension of the work done in da Vinci: Man of class. In the classroom, students can have problems and skills modelled by teachers and shared by classmates. The assignments then done at home should be practice to reinforce and practice what students have learned in How People to Interpersonal Rejections school. Do you know the old saying, Practice makes perfect? Well, it is true!

In my part as a student, I believe the classwork is Influential His Time better than homework. Let us look at this way, in homework, students like us tend to study the lesson and oftentimes discover to ourselves other related things or a more convenient way about the lesson. Like for example in the shawl story math, we need practice for solving problems and through practice somehow, we may learn the application and we can even formulate shortcuts for such equation. But Isaw some disadvantages in homework especially in terms of time. Us studetns have different courses/subjects to study and one homework for each subject is very time consuming especially when you go to The Most Influential Essay school at topics, 7 and the school is off at 5:30 (not included the time when you have to da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of Essay cook food for yourself because you're living in a boarding house). An Essay! Classworks on the other hand, do encourage us students to participate (especially when teachers are approachable and motivating); hence, we are able to learn in the lesson. And group leaders alo act as teachers helping us to understand the Leonardo da Vinci: Influential His Time lesson effectively.

Different minds from different members of the group enable us to groom wedding speech choose what is the best to approach the problem. In addition, homework and classworks sometimes depends on the students you're handling and the dificulty of the subject.. Leonardo Man Of! I think it depends on the student population as well. In my school, there is little to law dissertation topics no support at Leonardo da Vinci: Influential His Time Essay, home. Homework is just extra work for the kids and for me. I make sure they have plenty of time to ask questions and get help before they leave, and if it is still unfinished, then it's homework. I would be more apt to send meaningful things home if I knew there were adults at home to support the students. I think that classwork is the best way to go. When I was assigning tons of homework many of application writing my students were taking zero's for the assignments because they would not do the homework.

I found that this was negatively affecting my students overall grades because not only Leonardo da Vinci: Man of, were the zero's hurting them but they were also not prepared for macbeth, the tests. Now that I have gone to only in class assignments students are getting the work done. It also allows me to The Most Influential Man of His Time Essay moniter their progress and short, see when they are struggling with a question or concept that we are working on. well as a student i think it depends on ur teaching teqnique and hoe u get along with the class. i think class work is the da Vinci: Influential Man of Essay best why becaz i actually learn more than h/w. I tend to favor classwork over homework for two reasons. First, many of my students have difficult home lives and seldom complete their homework assignments. If students are given an assignment in class, I feel that they are more likely to complete it; they do not have any outside influences getting in the way of the work. Also, some students tend to put themselves down when working independently, believing that their own ideas are incorrect. When they are in class, I am able to go around and encourage students to How People think for and believe in themselves. It also helps them to know that, if they are doing something incorrectly or need assistance, I will be there to scaffold them and help them complete the assignments.

In a teachers point of view I believe that homework is da Vinci: Man of Essay more significant because it gives students a chance to become more independent in their studies . Classwork and homework are both important. Classwork allows students to use a variety of tools and manipulatives in order to understand the Respond concept(s) being taught. It allows for a teacher to give guided one-on-one/small group instruction to students who are need extra time or are unfamiliar with a concept, even after practice, repetition and reinforcement. Classwork also allows for differentiated instruction. Da Vinci: The Most His Time! Students can be taught according to individual learning styles and can be instructed using multiple intelligences. Homework is important to reinforce what is learned in application the classroom. However, students may not be able to receive adequate help at home. I have had students return homework to me that is Influential Man of His Time Essay incorrect and are insistent that a parent helped them or checked their work and said it was correct. As a teacher and being a student , they can learn more by being in application for job class because they can ask qustion and learn from the other student , alot of students have to da Vinci: Man of His Time get one on words one to da Vinci: Man of Essay get what it is you are teaching and words an essay, they can not get it by doing homework at home. I real do not think that we should not send homework home with them, they have a enough to do at home with out stress out over homework and da Vinci: His Time, keeping their grades up. that is why we have so many of topics them killing thereself . It is so sad that we can not see this and do something about it. I real hope that everyone that reads this can understand what I am saying, and will do something about da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of it.

GOD BLESS EVERYONE WHO READS THIS AND THE ONES WHO DON'T. As a teacher, I prefer in class work over home work. The primary reason for to start, this is because you don't know who is Leonardo da Vinci: Influential Man of doing the homework. Homework could be completed by an older sibling, a parent, a younger sibling, who knows. As a result, when using assignments to evaluate students, it is better to use classwork than homework.

The teacher then knows that the student completed the work without any assistance, and words an essay, you are getting a better understanding of how the student is performing. Leonardo His Time Essay! In addition, classwork is a very good tool that can be used as part of your classroom management plan. As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? Classwork is very important in the lower primary grades. Short Story! Too often parents do the homework or students aren't able to receive the da Vinci: The Most Man of necessary assistance or help at home. I do send home work but do not give it the weight of classwork. I have too many parents who say they cannot help their children with Algebra at groom speech, home.

This is curious to me because they do so much algebraic thinking without realizing it. Leonardo Da Vinci: Influential! Yet, the concise problems in the abstract, not the words an essay story problems, intimidate them. I do give homework, but try to The Most Influential His Time Essay allow a third of macbeth structure my class intruction time for doing the 'homework' in class. That way students will have a teacher available to answer questions. I also have an open-door policy of being available 30 minutes before school begins and da Vinci: The Most His Time, 30 minutes after the last period (except for days of staff meetings, etc.) and lunch time as long as the students give me adequate notice that they want to come in for extra help. Groom Speech! As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? I utilize class time for overview information and introduction of da Vinci: Influential Man of a topic; then I supply homework opportunities to the students so that when the go away from the classroom, they can test themselves on their comprehension of the topic.

I do not take up homework to grade, but my students know that we will go over it during the next class meeting, and I expect them to participate. If a student clearly didn't complete the homework assignment, it's evident, and they realize that they have let us all down because we are counting on them to share their answers. I have the students share answers in wedding speech several ways. I make grid blocks on The Most His Time the board, and they are allowed to claim a block. Each block contains two homework exercise numbers. The Shawl! The student who claims that block, owns it, and they can call on another student to complete the block. We also sometimes just go over an exercise together by going around the room. We work with a teamwork approach, and the students are allowed to help each other. Leonardo Influential Man Of! This way, the structure students aren't intimdated if they struggle. Therefore, I guess to fully answer this question, I would say that I believe and support homework, but then we incorporate it into classwork.

However, I don't allow class time for students to complete their work. This must be done outside of class, and I reserve classtime for Leonardo Influential Man of His Time Essay, the sharing of the results. As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? As both an online instructor and a teacher who uses the hybrid format, I think that it largely depends on the subject matter. For example, courses that require hands on work such as a keyboarding course usually works better as a F2F course rather than assigning outside homework. However, a Customer Service course works well as a hybrid course where students might complete an outside assignment such as Mystery Shopper and report back to class to present results. I think it depends on the project and assignment. I like in-class work because students can not cheap or get help with it from people outside your control, i.e. Writing! friends or even parents. I also like in-class work because it allows the His Time teacher to see where the students are and if and when they need help, you can provide it. I work with college students, but they still benefit from structure this style of work. I also said that it depends on Man of His Time Essay the assignment.

If it is a paper or major project like a research project or presentation, I like a majority of out-of-class work blended with in-class work. One of the mottos of the to Interpersonal Essay university where I did my undergraduate program was monitor and adjust. What that means is read your students and adjust the work to best meet their needs. im a student and u might not care about what i say but i really like homework better i actually waste time in class like everyone else because kids make lots of noises in class and i cant focas. Actually, I do care about what you say. After all, no teacher is hired just to be nice to the administration. I also believe that being able to learn on da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of His Time Essay your own is a valuable skill and a sign of your maturity. But you have the right to learn in your class as well.

Unless you are one of the ringleaders who make noise, I think you're being ripped off. Were I you, I'd be really, really angry. To Interpersonal Rejections! You might want to speak to your teacher about the noise. Leonardo Da Vinci: Man Of His Time! It is certainly not your job to make your classmates respect themselves, each other, or the class. But it is your right to writing for job be in an orderly class.

Perhaps your teacher is simply unaware of how much the noise bothers you and if you make that known, your class may change. I hope so, for you deserve a class in da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of His Time Essay which you can learn. im a student and u might not care about what i say but i really like homework better i actually waste time in class like everyone else because kids make lots of law dissertation noises in Influential class and i cant focas. I taught college for many years and I always felt happiest when interacting with my students. I was fortunate in that I owned my teaching and could spend more time creating spaces in which thinking could occur rather than boring everyone silly with endless streams of fact – whatever that word might mean. However, both grading my students' assignments and preparing my own lectures were essential in that I could use my time to get a sense of what my students were thinking and to mull over where I wanted to application us to Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential His Time Essay be next. I think it is to start important that my students knew I learned from them and they often actually lead the class while I provided a bit of knowledge here and there and Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Man of His Time Essay, helped them to stay focused on whatever they were thinking.

Homework was the time during which I could formulate various paths the macbeth structure next class might take. I could not have taught without my own homework and Leonardo da Vinci: Influential His Time Essay, I daresay my students didn’t suffer too severely from the assignments I gave them. As a student, I would say in class work is better, because it teaches an immediate deadline an requires focus. If you are thinking of assignments, I would stick with in class. Projects should still be assigned as homework though. As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? Depending on words an essay your purpose, both class work and homework are beneficial.

Class work can be used as a quick assessment tool to determine if a learner is Leonardo da Vinci: Man of His Time comprehending the material. Then again, if the class work being assigned is activity based and not performance based, then results may not yield desired outcome. Homework, in my professional opinion, is meant for practice. If it is assigned with the intention of simply putting a grade in the grade book and to appease parents, then the approach should be reevaluated. Homework is really a test of comprehension. If the student attempts to complete homework and encounters problems, then they may not have understood the material.

This could result in poor performance and test results. The Shawl Story! Case in point, my middle schooler receives 100% on homework for completion. However, his test results are poor. After explaining to him that getting a 100% on homework would not mean 100% on Leonardo Influential His Time Essay tests (given homework grade is based on words to start completion), he was encouraged to ask the teacher to grade his homework for Leonardo da Vinci: Man of His Time, accuracy. Yes, both class work and homework is beneficial, as long as the intended results are based on assessing comprehension and understanding. Words! Homework still needs to Leonardo His Time Essay be relevant. If is used as punishment or busy work then it is counterproductive. For example, I know a Math teacher who would give the class 50 problems to do for homework because the class wouldn't behave. After 5 problems, students will start making mistakes.

For elementary students classwork and homework have different purposes for me. Classwork allows me to introduct topics, provide practice, and later see what a student truly knows and understands about the topic and words an essay, still needs to learn. His Time Essay! Homework is an Rejections opportunity for Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Essay, further practice of a skill but some students get no help while others get too much. I prefer looking at homework as a way of instilling responsibility into the shawl short, kids. It depends on the task, for example, creative writing: could you imagine Shakespeare writing a sonnet in class in 45 minutes?

Well maybe Bill could but for the rest of us. I have a power point presentation concerning this topic. After researching the benefits and negative influence, I have concluded that homework is Leonardo Man of His Time being used for the wrong reasons in groom speech the majority of the classrooms across America. If homework is not an extension of the classwork, then it is not necessary. It should never be used as punishment or to catch up what was not finished.

Homework should be something meaningful and instructional. Unfortunately, in most cases it is just simply busy work. Benefits of doing the work in Leonardo da Vinci: Influential Essay school: The work is that of the student. The teacher can intervene and groom speech, provide feedback. The teacher can facilitate the learning process. Work is da Vinci: His Time typically completed and not misplaced. The teacher can more accurately judge if the work is of poor quality due to ability or due to lack of effort. It helps to relieve students of some of the stress and pressure they face as a 21st century learner. Respond Rejections! Time is spent on purposeful learning (busy work tends to cease).

Students still learn to work independently. Scores do not drop in schools and districts that minimize homework. Drawbacks of doing work at school: Time is limited. Some students need extra time and can't finish with the class (fragmentation can begin to occur if they do not take the work home). Leonardo Da Vinci: The Most Influential His Time! Takes a lot of structure planning and practice for teacher create an Leonardo Man of Essay effective class management system. Macbeth! Resources are not always available.

Yes, the giggest problem we face in Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Essay the classroom it TIME!! I work in writing and underpriviledged urban school and time is an issue because we need to constantlyassess and change strategies and this is time consuming. As I replied earlier, homework should only Leonardo Influential Man of, be a reinforcement and used as a tool to macbeth help us remediate the students having difficulties. The most important part of of homewotk is reading to help students expand their voabulary and master fluency. I generally feel the need to give enough homework to start the next day with some anticipation of things to Leonardo The Most Man of His Time come. If students are prepared to do something based on their homework or talk about what they've read, we have someplace to wedding speech start. Sometimes that's not necessary, but many times it gives students a sense of the purpose for da Vinci:, the day before I even say a word.

I agree that homework is application problematic when students feel no need to do their own work. This lack of confidence and trust is one of the most discouraging changes in teaching I've experienced. I agree with you. Homework is needed as part of a lesson to determine students' understanding as well as mastery and da Vinci: Influential His Time, it gives us, teachers, a good idea where to continue the lesson. Depending on students' understading we can follow up with enrichment lessons, remediate and many instances re-teach. Futhermore, homework serves to instill responsibility to children.

I reward those students completing 100% during the month. I have had great success with homework and I believe it is the way I celebrate and reward their work. I believe homework should not be treated as a punishment. When a child does not complete the homework we, as teachers, have the obligation to work with the child to find the reason behind it. Most of the time they have a legitimate reason. I am a high school English teacher, and the only law dissertation, homework I assign is to read and complete weekly assignments pertaining to what is read. Influential Man Of Essay! Too many of my students face insurmountable odds at home as far as doing homework is application concerned. One of my students had to deal with her stepfather-du-jour ripping the door off of the bathroom so he could watch her shower. Asking her to do homework is senseless.

As has been stated by others, I believe learning occurs in the classroom. I like for my students to read at home, and we discuss and enrich at Leonardo Influential His Time, school. Participation in class is the macbeth structure key to da Vinci: Influential His Time understanding. Asking questions as well as answering them not only contributes to the advancement of the class but aid in student comprehension of concepts. In my experience students who are active class members- ie: complete and share regardless of grade level tend to score higher and leave with more than those who sit back and wait to application writing for job review it at home. Homework is a review which will help those who participated to gain even more insight into The Most, the topic and hopefully come to class the next day ready to ask even more. As a high school teacher, I focus on classwork and give homework only if it is truly relevant and meaningful to law dissertation topics further the Leonardo da Vinci: Influential Man of work we began in structure class. Students mastery of da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of knowledge does require them to application practice and work towards really owning the material, but I don't believe this happens at Influential Man of His Time, home. For instance, students will often say to me, I thought I knew this in class, but I couldn't remember how to do it last night. This is probably frustrating for students and their parents (if they asked for help).

I prefer to give students an assignment that they can start in words to start class and then I leave time at the end of Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Man of His Time class so they can ask questions before they complete the assignment at home. If I give homework I make sure it is something they fully understand and not a mountain of work either (quality not quantity!) I think they are both really important but I think they each have their own place depending on the teachers goal. I use classwork to assess the structure students understanding of new material or to revisit older material that wasn't mastered. Leonardo Da Vinci: The Most Influential Man Of Essay! To avoid the students becoming frustrated I only use homework for review or reading assignments. I think it is words to start an essay really important to make sure homework assignments are meaningful and the students understand the importance of them. If students know why they are asked to do something and The Most Man of His Time, know that you have their best interest in mind, then they will be more likely to put effort into their homework assignments and benefit from the extra review. Both classwork and homework are of equal importance. However, there are times in which classwork is of extreme importance for the student to learn how to manage with different types of wedding activities. Once the Leonardo Man of student is familiarized with a specific type of activity, the teacher can send homework related to that.

On the story other hand, I believe homework is da Vinci: Essay essential to develop student's independence. I prefer classwork because it allows the student the opportunity to ask questions on to Interpersonal Essay a question they are stuck on. I assign homework during class time. I allow them time in class to do the Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential lesson but then we discuss the information the law dissertation topics next day. I have them self grade their paper so they can change the wrong answers and are prepared for the test. Homework, which is now called academic practice is worth only 30 %, test are worth 70% so if they cheat on the homework it only hurts them on the test. Good luck. As a teacher, more emphasis is placed on homework than classwork. During the Leonardo Man of lesson, many questions are asked and a lot of help is given. Students ask for words to start an essay, guidance and The Most Man of Essay, check for groom wedding speech, correct answers. Sure, independent practice in class is important.

However, the students are still in class. At home, the student is da Vinci: Influential Man of forced to remember what steps were taken in class to macbeth achieve success. They are forced to look at da Vinci: The Most Man of Essay, notes or classwork and not to rely on speech the teacher for help. I teach in a rural, economically disadvantaged community (title 1 school) and I have found that homework is a source of frustration for most of my students. The students who need the extra practice, have noone willing and/or able to help them at home. (I use the term home broadly here, because for many it happens to The Most Influential Man of His Time be where they are at the moment, grandma's, a car, a friend's couch, etc. and home may change daily.) So, it doesn't matter if you give them one question/problem or 25, if they don't understand how to do the assignment before they leave school they are frustrated. The students don't require the extra practice typically have parents/guardians/caregiverswho are involved with their education and give the assistance the student needs or will tell me the student is having trouble and short story, ask how to help. That is Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of Essay why I prefer classwork over homework. I know they are being helped when we do it in class and the students who are excelling are given enrichment activities. The groups change as the topics change (eg. strong reader/weak math). It requires much planning and How People Rejections Essay, organization, but it works for me. Plus, I've found the kiddos work much harder in class if they know they'll have no homework.

As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? Both are important for the teaching/learning process. However,depending on the class a teacher may choose to use more of one than the other to spark interest and to motivate students to Leonardo The Most Influential Man of His Time learn. I find that for slower students it is to start an essay better to use more classwork than homework as a teaching strategy. Leonardo Da Vinci: His Time Essay! Why?

It is simpl;y because weaker students often find home work challenging regardless of the How People Respond difficulty and will often chose not to The Most Influential Essay do the homework. Macbeth! In class however they can be encouraged to do more. Leonardo Da Vinci: The Most Man Of His Time! There are stonger students who collaborate with theeir peers, also the teacher can be key in making sure this type of collaboratio n takes place through group or paired activities. This approach ensures that both teacher and learner are experiencing a level of speech success in Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of His Time the classroom which is measurable and rewarding. It also ensures that feedback is coveyed to students with more frequency and sometimes immediately. Both students and teachers can track their progress. As students confidence develop teacher can increase home work as desired.

I've triied this approach and for job, seen the benefits. I would like to Influential Essay recommend this strategy to anyone who thinks they are havig serious problems with a class who does little and no homework. For high school, class work is better because the student is able to get direct practice of to start an essay skills in the classroom with access to the teacher. Homework is only useful for independent practice of a skill, but it should be an extension of what was already practiced in the classroom before a student can do it on da Vinci: The Most their own. Exceptions to this may be honor students, but then tend to excel no matter what environment you place them in. What kind of relationship should exist between mother and daughter? As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? in me openin classwork is better homework because if we find any problam than we can ask that time otherwise at place it is not possiable . As a teacher, what is law dissertation better -- in class work or homework? Undoutably, work done in the class is of the greatest importance to me. It's here that I can monitor learning, ask students to explain what they have written, and answer their questions as they arise. There is da Vinci: Influential Man of Essay a place for homework but I am finding these days that it is becoming more restricted in it's use. Students are busy after school, it is words an essay a constant fight to get them to do it consistently and da Vinci: The Most Influential His Time, much of it is homework for the sake of giving homework.

Far better is for students to choose to do work that they see is relevant. Words An Essay! Researching topics of Leonardo The Most Influential interest, interviewing friends and relatives and collecting material that could be used in the classroom. Lately I am finding that the 'doing research' has become very important simply because I can't get access to libraries and computing rooms at my school. in application writing my opinion and according to my experiences, class work is Leonardo da Vinci: Influential Man of Essay more better. because student communicate with each other and with pair works they focus better and learn more. it is important to know that some student never do their homework. As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? I think that these millenia students today work better if they are given a variety of teaching methods. With that being said, both classwork and homework have their place in and out of the classroom. Classwork allows the students to wedding have more interaction and learn from the teachers.

Homework is a great way for the students to The Most Influential Man of Essay practice the day's lessons in the home environment. This helps the student acquire responsibility skills as well as help them to remember how to solve and answer questions. Homework is gret for topics, the teacher because then they get to see how the student really is understanding the classwork. The teacher can offer homework on Leonardo The Most Influential Man of His Time Essay certain days but not on the others to allow a changeup or variety! I think it is less relevant WHERE the work is completed; what you need to consider first and foremost is words to start WHAT you want the work to accomplish. I am assuming the goal of assignments given, whether in class or as homework, is to practice and reinforce the skills that have been taught. If this is indeed the case, why not consider the possibility of da Vinci: Influential Essay Perfect Practice?

Picture this: a worksheet has 10 math problems on one side. Short! On the reverse side are those same 10 problems (in a different order) with the correct answers provided. Leonardo Da Vinci: Influential! Ideally, students attempt the problems and to start an essay, then flip the sheet over to check their answers. Of course, some students are going to go straight for the answer without even trying the problem. But to do this, they first have to Leonardo The Most Influential store the problem in How People Respond their mind, because when they flip the da Vinci: The Most Influential His Time paper over, it will not be in the same spot and they will have to structure remember it long enough to locate it. Then, they have to remember the Influential Man of His Time Essay answer long enough to law dissertation flip the paper back over The Most His Time Essay, and write it down.

So even when they cheat, they still see the problem and its answer multiple times, which is more reinforcement than they would get if they chose not to do the Essay assignment or did it incorrectly. Da Vinci: The Most Influential Man Of His Time Essay! The idea behind Perfect Practice is for Respond Rejections, students to practice perfectly -- the more times they practice something incorrectly, the harder it becomes to undo that. Perfect Practice can be assigned as either homework or classwork, and The Most Man of His Time, ensures CORRECT reinforcement of skills. In class work can be the most beneficial if it is designed so that all the to start an essay participants have to Leonardo da Vinci: Influential His Time work. This is difficult for the teacher to to Interpersonal Essay accomplish. I love it when the kids all work together and I hear discussions going on. Leonardo Da Vinci: Influential Man Of! I had a group of freshmen last year that were the best!

I would hear them challenging each other and say, How in the world did you get that answer? Then one would show the other and to start an essay, they'd argue and either prove somebody wrong or see why the da Vinci: The Most Man of Essay answer was right. Unfortunately, those type of students in this day and age are few and far between. How People Respond Rejections Essay! Class work works best when the teacher walks the The Most Man of His Time Essay room guiding and monitoring the work. So sometimes this is a lot more work for the teacher, but in groom the long run can teach the student the most. I don't know about other teachers, but homework is only done by about 1/3 of my students. School time isn't long enough for all needed practice: Even though children spent a big part of their life in school, there isn't enough time during regular lessons to practice on every taught subject. Thus, there is a need to practice outside the classroom - at home.

Depending on their age and the growing ability of working on da Vinci: their own, homework becomes more and more important as children continue their advance in the school system. homework , because you will be forced to study to answer the questions . both homework and classwork are equally efficient .classwork is cumpulsary as it lets us know how much we have learnt .it makes us have a better understanding on the is like practice and practice makes a man perfect.once the school is over , homework is the thing which allows us to the shawl short story keep in touch with the subject .it allows the student to go thru the topic in his own learning conclude,work is a must do in the class as well as in Leonardo The Most Man of His Time Essay the house for a student to law dissertation excell. Leonardo Da Vinci:! In my opinion, the question compares apples with olive oil, as they two things serve different purposes. For example, if the question were: Which do you prefer - a 9 month or a 12 month school year?, the comparison could be easily made because both things serve the same purpose, but achieve it in a different way. Class work and homework (although they both end with work ) serve entirely different purposes and both play important roles in education. To treat them as the same is to undervalue both. I agree that the macbeth emphasis on The Most Essay either one may change as development, grade level and achievement levels change, but both should be utilized regularly and with intent. There should be a 60:40 ratio of the two points mentioned.Human brain is capable of short keeping a lot of information if properly concentrated.So,a teacher should encourage students to put hundred percent attention to Leonardo da Vinci: Influential Man of his in-class work.But considering certain human-limitations,this should be substituted by 40 percent Home-work assignments.Both has their own importance in the total process of learning. Excessive Home-work not only makes a learner disinterested to his study but also compels him to adopt unfair means---like copying from help books,or assignment done by his parentsor tutors etc. In teaching younger children, classwork shows me the to Interpersonal Rejections students who possess an understanding of what I am teaching and those who may need more help. Leonardo Influential Essay! It also shows me their ability to handle a concept independently. Essay! It gives immediate feedback of what I have taught and shows me who needs additional help.

With young children, homework is a review of what has been previously taught or maybe a chance for the student to show their ability to expand on something previously taught. I work in a lower income community and I find that it is difficult for many parents to help their children with their work at home. Leonardo Da Vinci: The Most Influential Man Of! I have issues with many students not completing their work at home, for various reasons. In order for students to get as much practice (guided and idependent) as possible, I usually give the students a good amount of time to work on their work in class. This reason is two fold.

They are doing the work and they are able to ask me questions. Many times, the students cannot get help from their parents for help due to the fact that education is changing and that they are not familiar with current methods and ways of teaching. Topics! Homework usually comes from the work that the students did not finish during work time in the classroom. As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? Maybe I just gave in to Leonardo The Most Essay easily but I learned very quickly that homework was almost useless. I would assign homework and students would not do it and application writing, some actually had fairly reasonable problems that kept them from The Most Influential doing homework. I hhave had collegues say they give homework but they do not grade it. This is also against my philosphy. I think if I give an assignment it warrants being graded. I use my time in class wisely most of the time and I can get my students working at a speed that allows me to not assign homework. I do give projects and I do expect students to writing for job read.

These things are done outside of class and are assessed in a multitude of ways in Influential Man of my class. As a teacher, I think class work is more important. Class work allows the teacher to see which students really understand the skills being taught. It also allows students and wedding, teachers to discuss the skills being taught. I give homework every night because it is beneficial. Homework is important because it allows parents to reinforce the skills. Influential Man Of Essay! The negative side of giving homework is the fact that some students do not have anyone to help them do it, while others have parents who will do the assignments for them just so their children can get a passing grade. As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? Both are equally important. To verify development of higher order thinking and in-depth analytical and interpretive skills, homework is crucial.

If students can show evidence of learning and putting concepts into practice, then I know they can think on their own. Cold passages offer them additional improvement in skills such as reading comprehending, and responding. Again, I can confirm understanding or reteach using another teaching style. Homework supports the valuable basic knowledge and skills students get in the classroom with a live, caring, knowledgeable, strong teacher. Application! I find Schoolwork much better and more acknowledgeable for the students. They work much better when there is a teacher with the ablity and training to answer questions to the fullest that they can. At home, contact with the teacher and asking questions isn't always the easiest unless their parents have the same kind of The Most Influential schooling, which is very very rare. I find the inschool work and topics, grading system to Leonardo da Vinci: His Time help the the shawl story students learn better and earn better grades come quiz, test, and exam time.

I teach 9th-11th grade students throughout my course day and Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of His Time, it is very exciting to see the students learn this way. While I do assign homework frequently, I try to balance it out with schoolwork as well. At the university level, in-class work does not always work because there is a very limited amount of How People to Interpersonal time for teaching and class discussions. Homework and Influential His Time, office hours are the most effective in words to start an essay this situation. I have each student make an appointment during my office hours to discuss essays and other writing assignments. It works for me, and for them, I hope. Da Vinci: Influential Man Of! As a math teacher, that can be a tough choice. One of the most important things is to teach the children how to do something, then let them apply it on their own. Class work is a great time to short story let the Leonardo da Vinci: children work in groups to apply their knowledge, but homework allows the students to practice on their own. I guess what it all comes down to in the current system is how a child can work on their own, because of high stakes testing.

So while class work builds confidence and ability to perform a task, homework proves whether or not a student can use it on an essay his/her own, and the current system prioritizes that. Without a doubt , in class work. While both kinds have their place , working in class has the The Most His Time Essay benefit of teacher support and input. Respond To Interpersonal Essay! While homework does have the merit of allowing for individual research , I find that many students tend to cut and paste from an internet source when producing homework rather than explore a topic or extend their own learning. I study education for many years, but I choose anther job that dosen't match with my major. As far as I am concerned, work in the class is more important than do more homework. If the student can master the content through the guide of teacher, she/he no need to do a lot of Leonardo The Most His Time Essay homework . Benefits of doing the work in school: The work is that of the student. Writing! The teacher can intervene and provide feedback.

The teacher can facilitate the learning process. Work is typically completed and Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Man of His Time Essay, not misplaced. The teacher can more accurately judge if the work is topics of poor quality due to ability or due to lack of effort. His Time Essay! It helps to relieve students of some of the stress and pressure they face as a 21st century learner. Time is spent on purposeful learning (busy work tends to cease). Students still learn to work independently. Scores do not drop in schools and districts that minimize homework.

Drawbacks of doing work at school: Time is limited. Some students need extra time and can't finish with the class (fragmentation can begin to occur if they do not take the work home). Takes a lot of planning and practice for teacher create an effective class management system. Resources are not always available. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Classwork helps the teacher to know if the students actually understand the lesson and there is limit to the chances of copying from to Interpersonal Rejections Essay other student.

But in the case of homework, students can help themselves, and this adds to Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Man of His Time Essay their assimilating power even if they 'stole' answers from their notes at home; it still helps them to get close to those notes to study them. I have always felt, as both a student and the shawl short, now as an Influential Man of His Time educator, that students get much more out of classwork and groupwork than from homework. Maybe because I am middle level (and they NEED to socialize or will destroy the story day with lack of attention, flirting and fidgeting), I find simple in-class assignments where the students get to peer advise, work together and ciritically think as a team work best for my 7th graders. I tend to give only Man of His Time Essay, reading assignments as homework, or large projects (where in-class time is also provided). I also give optional homework, which often turns into extra credit assignments for those that need it. :) Elementary and early intermediate level schooling should have little to no homework in my opinion. As was stated in a previous post, unfortunately the students who do the homework are generally the ones who need it least. Macbeth Structure! Class work does consume your class period, but according to the timetable set, most of the schools do give 2 continuous periods mainly for the students to finish writing activities and to da Vinci: Influential Man of His Time ensure that students form a habit to finish their work within a stipulated time. (eg. In the Boards, the application writing for job Q paper states Do not spend more than 35 minutes for this Question.) Here accuracy and time management counts. Furthermore, the teacher is The Most Influential His Time able to judge the macbeth students when correction is Leonardo da Vinci: The Most done. It is difficult to judge the student's caliber in homework because many students (even studious ones) come to law dissertation school early and copy the given homework from their friends - be it Maths or Science, etal. Influential! Secondly, as far as homework is concerned, let's say a topic given encourages students to law dissertation topics 'copy paste' materials from the internet directly which is a loss for the student as he does not read nor understands the content.

Its not that homework should not be given, but with proper time frame for the students to finish the work. It is observed that many teachers give homework and demand for it by the next day. The possibility is da Vinci: Influential Man of Essay that the child may have other subject homework as well. According to law dissertation topics me class work is still the best. Home work like writing down Q. Ans in fair books after answers are marked in the text - that sort of homework is acceptable. We need to consider the fact that more and more parents come to conferences with self-effacing remarks such as I can't help my child with Trigonometry, because I didn't take it or never understood it. Not all students have internet access at home to help answer their questions or engage them in the kinds of His Time discussions that need to take place to to start an essay spur their own though processes and desire to investigate.

It seems that many parents in modern America desire busy work for their students, because they lack the knowledge to engage their child in these types of discussions themselves or lack the time. For those parents who want to engage their childrens' minds during after school hours, it is often a losing battle. The expectation for students to complete more and more busy work, precludes parents from having meaningful discussions as well. I feel that homework should be more thought-based and busy work should be limited to 15 minutes per subject per night. In addition, we need to reach a point where our student body have equal access to The Most Influential Man of His Time the resources they need to push them toward 21st century thinking and vocations. What kind of country/government furnishes free, appropriate public education but does not ensure the basic building blocks of that education to each child? Many children are left behind. This country's words and Respond Rejections, deeds are not harmonious when it comes to educating our precious youth! Yes, i am also agree with you all, school or class work is muchbetter than homeowork, because students cannot work properly at home and concentrate properly on their homework. While staying class and working there they can ask questions they are having problem with in from the teachers.

I clearly think in school work is much better, because the student may ask questions when they need help, as they can't do that at Leonardo His Time, home because most parents don't know the answer to the problem (First hand experience). Kids also tend to law dissertation like class work better as they won't have as much stress and homework to deal with at home, but if they don't finish the in da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of His Time Essay class work then it is understandable that it would be homework. Writing For Job! I also believe that kids get more distracted at home then in schools because they have T.V. around them and video games. Hope this helps, I feel both are important..I send homework to show the parents what we are learning and it is an extension of the lessons I taught that day..but classwork..where all the knowledge and learning takes place is of course more important. Leonardo Da Vinci: The Most Influential Man Of! I prefer classwork over homework, since I'm never certain who is actually doing the homework. Wedding Speech! However, there is some benefit to giving small amounts of homework in order to build a sense of responsibility. Leonardo His Time! While homework is a necessary tool, in terms of reinforcing ideas and concepts learned in class, learning occurs in the classroom. Here, students are able to interact both with teacher and other students. They are able to discuss and How People Respond to Interpersonal Rejections, share ideas about a particular concept, or lesson taught. In the classroom, students have the opportunity to experience the other side of an argument or notion.

Homework, is necessary to da Vinci: Influential obtain a certain level of groom wedding speech mastery. It is Leonardo The Most Influential His Time Essay necessary to improve one's skills. From the teachers view point, the class work should be the most important part of the studies. However from the macbeth student point of view, class work and homework are equally important. However, the amount of time and effort a student should devote to homework will vary upon the the subject being taught and its level. Students in lower grades generally require less homework as compared to students pursuing higher studies. Also in subjects like maths, where a lot of practice may be required in solving problems, more time of homework will be appropriate as compared to a subject like history. The extent of homework required also depends on the method of teaching used. For example, a teaching methodology which relies heavily on the students undertaking projects as a part of Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of His Time Essay studies, requires more homework as compared to teaching methodology which does nor require any project work. I would like to emphasize here that though the law dissertation homework is done by the student without direct supervision of the teacher, the teacher is not absolved from the Leonardo Influential Man of Essay responsibility for guiding the student in their homework so that their learning from Respond to Interpersonal Essay it is maximized. This kind of guidance and assistance may be provided by the teacher in the class room or outside the class room.

From the student's view point the homework represent the main activity where the student can put in extra effort, either to make up for basic lack of aptitude for learning a subject, or to improve the knowledge of a favourite subject.

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safe sex lies essay When I was twenty-five years old I appeared in the pages of the New York Times Magazine in my underwear. Well, almost. Leonardo Da Vinci: Influential His Time Essay? A cartoon drawing of a girl in her underwear—a girl who, with her short blond hair and groom wedding speech, apple cheeks over a pointed chin, looked remarkably like me—appeared in conjunction with an essay I’d written about the Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of His Time way Generation X was reacting to the safe-sex message. The year was 1996 and application writing, the AIDS crisis, though technically past its apogee, seemed to have finally succeeded in Influential His Time Essay infiltrating every corner of the general public consciousness and scaring the hell out of it. Application? Invocations to The Most Man of His Time, get tested for HIV loomed from billboards and in law dissertation topics subway ads. Celebrities preached about Leonardo da Vinci: Man of, safer sex in public-service announcements. The Shawl Short? Music videos and advertisements appropriated AIDS awareness as not only a form of Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential provocation but an agent of style. It was the year of the Broadway debut of Rent, a modern-day retelling of La Boheme that featured several characters who were either infected with HIV or dying of AIDS. The essay had been brewing in my mind since at an essay, least two years before, when I’d been jolted by a print advertisement for the Benetton clothing company.

It featured more than a thousand tiny photos of Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential Essay smiling, attractive young people purporting to represent every part of the world. Intermittent faces were shaded and partially obscured by the word AIDS, creating a visual effect that spelled out the word in larger type when you looked at the image from Rejections Essay farther back. I ran across the The Most Influential Man of His Time Essay ad while flipping through magazines with some girlfriends one night, and it prompted a heated and slightly panicked conversation about whose faces these were and whether they really had AIDS. One friend said, “Yes, of the shawl story course they do; that’s how bad things have gotten.” Another wasn’t sure, and Leonardo The Most Man of His Time, I thought it couldn’t be possible. Short? This led to an even more heated discussion about how dangerous the world was and Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Man of His Time Essay, how we, as twentysomething females living in New York City, should perhaps hang up our dancing shoes (or, in our case, black leather lace-up boots) and marry the next person we met (after the requisite health screenings, of course), lest the single life literally kill us.

I was a young writer back then. I won’t say “aspiring writer,” because I’d actually managed to publish a few things that elevated me slightly out of the “aspiring” camp and speech, were steering me into the “promising” camp. Still, I was green. I was enrolled in Leonardo da Vinci: Essay an MFA writing program that I fiercely loved but for which I had taken out monstrous student loans. Words? It seemed worth it, though. In my second year of the program, I set aside the fiction I’d gone there to pursue and began writing personal essays. Things started clicking almost immediately and a central theme emerged: the da Vinci: The Most Influential Essay relationship between myself and society, the tension between the trappings of contemporary life and the actualities of that life, what it meant to be “alive” (i.e., twenty-five years old) in “today’s world” (i.e., New York City). Law Dissertation? And, as is His Time Essay always the case for a young writer, every experience I had—every book I read and film I saw, every trip to the corner deli, every ranter I heard in the street—was potential fodder for another piece of groundbreaking, human condition–explaining nonfiction. Hence the week in the fall of 1995 when, after visiting the health-services office of my university for short, a head cold and deciding on The Most Influential His Time Essay, a whim to get a free HIV test, I started thinking about that Benetton ad and law dissertation, those shaded faces and da Vinci: The Most Man of Essay, found myself suddenly gripped by the terrifying possibility that, despite not having engaged in anything remotely constituting risky behavior (at least from a rational standpoint; in those days of equal-opportunity alarmism, any acts of uncondomized sex, possibly even those involving only oneself, were considered a death wish), I could wind up among their ranks. And when I went home that evening and words to start, sat down at the computer (Band-Aid stuck menacingly to Influential Man of Essay, my arm from the blood-draw, my stomach queasy at How People Respond Essay, the prospect of waiting two weeks for the result), an essay was born: a loud, flashy, nakedly ambitious essay about the way non-promiscuous, non-IV-drug-using heterosexuals often abandon condoms a month or so into their relationships, after which they get paranoid so they get tested for HIV and then drive themselves insane with anxiety during the wait, after which they usually resume the behavior that made them paranoid to Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential Essay, begin with. I talked about the way the national conversation around HIV-awareness had resulted in millions of little white lies that people told each other on application for job, a regular basis: for instance, “I’ve never once had sex without a condom.” I talked about how it was difficult for a woman to da Vinci: The Most Influential Essay, go on a date with a man without looking for subtle clues that the guy might once have had sex with another man.

I spoke of how messages like “There’s no such thing as safe sex” had promulgated the Respond to Interpersonal Essay idea that paranoia and mistrust were the da Vinci: The Most Influential His Time keys to speech, a healthy life. I talked about how, as a freshman in college, a senior who claimed to have inside information about the public-health stats of the Leonardo The Most Influential Man of His Time Essay student body looked at me earnestly and said that there were lesbians on to start, campus who had HIV, which they’d contracted from other lesbians. I spoke of Leonardo Influential how stuff like this was simultaneously so hard to believe and so terrifying that it was tempting to just ignore the message altogether. I spoke of my own melancholy and loneliness and confusion. To Start An Essay? I think at one point I might have used the word dystopia. I also called Benetton and asked if the people in His Time Essay the ad were really known to topics, have HIV or AIDS.

They weren’t. I mentioned that, too. I may have been in graduate school, but I was already flinging my work all over town, pitching ideas to magazine editors and Leonardo da Vinci: Influential Man of, hand-delivering work samples (somehow this seemed more serious and professional than using the U.S. mail) to the reception desk of every publication within subway distance. When an editor at the New York Times Magazine called me and asked if I had anything edgy and law dissertation topics, new to say about my generation, I sent him the AIDS essay and he immediately invited me to lunch to discuss it further. Upon inquiring during that lunch as to whether I’d be willing to “trim the essay a bit” (“Sure!” I chirped. “Anything you want!”), another lunch was scheduled, this time at Orso with two more editors who plied me with yellowfin tuna and told me the piece would need to be cut nearly in half to accommodate a two-page spread, but that I shouldn’t worry because I was the voice of my generation and everything would be spectacular.

They were right about the spectacle. Though I’d worked hard—with the editors and on my own—to shoehorn my original three thousand words of, as I’d proudly described them, “very nuanced ideas” into the allotted seventeen hundred words, I didn’t pull it off. The final edit was abrupt, not all that coherent, gratuitously provocative, and suggested that I might have had unprotected sex with upward of five hundred people (in truth, the da Vinci: The Most Influential Essay number was in speech the low single digits, and “unprotected” was a matter of da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of His Time Essay interpretation). In addition to wedding speech, the tarty cartoon drawing (which had been sent to press without my knowledge, and which the art department had conceded to only after I declined to sit for a photo shoot), the essay had been assigned the rather awkward title of “Safe-Sex Lies.” If I had been just slightly older and da Vinci: The Most Man of Essay, wiser, I would have withdrawn it from publication in a heartbeat. But of course I was neither of those things. I was the voice of my generation, which, in law dissertation the case of this article, wasn’t proving to be a very appealing one. The article came out, the Times received roughly six hundred irate letters within five days, my phone rang off the hook, and I was invited to Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Man of His Time, appear on the NBC Nightly News.

Let’s keep in mind that this was pre-blogosphere, pre–twenty-four-hour news cycle, pre–caller ID, pre–ubiquitous email. I had a dial-up AOL account and a red Southwestern Bell telephone that my parents had picked up back in Texas in the ’70s and relinquished to law dissertation, me when I struck out on Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Man of His Time, my own. I was sharing an apartment with two roommates who did not appreciate that the phone was ringing every five minutes. Usually the person on the other end had called to say how disgusted they were with what I’d written and application, what a slut I was and how I was either appallingly homophobic (for suggesting that HIV might not be affecting heterosexuals at the same rate) or had a “pro-gay agenda” (for suggesting HIV was a problem at all). My classmates, who’d been the first to da Vinci: The Most Man of His Time Essay, read the Respond to Interpersonal piece back in workshop, seemed perturbed about the Leonardo The Most Man of whole thing. (How was it that I’d ignored their editorial suggestions but ended up in a national publication nonetheless?) My parents were rightfully mortified, and How People Respond Rejections Essay, my friends were rapidly growing tired of talking me off the cliff every day, listening to da Vinci: The Most Man of, my whining and rationalizations and telling me what I wanted to hear, which is that the “right people” understood what I was trying to get across; I was ahead of short story my time; and, besides, no one was saying I was a bad writer, merely a bad person. When a correspondent for Influential Man of, the NBC Nightly News came to interview me in my apartment (roommates eavesdropping from the the shawl story kitchen as they made grilled-cheese sandwiches), I tried to acquit myself but mostly made things worse by da Vinci: The Most Man of His Time, rambling on in a sound bite–unfriendly fashion (again with the “dystopia”) and looking slightly derelict with an aggressively short, bleached-blond haircut (it was the mid-’90s, after all). The final broadcast included a lot of speech B-roll footage of Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Man of Essay me in my overcoat and black leather boots walking down the snowy New York City sidewalks. When the topics segment ended and Tom Brokaw looked up from his desk monitor and into the camera, he shook his head with an air of such profound, almost avuncular concern that I felt like I had been sent to my room.

It would be years before I could watch him without feeling like he was judging me from da Vinci: The Most Man of inside the television set. Fifteen years on, a head shake from Tom Brokaw wouldn’t register as even mild censure. As much as the culture has eased up on HIV-preventative scare tactics, it’s become ruthlessly punitive in the face of just about application, any point of view that embraces ambiguity or gets expressed in a less-than-literal fashion. A young person (any person) who published a piece as incendiary as “Safe-Sex Lies” today would be chewed up and spit out Leonardo Man of His Time Essay, so many times over by bloggers and How People Essay, commenters and cable-news screamers that the idea of “understanding what I was trying to get across” would seem not just quaint but moot. Da Vinci: Man Of Essay? Indeed, nobody understands or even cares what anyone’s trying to get across anymore, only that the ensuing buzz has made the author a “media presence.” An essay like “Safe-Sex Lies,” were it to application for job, appear today, would not merely make a splash, it would likely go viral. It would ricochet around email boxes, fill those yawning expanses of airtime on talk radio, and appear on The Most Essay, the home pages of countless news aggregators, all the while dragging behind it an ever-expanding trail of “response,” much of it from people who haven’t read all, or perhaps any, of the essay, but nonetheless feel compelled to weigh in. The writer would then be inveighed upon to structure, react to the reaction, to Leonardo Influential Man of, compose blog posts and participate in to start an essay live chat sessions and call in to radio programs, not so much in an attempt to clarify her original message, but to Leonardo Influential Essay, talk about how “interesting” the public reception has been, and what a “wild ride” it all is—“wild ride” being a euphemism for thousands of wedding speech anonymous internet comments calling you unprintable words.

These days, being attacked isn’t just the Influential His Time Essay result of saying something badly, it’s the result of saying anything at groom, all. I can testify to this, because for more than six years, I have been a weekly opinion columnist for the Los Angeles Times. This is a great gig, and I have many loyal, smart, thoughtful readers. But I also live with the fact that practically everything I write is met with an avalanche of da Vinci: The Most His Time Essay invective. It runs the macbeth structure gamut from partisan attacks to personal attacks to entreaties to my editors to His Time, stop publishing me immediately.

Internet comment-boards can easily take up ten or fifteen times the space of the column itself. My email in-box overflows with outrage and application for job, umbrage: “Shame on da Vinci: Influential His Time Essay, you!” “You are an idiot and a disgrace.” “What a stupid little twit you are.” And, in one of my recent favorites, “You have no credibility because you let your opinion get in structure the way.” Some weeks, if I’ve hit a particularly sensitive nerve, blogs of Man of every imaginable variety will link to the column, offer their own spin, and then invite their own legions to chime in. On one hand, of course, this is what every columnist wants most. Like anyone who publicly expresses his ideas, be it through writing or music or visual media or anything else, the goal is to be heard, to inspire reaction and generate discussion.

But based on much of the reaction I get—especially the comments in my own paper, where a stable of regulars have become so personally invested in their dislike for to start an essay, me that they’ve taken to remarking not on my column but on my looks, marital or reproductive status, and standing on the bitch-o-meter—I can hardly give myself credit for starting anything resembling a discussion. What prevails instead are more like internet-style shoot-’em-ups, all-capped shouting matches between people with screen names like LibertyLuvr44 and GreenGrrrl. The Most Influential Man Of His Time? They rage on for pages and pages, enjoying far greater word-count freedom than I or my colleagues could ever dream of. Words To Start? Liberals will refer to Republicans as “rethugs,” who in turn will call liberals “libtards.” Blue-state types will make lame trailer-park jokes about red-state types, who, in turn, will call the president a socialist. The frequency with which people actually call me “Meghan Dumb” often makes me feel young again—for instance, in second grade. My commenters also have a great affinity for making things up—again, a freedom not enjoyed by those in Leonardo The Most Man of Essay the newsroom. Meghan is 40 years old and to start an essay, still not married. Tick tock tick tock… Anyone who knows Meghan knows of what I speak. She’s an angry middle aged woman and da Vinci: Influential Man of Essay, an intolerant hack. What a pathetic, inept, and uninformed person you are.

Your articles are brainless, and when I read them I think of how miserable as a person you must be. Probably a fat ugly little girl who needs to prey on others to feel better…A fat, ugly squashed bug. You are a vile, loathsome, despicable pig. Your stench permeates through the words to start web. Let me make one thing perfectly clear. Leonardo Influential Man Of His Time Essay? I know that online hecklers represent but a tiny fraction of readers. I also know it’s actually a privilege to get feedback like this. It means that people are actually reading what I write, that editors are actually publishing it, and, moreover, that I’ve been able to make a career out of observing the culture and expressing my thoughts in writing. Over the years, I’ve scrambled to short, pay rent with enough menial office jobs to Leonardo da Vinci: His Time Essay, know better than to take even one day of uninterrupted, paid (or even unpaid) writing for granted. I know that a lot of wedding writers would kill to be called a squashed bug or a despicable pig, if only because it beats not being called anything at The Most, all. But if most writers have long understood that publishing is a privilege that carries certain responsibilities—foremost among them taking the groom speech time to present ideas in a careful and thoughtful manner, ideally with the help of one or more editors—many readers seem to be approaching their commenting privileges like teenagers with newly minted driver’s licenses.

Belted in by anonymity and Leonardo Man of Essay, often distracted by the equally reckless ravings of their peers, they take potshots, spread untruths, and, at their worst, spew racism and bigotry that would put a professional writer out of business in a nanosecond. In so doing, they spread a rancor that can eclipse not only the original article but also the words to start comments of readers who take a more constructive, civil approach. They take the very privilege the internet has afforded all of us—the privilege of equal opportunity, instant expression—and spit on it, making the very notion of “speaking your mind” seem almost like a dirty practice, the national pastime of the lowest common denominator. This “haterade” (as the da Vinci: His Time young blogger types have brilliantly coined it) is especially acute around political subjects and, in the case of my colleagues and myself, doubly acute when it comes to President Obama or Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin or any subject remotely connected to race or gender. It by no means stops there, though. I’ve written about everything from short shelter pets to the lost pleasures of waiting for the mail, and still been called a “retarded scum pile that personifys [ sic ] everything that’s wrong with society today.” As many times as I’ve been called a feminazi—more than once by Rush Limbaugh, who apparently skims my column regularly—I’ve had liberals calling for my resignation because I’m not politically correct enough, and feminists wanting to break my knees over any number of perceived slights to the cause. Like most of my fellow columnists, I’m told on The Most Influential Man of Essay, a daily basis that I’m utterly unqualified for my job and the sole reason that print media is dying. For all the sputtering outrage I’ve provoked in my socially conservative readers, most of whom know nothing about me but nonetheless like to fantasize that I’m some kind of East Coast blue blood who gets abortions in wedding her spare time and was educated entirely by vegetarian, Marxist lesbians at da Vinci: Influential His Time, fancy schools I didn’t have to pay for (“Meghan comes from a very rich family that paid for all her schooling and application writing, supported her lavish lifestyle,” a commenter once declared), I also hear from plenty of Essay humorless progressive types who find me “offensive” and “terribly disappointing,” and who want to be removed from my mailing list immediately. Admittedly, I’m the kind of person who’s capable of macbeth structure hearing a single boo amid a cascade of applause.

Though I don’t always realize it, a lot of the feedback is not only da Vinci: His Time positive and macbeth structure, flattering, but critical in ways that I need to hear and fully accept (one of the da Vinci: The Most Man of Essay great lessons of doing a weekly column is application accepting that you won’t hit it out of the park every single week and that your audience has a right to inform you when those weeks occur). Though I know that it would be a lot better for everyone (first and foremost my husband, who must endure my efforts to Leonardo The Most Influential Man of His Time, “reappropriate” the meanness by printing out the most egregious examples and attaching them to the refrigerator) if I could just focus on to start, the respectful communiques, it’s not always easy. The writer and director Nora Ephron, who wrote columns of a personal and often provocative nature for Esquire in the ’70s and then returned to the form in 2005, when she began blogging on the Huffington Post, told me her first encounter with twenty-first-century audience participation left her totally shocked. “It’s like in high school I’d wonder what people are saying about Leonardo da Vinci: Influential Man of His Time Essay, me and then I’d realize it’s just as well that I don’t know,” she said. In “The Readers Strike Back,” a particularly thoughtful article on this subject that appeared on Salon back in the shawl short 2007 ( Salon being famous for Leonardo Influential Man of, some of the more affronted and pious commenters on the web), Gary Kamiya admitted that “it’s very hard for Respond, writers, who want to be read and The Most Influential, want to the shawl short, know what readers are saying about them, to ignore letters or blogs about themselves.” He quoted Salon senior writer Laura Miller, who allowed that “practically every writer I know has gone through the mill with this,” and da Vinci: Influential His Time Essay, then invoked Anthony Trollope’s line from Phineas Finn: “But who is there that abstains from reading that which is printed in abuse of himself?’” Though I’ve never been tempted to go undercover to avenge myself, as was the case with Lee Siegel, the New Republic reporter who created a false account and words to start an essay, attacked his attackers on his blog on the magazine’s website (and got himself suspended in the process), I do have my share of Leonardo The Most His Time confrontation fantasies. I’ve often imagined tracking down some of speech my more vehement detractors, knocking on their doors and asking, “Who are you?

What has made you so angry? What has happened in your life that you’re reduced to spewing bile at people you know nothing about?” It turns out I’m not the only one with this fantasy. Last year’s short-lived reality show, succinctly entitled H8R (if you can’t decipher that idiom, you are too old to be watching the program), followed celebrities like Snooki and Kim Kardashian as they confronted people who’d said mean things about them on da Vinci:, the internet. It would be foolish, of course, to expect a show of the shawl short story this kind to offer anything terribly insightful about this phenomenon. Leonardo Man Of Essay? Since the haters weren’t hiding behind screen names but instead proclaiming their hate on camera and keeping it in compliance with the specifications of any number of producers, network executives, and advertisers, they were no match for even the Respond Rejections Essay mildest trolls on Leonardo Influential His Time, a political blog. But the structure very fact that the show made it on the air at Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential Essay, all suggests that the wedding speech cultural appetite for this kind of confrontation is growing more ravenous by da Vinci:, the day. (This past Halloween, a middle-school-age trick-or-treater showed up at topics, my door wearing a costume that said hater lover; later, I spotted another kid in dress proclaiming him an actual “hater”; I hope they found each other.) It makes me think I wasn’t so crazy when I once, only half-jokingly, suggested to a colleague that the opinion columnists at our paper should host a “haters picnic,” wherein we would cheerily serve up hot dogs and potato salad and give our angriest readers the chance to tell us in da Vinci: The Most Essay person what they thought of us. My colleague’s response was that it would cost too much to hire security, though he also hinted that I should shut up and just do my job. He had a point. Part of our line of work involves being able to macbeth, ignore the agitators, or at Leonardo Influential Man of His Time Essay, least brush them off.

If I were fundamentally unable to topics, handle criticism or anger or even the occasional threat, then, yes, I truly would be unqualified for my job. But there is a world of difference between the traditional notion of public participation in a newspaper or magazine and the cacophonous, sometimes libelous free-for-all that passes for it today. Whereas the Leonardo Influential His Time old-fashioned letter to application writing for job, the editor involved crafting a letter, figuring out where to send it, springing for a stamp, and knowing that its publication-worthiness would be determined by an actual editor who might even call and suggest some actual edits, today’s readers are invited to Leonardo The Most His Time, “join the conversation” as if the work of professional reporters and law dissertation topics, columnists carries no more authority than small-talk at The Most Influential His Time, a cocktail party. And although some sites are making efforts to weed out the story trolls by disabling anonymous posting, filtering comments through Facebook, or letting readers essentially monitor themselves by flagging or promoting comments at Leonardo Influential Man of Essay, their own discretion, most are so desperate to writing for job, catch eyeballs wherever and however possible that they’re loathe to turn down any form of free content. This is by Leonardo Influential Man of Essay, now an old gripe in journalism circles, many members of which will point out that the last word on the matter could well have been said three years ago when the the shawl Onion published its fake news story “Local Idiot to Post Comment on Internet.” But if three years ago the phenomenon felt like a wave that was about to crest and then surely dissipate into a vague memory of some fleeting, anarchic period in the history of the internet (“Remember back in da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of His Time 2008 when only idiots posted comments?” we imagined ourselves chortling one day), it feels today like the disease-ridden aftermath of a flood. Ugly commentary doesn’t just litter the internet, it infects it. It takes the act of reading an article or watching a video or listening to a podcast and turns it from wedding speech a receptive experience into a reactive one. It does not invite us to “join the conversation” as much as to join in on a fight, or at least gawk from the sidelines. Perhaps worst of The Most Influential Man of Essay all, it gives the impression that the opinions expressed in those fights are not just the ravings of a few local idiots but the “voice of the people.” Spend enough time in the company of that voice and the world will begin to law dissertation, look like a very bleak place indeed. When I think of the Leonardo Man of coiners of the term haterade, those young, mean/smart, media-obsessed bloggers on mean/smart, media-obsessed websites who seem to be able to whip up five hundred words of clever commentary in the time it takes people my age to think of an opening sentence, I wonder if their brains are wired in such a way that the wedding speech slings and da Vinci: The Most Man of, arrows of free-flowing obloquy don’t inflict quite as much pain on them as they might on their elders.

The fact that they’ve developed several playful iterations of the groom wedding word hate —you can hate on someone, show some hatitude, or simply be a hater —suggests that they’ve found a way to laugh at da Vinci: Essay, and therefore defang (reappropriate?) the whole gestalt. But I also wonder how often they get to experience the thrill of clueless abandon. How People Respond Rejections? I wonder if they’ve ever really been able to express anything—in print, on a blog, on Facebook, wherever—without on some level bracing themselves for da Vinci: Influential His Time, mockery or scorn or troll-driven pestilence. I wonder if they could write something as controversial as “Safe-Sex Lies” (even in a more coherent form) and expect anything less than a full-blown assault from an electronic lynch mob and a lifetime of damning search-engine results. Still, for all the ways in which haterade feels like a scourge of topics very recent vintage, it’s crucial to Leonardo da Vinci: Man of Essay, remember that in some aspects the acrimony has always been thus. The earliest newspapers in the shawl short story America were penned almost entirely by pseudonymous writers, many of them up to just as much mischief as today’s anonymous bloggers. Leonardo Da Vinci: Influential Man Of His Time Essay? Benjamin Franklin created several false identities under several different pen names, including a middle-aged widow named Silence Dogood, a gossip named The Busybody, and, his best-known, Richard Saunders, whose aphorisms and predictions became the basis of Poor Richard’s Almanac, an writing for job, annual publication, launched in 1732, whose mocking tone went so far as to The Most His Time, report deaths that hadn’t occurred. During the federalist era, political opponents Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson, and their respective acolytes, were hating on each other and on the Adams administration so vituperatively that the Essay president signed the Leonardo da Vinci: His Time Essay Sedition Act of 1798, a statute that made it illegal to publish “false, scandalous, and malicious writing” against structure the government or its officials. Not that there weren’t still plenty of choice words for nonofficials, particularly those with access to a printing press. During his tenure as editor of Leonardo The Most Influential a New York–based federalist newspaper, Noah Webster was characterized by rival pamphleteers (the bloggers of their time?) as “an incurable lunatic,” “a toad in the service of sans-cullottism,” “a prostitute wretch,” “a great fool, and a barefaced liar,” “a spiteful viper,” and “a maniacal pedant.” (It’s fitting that these barbs made such baroque use of structure vocabulary; Webster was the Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Essay founder of the first modern dictionary.) In other words, angry people of the millennium, haterade in law dissertation topics public discourse didn’t spring fully formed from the digital cabbage patch; it’s part of the DNA of da Vinci: The Most Essay opinion itself.

Betty Winfield, Curators’ Professor at the University of to Interpersonal Missouri School of Journalism and a specialist in mass-media history, sees it as little more than the latest form of public expression. “If you have a democracy and people have viewpoints, this is Influential His Time Essay another way to express it,” Winfield told me. “We’ve had viewpoints and individual expression since caveman paintings. The question is topics whether you own it.” The whole notion of accountability in journalism, she said, didn’t start until the advent of journalism schools, in the early twentieth century, when the Leonardo da Vinci: His Time Essay concept of law dissertation “professionalism,” with its emphasis on standards, criteria, and established procedures, took root in America. But a funny thing has happened since the rise of professionalism. The tenets it embraced—that some people are more qualified than others, that training and apprenticeship have value, that not everyone can or should (or needs to) gain admission into Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential His Time, the club—have become unfashionable. And that is because haterade is not exclusive to the media world.

It’s not merely an law dissertation topics, occupational hazard of being a bigmouth. It affects just about anyone who tries to do anything that is da Vinci: The Most Influential His Time Essay subject to public (which is to say online) discussion. It affects the business owner who’s at the mercy of random, nameless Yelp reviewers who might well be his competitors in disguise. The Shawl Short Story? It affects the physician for whom the few patients who post reviews on medical-ratings sites are inevitably the disgruntled ones. It affects the da Vinci: Man of His Time Essay educator who can’t give a poor grade without risking retribution via the websites Rate My Teachers or Rate My Professors. It takes the very essence of what it means to be a professional—training, experience, sheer chops—and reduces it to a stage act to be evaluated with an applause-o-meter.

Part of me wants to conclude this essay with a manifesto. I’d like to declare an end to the self-torture. I’d like to application for job, call on every writer, musician, comedian, cartoonist, chef, glassblower, nail-salon owner to promise right here and Influential Man of His Time Essay, now to stop reading his own bad press and concentrate on topics, doing work that’s true to his vision and Leonardo The Most Influential His Time Essay, unencumbered by macbeth, anticipatory concessions to ankle-biters who probably won’t ever be satisfied with anything. I’d like to be able to make my own vow to Influential Man of, stop looking over writing, my shoulder and go back to writing like the person I was before I’d ever seen a comment board (even if that means taking a little messiness with the exuberance). Da Vinci: Essay? But I cannot lead such a charge, not only because, as tends to happen with manifestos, it’s as impractical as it is application rousing (if Trollope couldn’t be expected to control himself, why should we?), but because ignoring the Leonardo da Vinci: Influential Man of bad stuff would mean missing a lot of groom wedding good stuff. Da Vinci:? And when that stuff is good it can be really, really good. When the criticism is valid it can be priceless.

And when ideas are given their due—that is, treated as living, breathing, imperfect things rather than written off as glib reactions to preexisting ideas—something rather magical can happen. There can be a second of silence during which we, as readers, think before chiming in. There can be a gasp of recognition that reminds us why we read or write in application the first place. There can be a moment of reverie as the words hang in the air, before the hate blows in and knocks them to the ground. Such things are possible. They are just uncommonly rare these days.

Rarer still are two words that can form one of the dearest phrases in the English language: no comment. Meghan Daum has been an opinion columnist at Man of His Time, the Los Angeles Times since 2005. Her latest book, Life Would Be Perfect If I Lived in That House, is now out in paperback.

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Leonardo Da Vinci A Man Before His Time - Essay - 1190 Words

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Leonardo Da Vinci A Man Before His Time - Essay - 1190 Words

Micro and macro market enviroment Essay. In order to Man of His Time, correctly identify opportunities and monitor threats, the words company must begin with athorough understanding of the da Vinci: His Time Essay marketing environment in which the firm operates. The marketingenvironment consists of macbeth all the Leonardo da Vinci: Man of His Time Essay actors and forces outside marketing that affect the words to start an essay marketingmanagement’s ability to Leonardo da Vinci: Influential Man of, develop and law dissertation maintain successful relationships with its target customers.Though these factors and forces may vary depending on da Vinci: Man of, the specific company and industrialgroup, they can generally be divided into broad micro environmental and macbeth structure macro environmentalcomponents. For most companies, the micro environmental components are: the company,suppliers, marketing channel firms (intermediaries), customer markets, competitors, and publicswhich combine to make up the company’s value delivery system. The macro environmentalcomponents are thought to be: demographic, economic, natural, technological, political, andcultural forces.

The wise marketing manager knows that he or she cannot always affectenvironmental forces. However, smart managers can take a proactive, rather than reactive,approach to the marketing environment. As marketing management collects and processes data on these environments, they must be ever vigilant in Leonardo Man of Essay their efforts to apply what they learn to developing opportunities and dealing withthreats. Groom Wedding! Studies have shown that excellent companies not only have a keen sense of customer butan appreciation of the environmental forces swirling around them. By constantly looking at thedynamic changes that are occurring in the aforementioned environments, companies are better prepared to Man of Essay, adapt to change, prepare long-range strategy, meet the needs of today’s andtomorrow’s customers, and compete with the intense competition present in the globalmarketplace. All firms are encouraged to adopt an environmental management perspective in thenew millennium.A company’s marketing environment. consists of the actors and forces outside marketing thataffect marketing management’s ability to develop and maintain successful relationships with itstarget customers.1). Being successful means being able to adapt the marketing mix to trends and changes thisenvironment.2). Changes in the marketing environment are often quick and unpredictable.3). The marketing environment offers both opportunities and law dissertation topics threats.4).

The company must use its marketing research and da Vinci: Influential Essay marketing intelligence systems to monitor the changing environment.5). Systematic environmental scanning helps marketers to revise and adapt marketing strategiesto meet new challenges and wedding speech opportunities in the marketplace. Leonardo His Time Essay! The marketing environment ismade up of a: 1. Micro environmental2. Macro-environment. 1. Story! Micro Environmental. The microenvironment consists of five components. The first is the organization’s internalenvironment—its several departments and management levels—as it affects marketingmanagement’s decision making. The second component includes the marketing channel firmsthat cooperate to create value: the suppliers and marketing intermediaries (middlemen, physicaldistribution firms, marketing-service agencies, financial intermediaries). The third componentconsists of the five types of markets in which the organization can sell: the consumer, producer,reseller, government, and international markets. The Most Influential His Time! The fourth component consists of thecompetitors facing the organization.

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Another point of concern is the monitoring of price trends of application writing for job key inputs. Rising supply costsmust be carefully monitored. Leonardo The Most! c. Marketing Intermediaries. Marketing intermediaries are firms that help the structure company to promote, sell, and distribute itsgoods to final buyers.1). Resellers are distribution channel firms that help the company find customers or make salesto them.2). These include wholesalers and retailers who buy and resell merchandise.3). Resellers often perform important functions more cheaply than the company can performitself. However, seeking and working with resellers is The Most Influential His Time Essay, not easy because of the power that somedemand and How People Rejections Essay use. Physical distribution firms. help the company to stock and move goods from their points of origin to their destinations.

Examples would be warehouses (that store and protect goods beforethey move to the next destination). Marketing service agencies. (such as marketing research firms, advertising agencies, mediafirms, etc.) help the company target and Leonardo The Most Influential Man of His Time Essay promote its products. Financial intermediaries (such as banks, credit companies, insurance companies, etc.) helpfinance transactions and insure against risks. d. Customers The company must study its customer markets closely since each market has its own specialcharacteristics. These markets normally include:1). Consumer markets (individuals and households that buy goods and services for personalconsumption).2). Business markets (buy goods and services for further processing or for use in to start an essay their production process).3). Reseller markets (buy goods and services in order to resell them at a profit).4). Government markets (agencies that buy goods and services in order to produce publicservices or transfer them to those that need them).5). International markets (buyers of all types in foreign countries)

Every company faces a wide range of competitors. A company must secure a strategic advantageover competitors by positioning their offerings to be successful in Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Man of Essay the marketplace. No singlecompetitive strategy is best for all companies. f. Publics. is any group that has an actual or potential interest in or impact on an organization’sability to achieve its objectives. A company should prepare a marketing plan for all of their major publics as well as their customer markets. Generally, publics can be identified as being:1). Financial publics–influence the company’s ability to obtain funds.2). Media publics–carry news, features, and speech editorial opinion.3). Government publics–take developments into account.4). Citizen-action publics–a company’s decisions are often questioned by consumer organizations.5).

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Natural.d. Technological.e. Political.f. Cultural. Environment Demography is the study of human populations in terms of for job size, density, location, age, sex, race,occupation, and other statistics. Da Vinci: Influential Man Of Essay! It is of major interest to marketers because it involves people and people make up markets. Demographic trends are constantly changing. Some more interestingones are.1).

The world’s population (though not all countries) rate is growing at an explosive rate that willsoon exceed food supply and ability to adequately service the population. The greatest danger isin the the shawl short story poorest countries where poverty contributes to the difficulties. Emerging markets such asChina are receiving increased attention from Leonardo da Vinci: Influential Man of Essay, global marketers.2). The most important trend is the changing age structure of the population. The population isaging because of a slowdown in the birth rate (in this country) and life expectancy is increasing.The baby boomers following World War II have produced a huge “bulge” in our population’sage distribution.

The new prime market is the speech middle age group (in the Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential Essay future it will be the senior citizen group). There are many subdivisions of Respond to Interpersonal Rejections Essay this group.a). Generation X–this group lies in the shadow of the boomers and lack obvious distinguishingcharacteristics. They are a very cynical group because of all the Leonardo da Vinci: Influential Man of His Time Essay difficulties that have surroundedand impacted their group. (baby boomlets) are the large growing kid and teen market. This group is usedto affluence on the part of their parents (as different from the Gen Xers). Law Dissertation! One distinguishingcharacteristic is their utter fluency and comfort with computer, digital, and Internet technology(sometimes called Net-Gens).c). Generational marketing is possible, however, caution must be used to avoid generationalalienation. Leonardo Da Vinci: The Most Man Of His Time Essay! Many in the modern family now “telecommute”–work at words to start, home or in Man of His Time Essay a remote officeand conduct their business.

using fax, cell phones, modem, or the Internet In general, the population is becoming better educated. The work force is to start, be-coming more white-collar.Products such as books and education services appeal to groups following this trend. Technicalskills (such as in computers) will be a must in the future. The final demographic trend is theincreasing ethnic and racial diversity of the population. Diversity is a force that must berecognized in the next decade. However, companies must recognize that diversity goes beyond ethnic heritage.

One the important markets of the future are that disabled people (a market larger any of our ethnic minority groups). b. Economic Environment. The economic environment includes those factors that affect consumer purchasing power andspending patterns. Major economic trends in the United States include:1). Leonardo Da Vinci: The Most Man Of His Time! Personal consumption (along with personal debt) has gone up (1980s) and the early 1990s brought recession that has caused adjustments both personally and structure corporately in this country.Today, consumers are more careful shoppers.

(trying to offer the consumer greater value for their dollar) is a very seriousstrategy in the 1990s. Real income is on the rise again but is being carefully guarded by da Vinci: His Time, a value-conscious consumer. is still very skewed in the U. S. and all classes have not shared in prosperity. Structure! In addition, spending patterns show that food, housing, and Leonardo Man of transportation stillaccount for the majority of consumer dollars. It is also of words an essay note that distribution of income hascreated a “two-tiered market” where there are those that are affluent and da Vinci: less affluent. Marketersmust carefully monitor economic changes so they will be able to prosper with the groom wedding trend, notsuffer from it . c. Natural Environment. The natural environment involves natural resources that are needed as inputs. by marketers or that are affected by marketing activities. During the past two decades environmental concernshave steadily grown. Da Vinci: The Most Influential Essay! Some trend analysts labeled the specific areas of concern were: 1).Shortages of structure raw materials.

Staples such as air, water, and Influential wood products have been seriously damaged and non-renewablesuch as oil, coal, and various minerals have been seriously depleted during industrial expansion. is a worldwide problem. Industrial damage to How People Rejections, the environment is very serious. Far-sightedcompanies are becoming “environmentally friendly” and are producing environmentally safe andrecyclable or biodegradable goods. The public response to these companies is encouraging.However, lack of da Vinci: Influential His Time Essay adequate funding, especially in third world countries, is a major barrier. 3).Government intervention in natural resource management has caused environmental concerns to be more practical andnecessary in business and industry. Leadership, not punishment, seems to be the best policy for long-term results. Instead of opposing regulation, marketers should help develop solutions to thematerial and energy problems facing the world. 4).Environmentally sustainable strategies. The so-called green movement has encouraged or even demanded that firms produce strategiesthat are not only environmentally friendly but are also environmentally proactive. Firms are beginning to recognize the link between a healthy economy and a healthy environment.

d. Technological Environment. The technological environment. includes forces that create new technologies, creating new product and writing for job market opportunities. 1). Technology is perhaps the Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Man of His Time Essay most dramatic force shaping our destiny 2). New technologies create new markets and opportunities. 3).

The following trends are worth watching: a). Faster pace of law dissertation technological change. Leonardo His Time! Products are being. technologically outdated at a rapid pace. b). There seems to be almost unlimited opportunities being developed daily. How People To Interpersonal Rejections Essay! Consider theexpanding . fields of health care, the Leonardo Influential His Time Essay space shuttle, robotics, and biogenetic industries. c).

The challenge is not only technical but also commercial–to make practical, affordableversions of macbeth structure . . Man Of Essay! products. Macbeth! d). Increased regulation. Marketers should be aware of the da Vinci: His Time Essay regulations concerning product safety,individual privacy, and other areas that affect technological changes. They must also be alert to . any.possible negative aspects of an innovation that might harm users or arouse opposition. e. Political Environment. The political environment includes laws, government agencies, and pressure groups thatinfluence and . limit various organizations and individuals in a given society.

Various forms of legislation regulate business. 1). Governments develop. public policy to for job, guide commerce–sets of laws and regulations limiting business for Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of Essay the good of society as a whole. 2). Almost every marketing activity is subject to a wide range of words to start laws and regulations. Sometrends in the political environment include: 1). Increasing legislation to:

a).Protect companies from each other. b).Protecting consumersfrom unfair business practices. c).Protecting interests of society against unrestrained business behavior. 2). Changing government agency enforcement. New laws and their enforcement will continue or increase. 3).

Increased emphasis on ethics and The Most Influential socially responsible actions. Socially responsible firmsactively seek out ways to protect the long-run interests of their consumers and the environment. a). Enlightened companies encourage their managers to look beyond regulation and “do the rightthing.” b). Recent scandals have increased concern about ethics and social responsibility. c). Words To Start An Essay! The boom in Leonardo da Vinci: Influential Man of His Time Essay e-commerce and Internet marketing has created a new set of law dissertation social and ethicalissues. Concerns are Privacy, Security, Access by vulnerable or unauthorized groups. f. Cultural Environment. The cultural environment is Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Man of His Time, made up of institutions and Respond other forces that affect society’s basicvalues, perceptions, preferences, and behaviors. Certain cultural characteristics can affectmarketing decision-making. Among the most dynamic cultural characteristics are: 1).

Persistence of cultural values. People’s core beliefs and values have a high degree of persistence. Core beliefs and values are passed on Leonardo da Vinci: Man of His Time, from parents to children and are reinforced byschools, churches, business, and government. Secondary beliefs and values are more open tochange. 2). Shifts in secondary cultural values. Since secondary cultural values and beliefs are open tochange, marketers want to spot them and be able to capitalize on the change potential. Society’smajor cultural views are expressed in. a).People’s views of themselves.

People vary in their emphasis on serving themselves versusserving others. In the 1980s, personal ambition and materialism increased dramatically, withsignificant implications for marketing. The leisure industry was a chief beneficiary. b).People’s views of others. Observers have noted a shift from a “me-society” to a “we-society.” Consumers are spending more on products and services that will improve their livesrather than their image. c).

People’s views of organizations. People are willing to work for large organizations butexpect them to become. increasingly socially responsible. Many companies are linkingthemselves to worthwhile causes. Groom! Honesty in Leonardo da Vinci: Influential Essay appeals is a must. d).People’s views of groom society.

This orientation influences consumption patterns. “Buy American”versus buying abroad is an issue that will continue into the next decade. e).People’s view of nature. There is a growing trend toward people’s feeling of mastery over nature through technology and Influential the belief that nature is bountiful. However, nature is writing, finite. Loveof nature and da Vinci: The Most sports associated with nature are expected to be significant trends in the nextseveral years. f).People’s views of the universe. Studies of the origin of man, religion, and thought-provokingad campaigns are on the rise. Currently, Americans are on groom wedding speech, a spiritual journey.

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A Few Essays That Worked (And a Few That Didn#8217;t) Jacques Steinberg, education correspondent for the Times, appears on the Today show to discuss what works in a college essay. Leonardo His Time Essay? By None None on Publish Date December 6, 2010. In preparation for a segment on NBC#8217;s #8220;Today#8221; show this morning, I reached out to the admissions offices at the University of Virginia and law dissertation Occidental College in California for da Vinci: The Most, examples of essays that they considered memorable #8212; for law dissertation topics, good, or ill. The Most Influential Essay? Before I share some of these samples, a caveat (one familiar to regular readers of this blog): while it can be instructive to read actual college admissions essays, trying to copy a particular approach #8212; or in some cases avoid it #8212; can be perilous. That#8217;s because how one responds to an essay can be an intensely personal experience. That said, I would argue that there are some basic lessons to macbeth, be gleaned from the following examples. Here, for instance, is an excerpt from an essay that was not especially well received at the University of Virginia, in da Vinci: Influential Man of Essay part because the writer misjudged the application writing age and sensibility of his or her audience: John Lennon’s song ‘Imagine’ was sung by Fox’s new show, #8216;Glee.#8217; In one particular episode, a deaf glee club performed this song. I heard it before when John Lennon sang it: unfortunately I did not care much for it. When I watched this episode while the deaf adolescents were singing it, and soon joined by another glee club, it surprisingly affected me#8230; John Lennon sang it like a professional, but what he did not have was the emotion behind the words. He sang it more staccato than legato.

He sang it like it was his job, and nothing more. These singers from Glee sang with powerful emotions. … Another essay, also musical in focus, got a more appreciative read at U.V.A.: I strode in front of 400 frenzied eighth graders with my arm slung over my Fender Stratocaster guitar — it actually belonged to my mother — and launched into the first few chords of Nirvana’s ‘Lithium.’ My hair dangled so low over my face that I couldn’t see the crowd in front of me as I shouted ‘yeah, yeah’ in my squeaky teenage voice. I had almost forgotten that less than a year ago I had been a kid whose excitement came from waiting for the next History Channel documentary. Da Vinci: His Time? It was during the awkward, hormonal summer between seventh and eighth grade when I first heard Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit.’ The song shocked my senses — until that point my musical cosmos consisted mainly of my father’s Beatles CDs. I would argue that the admissions committee was able to relate a little more to topics, this essay than the first. Leonardo The Most Influential Man Of His Time? And it was certainly more evocative and detailed.

It also conveyed more about the writer (and applicant) #8212; a crucial quality in a college admissions essay. To Interpersonal Rejections Essay? I turn, now, to excerpts from a recent essay that struck a visceral chord within the admissions office at Occidental (where, as an aside, President Obama began his college career): My head throbbed as I closed my eyes and Leonardo His Time tried to convince myself to give up. ‘Come on, Ashley. Put the pencil down. Just put the pencil down and go to bed,’ I told myself sternly. I had been hard at work for hours — brutal, mind-numbing hours. I groaned as I moved over to my bed, collapsing in a pile of law dissertation, blankets and The Most Influential His Time Essay closing my eyes. I lay there for a moment or two, gathering strength, gaining courage. My tense shoulders began to unclench as I stretched out and structure opened my bleary eyes… Suddenly, I bolted upright on my bed, eyes wide, blankets flying. Everything had fallen into place.

I stumbled madly to The Most His Time, my desk, thumped myself down, and snatched up my pencil. ‘I’ve got it! That’s it!’ I whooped, scribbling furiously, as my brother pounded on application, my wall for silence. Da Vinci: The Most Influential His Time? I had just won another skirmish in my ongoing battle with the crossword puzzle. What worked here? I#8217;m told the admissions officers appreciated how the application writing writer conveyed her love of words — and in the process told them much about herself.

As a writer, I admired the way she built a sense of Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential Essay, mystery at the outset, one that served to draw the reader in. I#8217;ll close with an attempt at writing for job, metaphor that fell a bit flat, at The Most Man of, least in its reception at Occidental. The applicant writes: I believe in jello; a silly greeting, tasty dessert, or the words to start an essay answer to life as we know it? Factor #1: Have you ever tried to make jello? It takes patience. First you have to Leonardo, boil the water; then mix it with powder, stirring for structure, two minutes; then finally adding the cold water and putting it in the fridge for forty-five minutes. Think about the creation of people… To share your own thoughts on His Time Essay, essay strategies #8212; and, perhaps, some excerpts of your own #8212; please use the comment box below. Comments are no longer being accepted. Although the essays chosen as the groom wedding speech #8220;good#8221; examples are well-written, I found the other 2 more interesting. Leonardo The Most Influential His Time Essay? Each of those writers seemed to be struggling to express a concept instead of the shawl story, a fairly typical self-absorbed picture.

Obviously. the #8220;good#8221; essays are easier to identify with, but they are also rather juvenile. Our education system tends to reward the neat package, not the messy one. I#8217;d like to think that both sets of essay writers deserve an excellent education. Leonardo Da Vinci: Influential Man Of His Time Essay? I saw this segment on the Today Show and I am surprised about the groom wedding speech first essay. I understand the concept of Glee being a new show and seeming juvenile, but it isn#8217;t. The Most Man Of His Time? I find the law dissertation topics show rather creative for taking older songs, modernizing them, and reintroducing them to a new generation of people. Not to mention it adds new life to a song already loved by the older generation who watch the Leonardo The Most Influential His Time show as well.

If anything it shows the blatant generation gap between the administrators and the students writing their essay. John Lennon was a great artist but it doesn#8217;t mean I#8217;m obligated to be a fan, nor is this student. People should respect the difference of opinion. This student was honest enough to say he/she didn#8217;t like the song and why when performed by John Lennon, but found beauty in How People Respond Rejections the song he/she previously dismissed when performed by Leonardo His Time a group of deaf children. I think that shows a strong sense of self in words to start the student which was, unfortunately, overlooked. Thank you so much for these examples. I will note that the Jello essay uses semicolons improperly. Grammar errors destroy credibility. I was accepted early decision to Virginia, and folks ask me all the da Vinci: The Most time about my application essay.

I wrote about the single moment of topics, shaking an opponent#8217;s hand during a national debate tournament. I was terrified about Leonardo da Vinci: His Time Essay, this opponent, but when I shook his hand, it was cold, limp, and soaking wet. Knowing he was just as nervous as I changed everything for me. I wanted to share with the application committee my revelation that I don#8217;t need to be intimidated by anyone. My advice for future applicants: Ask yourself what #8220;gift#8221; your essay delivers to the reader.

What#8217;s the pay-off for the audience? If you aren#8217;t writing with the audience in How People Rejections mind, the da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of His Time essay will seem self-indulgent. Thanks so much! This is the part of the application that should be removed. Students that write their own essay are at a distinct disadvantage (unless they are among those students that truly do have talent in macbeth structure this area.) Because the Influential Man of His Time stakes are so high and the competition so great, more and more families are hiring consultants to either write or heavily edit the essays. A consultant could definitely tidy up the Glee and the jello essay and make it relevant. At least we know that the Glee and short jello essay writers received no assistance. Other than the Leonardo The Most Influential Man of His Time Essay most competitive schools is anyone reading the essays??

It seems that a well written essay if accompanied by Respond to Interpersonal Essay low standard test scores gets ignored when in fact the essay is The Most Man of His Time a better example of what the Respond to Interpersonal student can do. These students pour over Influential Man of Essay, every word as they see their future hanging in the balance. Does the topics admissions committee at University of Maryland actually read the Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Man of His Time answers to the short answer questions? Do they read the essays? I find these examples and the ensuing comments to be an example of just how subjective college admissions officers are when making their decisions. Some admissions essays must be objectively bad (poor grammar, incoherent prose, etc.) and writing for job I imagine that some must be objectively good, however, it seems to me that the great bulk lie in the middle. In that middle ground then isn’t the merit of one’s essay inextricably tied to the taste’s of the admissions officers reviewing that essay? Would a brilliant essay by Hunter S. Leonardo Influential? Thompson be tossed out because the reader hated drug use and non-conformity? Would an words to start an essay essay by da Vinci: His Time Essay Tom Wolfe be rejected because the reader hated exclamations? Oh my!

Maybe that great 18th century wordsmith Charles Dickens pamphlet would be considered too word? Or Hemingway’s to sparse? What I found so troubling about the Rejections Essay admissions cycle when I went through it a decade ago was how arbitrary decisions seemed to be at the top schools. It always seemed to me that once you were in a pool of qualified applicants (good grades, test scores, extra-curricular activities) that admissions came down to Influential His Time, chance. I was admitted to the #1 US New School but admissions at groom speech, a half a dozen lesser ranked schools where I had GPAs and SATs over The Most Man of His Time, the 75% mark. Some friends were admitted everywhere they applied, one friend was denied admission everywhere he applied but his in-state safety school despite the fact that he had mid 1500s SATs, a 4.0 GPA and founded our schools Environment Club. I’ve never figured out why that happened, I doubt there’s a simple answer. The college a person attends doesn’t define them or set them on a fixed course through life.

Nevertheless, it is important and it does matter. In fact it matters tremendously to groom, those students and parents who struggle through courses and bills to make their dreams of education a success, and that’s why it is so terrifying that chance and subjectivity play such a large role in the college admissions process. The purpose of the essay is to reveal something personal about da Vinci: The Most Essay, yourself to to Interpersonal Rejections Essay, the admissions committee that isn#8217;t conveyed elsewhere in the application. The first essay didn#8217;t work because it was analysis of the merits of two versions of a song. I#8217;m surprised that the crossword puzzle essay was offered as an essay that worked #8212; it seems unoriginal, forced, overly dramatic, self-coscious. Leonardo The Most Influential? I read plenty of those as an admissions officer. Macbeth? The debate one worked because it revealed the author as an observant, empathetic and mature person. Influential His Time? And for jello #8212; I think that could have been a very funny essay with some good editing, and macbeth perhaps may have revealed the The Most Influential Man of author as a quirky kid with a good sense of humor. I agree with lp#8217;s analysis. It should be drummed into every applicant: whatever the subject, the real point is to provide a sense of the shawl short story, yourself.

Unless you are some kind of master stylist, writing about #8220;other things#8221; will not impress #8212; and Leonardo Essay even superlative style might very well be lost on an admissions officer who is, after all, looking for a reason to make a decision #8212; any decision #8212; about application writing for job, your application. I too think the crossword puzzle essay seems silly and forced, but I also think the Leonardo The Most Man of His Time other musical essay was trite and to start forced. I am afraid that this is what the admissions process has reduced essay writing to. With the exception of the second entry, (the Nirvana kid), the Leonardo The Most Man of Essay rest fell flat. He seemed to convey his thoughts fluidly, and in the manner that he was thinking them. The first entry was of minor interest#8230; but obvioulsy didn#8217;t achieve what it was intended to achieve. The third was simply terrible. Enough said. The fourth had redeeming value. There are multiple purposes for the essay.

One is to guage an applicant#8217;s ability to write. Fortunately, many employers, like The Times, still value this ability. If your child does not #8220;have a talent#8221; in this area, he/she needs to get to application writing for job, work. Da Vinci: The Most Man Of His Time? More important, if a consultant writes an applicant#8217;s essay, that applicant is cheating. Your answer implies that it is to Interpersonal Essay acceptable for Leonardo da Vinci: Man of, a student to do so. It is no more acceptable for a consultant to write the essay than it is for a student to exaggerate in her list of extracurricular activities. The essay is Respond to Interpersonal important and valuable and should remain a part of the application process. The Most Influential Man Of His Time Essay? It#8217;s not the the shawl short topic, or it#8217;s generational relationship to the reader, it#8217;s the writing, Sentence structure, organization, rhetorical flourish; the Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential His Time good essays have all three of these.

The poor essays just needed some editingor, in some cases, a lot of editing. Groom Wedding? The College Application Essay is one of the best ways to introduce yourself to the Admissions Committee but must be done with care or it will reduce your chances for admission. Certainly there is His Time a lot of good advice out there, yet it seems hard to believe that by the time a student reaches 17 or 18 years old, they need help with writing a 250-500 word essay! I#8217;ve worked with teens applying to college for several years now, guiding them through the process, and yes, helping to write their essays. Wedding? Believe me, they need it! Please realize that just over 26% of kids are now receiving professional guidance with their essays and college applications. Why? Competition has increased dramatically; a combination of demographics and Leonardo Man of His Time Essay the simplicity of The Common Application has contributed to the average student now sending out 10 or more applications! Assume that most kids will have similar GPA#8217;s, SAT#8217;s and a noteworthy background in words an essay athletics, music or some other passion when applying to Man of His Time Essay, a particular school#8230;..what really differentiates him or her? The essay and macbeth a personal interview.

Some schools do not offer interviews and more and more schools are adding supplemental essays to their applications to Leonardo The Most His Time, weed out the students that may not be all that serious about attending their school, even if they are accepted! Colleges are businesses with expenses and payrolls and endowments to consider. Use every tool you have to write a great essay, but grades and Respond to Interpersonal Essay SAT scores still trump the. essays unless you can guarantee you#8217;ll bring them their first ever College Golf Championship! (Might be a good topic to write about!) Write a very interesting narrative that people will want to Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Essay, read and not put down until they have read the very last word! Write to your audience#8230;#8230;do not write about the story time you got caught doing something illegal and brag about your brillant negotiating skills with the police and how you managed to avoid being arrested! Forget humor unless you are a professional comic#8230;#8230;very hard to Leonardo Influential His Time, convey a funny story#8230;#8230;.sometimes you really need to application, have been there!

Finally, have lots of The Most Man of His Time, people read it, and application for job if it#8217;s not excellent, just very good, do it again! Its that important! Good Luck Everyone January 1st Deadline is coming fast! Is post number 12 an advertisement? Its seems like an awful lot of private college admissions #8220;counselors#8221; use the Influential Man of His Time Essay comments sections of this blog to justify their services. For the for job record I agree with the da Vinci: The Most Influential Curmudgeon, having a consultant write your college application for you is cheating. Macbeth? Its fine to Leonardo Influential Man of His Time, have some help, but the majority of the work and law dissertation topics the essay#8217;s #8220;voice#8221; should be the The Most His Time student#8217;s. As a further aside, who is to say that these advisors actually improve the essays. I#8217;m not a professional writer and I don#8217;t work in admissions, but I find #8220;Highly Competitive Essays'#8221; use of exclamation points to be excessive. Hi The Curmudgeon (#10), Post #12 confirms my point.

If one fourth of the kids are receiving paid help, that puts the rest of the applicants at macbeth structure, a distinct disadvantage. You would be very surprised to find out just how many people are hiring consultants to da Vinci: Influential Essay, write these essays. Application Writing For Job? I absolutely do not mean to infer that it is acceptable to cheat. I only mean to say that it creates an His Time unfair playing field. Until the colleges can figure a way to application for job, make it fair, I think the Leonardo da Vinci: Influential Essay essay should be removed. Students can submit graded English assignments instead. I remember the kind of person that I was as a teenager and know that if I had to write a college essay, it would have been the jello one. In addition, I liked the Glee/Lennon essay because I wanted to know what she was going to say about the former Beatle. On the contrary, I lost interest in the 2nd music essay and skimmed over the crossword one (the so-called good essays).

As a CUNY applicant in 1979-80, I didn#8217;t need to complete an application essay. However, as a student years later (20-30 years later to topics, be exact), my writing matured and I have won academic honors and one scholarship for my writing (I graduated from a state school). I love writing and Influential Essay couldn#8217;t imagine my life without it (although I write for pleasure, not publication). Topics? By the way, my SAT scores were also low but I received a Bachelor#8217;s at 43 and a Master#8217;s (4.0 GPA) at 46. I currently have my dream job, introducing books to children. Leonardo The Most Influential His Time Essay? So there, admission officers! Consider reading the book(s) ESSAYS THAT WORKED; every admissions officer does. My son wrote his essays for his AP English class at a top high school as an assignment.

The #8220;prompts#8221; are known about in How People Respond Rejections summer, so making it a part of Leonardo Influential His Time, AP English in fall was easy especially since many students applied to UC and the private colleges routinely and it boasts a 95% college rate. They went through several reviews and revisions. And by wedding speech the end they worked well. He got into UCLA that was his first choice. After that experience, my daughter put together her essays easily with my son#8217;s input. She ran them by her college English and History instructors (she went entirely the community college route in lieu of Leonardo da Vinci: The Most His Time Essay, high school). She got into Berkeley that was her first choice. I believe that students who don#8217;t have diligent and involved English instructors who are willing to groom, make these college essays a part of their curriculum or personal time are at da Vinci: The Most Man of His Time Essay, a significant disadvantage. Even though the essay is written by the student and in the student#8217;s voice, these professionals pointed out flaws that needed correction and reinforced the prompt questions.

And in subsequent university courses, the speech care of these instructors is evident in any courses where my kids must write an essay. They had a lasting impression. Leonardo Man Of Essay? I would wish other student would get this guidance. Application? I feel that these essays were #8220;first drafts#8221; with ideas but no guidance to da Vinci: Man of, refine them. So as a means to judge students, it really only How People to Interpersonal Rejections Essay shows the The Most schools and students who have caring instructors and follow through on their suggestions and those who may lack such resources. That comment read like an ad!

But guess what. Topics? Even ads can have too many exclamation points! If I was an admissions reader, I#8217;d be exhausted by all of Influential His Time Essay, those bangs! Please, please, please, spare us the ads in the comments! Btw, the crossword essay was stylistically hackneyed! This is an the shawl short story interesting article. These next few weeks certainly are critical for college applications! On the essay side of things, I#8217;ve found the site, really helpful in assisting my daughter with building her essay. I believe the importance of college application essays are overblown here.

You cannot expect engineering students to write as eloquently as liberal arts students. The jello essay may have been written by an engineering student while the crossword puzzle essay by a liberal arts student. I hope colleges are not just looking for good writers. This country needs great engineers too! And you are not going to Leonardo The Most Influential Man of His Time Essay, be impressed by many of their college app essays. I agree with seachange.

Cheating is unjustifable, but we all know it happens. Besides consultants, friends, siblings and parents have been known to write students#8217; essays. There is little chance to cheat on an SAT/ACT test or an AP/IB exam; these results, along with the transcript, should be given more weight. Yet every autumn it is the essay that causes the most anxiety. Topics? My son and I brainstormed for weeks before he came up with a suitable topic to Man of Essay, write about.

Then it took him another a few weeks to write and edit his essay. I would hate to see his four years of law dissertation, hard work and da Vinci: Essay excellent grades/test results wasted because the admissions committee at his number one school was not intrigued by his essay. Especially if someone with lower grades and for job test results is Leonardo da Vinci: Influential Man of Essay admitted on How People, the basis of an essay which they did not write. Leonardo Da Vinci: The Most Man Of Essay? We are told that admissions counselors can tell the difference between an essay written by a high school student and story one by an adult. I hope they really can. Personally, I feel the The Most Influential His Time Essay essay is law dissertation topics important to give a #8220;face#8221; to the applicant. The rest of the application is a listing of grades, scores and extracurriculars (which can easily be embellished) but the essay is supposed to be the student#8217;s voice. Leonardo Da Vinci: The Most Man Of Essay? I agree with another poster that sending in a graded English assignment is a good alternative. These examples demonstrate the importance of teaching our kids to communicate effectively, not only through the written word, but also through speaking. Writing? If kids can#8217;t communicate their ideas through proper grammar techniques and through content, admissions officers have a difficult time deciding if they are an appropriate match for the school.

Communication is key in all fields. The kids who wrote the lesser essays may be amazing people, but they failed to communicate it. Glenda. I am often asked how to compose memorable application essays out of Leonardo da Vinci: Man of Essay, “ordinary” teenage lives. High school seniors who haven’t won international awards or lived on houseboats or in homeless shelters can feel as if their essays have little to offer. They’re terrified that they will make the same “mistakes” that are highlighted here in an essay “The Choice” (and no wonder … even Ian admissions professional for three decadeshad a tough time differentiating between the “good” and “bad” ones!). I always reply that, during my 15 years of reading application essays at Smith College, many of the most memorable submissions were on mundane topics. One of my all-time favorites was about a laundry mishap at Leonardo Influential Man of His Time Essay, a summer school.

The author explained how she had accidentally washed her roommate’s expensive white undergarments with her own red sweatshirt. Of course, the essay wasn’t really just about laundry … it was more about the boundaries of friendship. Other wonderful essays I recall include a hilarious one on playing in a truly terrible school band and another called “Why I Shop at Wal-Mart.” While there are lots of books out topics, there that serve up samples of “successful” essays, there are two that I especially like that offer helpful suggestions on The Most Man of His Time, how to law dissertation topics, craft your own. #8220;On Writing The College Application Essay: Secrets of a former Ivy League Admissions Officer,#8221; by Harry Bauld (which I’ve recommended for eons) and Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of His Time Essay a newcomer called, #8220;Concise Advice: Jump-Starting Your College Admissions Essays,#8221; by Robert Cronk, both lead students through the groom wedding speech composition process and The Most Influential Man of never lose sight of the short story fact that 17-year-olds can rarely report triumphs—or traumas—that might help their essays stand out in Leonardo da Vinci: Man of His Time Essay a crowd. Admission officials really DO want to read about their applicants’ experiences, no matter how “typical,” and story they are eager to view them through the writers’ eyes. Students shouldn’t ever worry that they have nothing cataclysmic to Leonardo The Most Man of His Time, chronicle. After all, what could be more #8220;ordinary#8221; than laundry? I would say that the applicant who wrote the #8220;Imagine#8221; essay didn#8217;t get due to the essay#8217;s flat prose, poor organization, and questionable grammar, not its subject matter. The song was not sung #8220;by the topics show,#8221; but by the characters on the show. The sentence #8220;When I watched this episode while the deaf adolescents were singing it, and Leonardo The Most Influential His Time Essay soon joined by another glee club, it surprisingly affected me#8230;#8221; is just an incredible mess.

He didn#8217;t watch #8220;while#8221; they were singing; it should be #8220;were joined by;#8221; and the shawl story #8220;surprisingly affected me#8221; is a terribly clumsy construction. How about: #8220;As I watched another glee club join the deaf adolescents in singing the song during this episode, I was surprised by how much it affected me.#8221; Not all applicants will be strong writers, but all need to show at least a basic grasp of how to communicate a thought.

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Common App Prompt 4: When Your Problem is a Good Thing! How to Answer Prompt 4 for the Common App. for your College Application Essay. Prompt 4: Describe a problem you’ve solved or a problem you’d like to solve. It can be an intellectual challenge, a research query, an ethical dilemma—anything that is Leonardo The Most Influential Man of Essay, of personal importance, no matter the scale . Explain its significance to you and what steps you took or could be taken to application identify a solution. You almost can’t go wrong if you pick this prompt to write your college application essay for The Common Application. It sets you up perfectly to tell an engaging story, which makes the best personal statement-style essays. If you read through the lines, this prompt breaks down to Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Man of His Time Essay a simple formula: Find a problem you faced or are still facing, share what you have done to deal with it, and How People Respond, then go on Leonardo da Vinci: Man of His Time to explain what you learned in structure, the process and why it mattered.

That’s it! This might be the only time in da Vinci: Influential, your life that you’re happy you had problems. The authors of this prompt try to law dissertation help you by offering some type of sample problems you could write about: an da Vinci: The Most intellectual challenge, a research query, an ethical dilemma. But these are just some suggestions. Their main point is topics, that your problem can be “ anything ” that mattered to Influential His Time you. HINT : It’s not necessary, but if your problem (or the personal quality you used to deal with it) relates to one of structure your current and future academic interests, that could make your essay more relevant and The Most His Time, effective to to start college admissions officers. Also, when they say, “ no matter the scale, ” the message is that this problem can be big or small. In other words, it doesn’t have to have been a catastrophic life event. But if you did face a crisis in your life, this could make an excellent essay, too.

You get to da Vinci: His Time pick. The beauty of this prompt is that if you write about a problem, you almost can’t help include some type of story. Think back to English class. Remember the How People two things you need to make a story? A character and a conflict. In these essays, since you write about yourself, you are the “character.” And the “conflict” is the problem you faced or are facing. Remember that conflicts (problems) can come from many different places–from within yourself (internal: you have a personal issue or hang-up that caused you pain or trouble) to da Vinci: Influential Man of His Time Essay outside yourself (external: something bad happened to you.) To put it simply, a conflict is just another word for for job, a problem. Leonardo Da Vinci: The Most! Problems come in all forms. They do not need to be traumas or a crises, although those can work, too. (HINT: Basic, everyday problems work best!

Check out this post about the shawl, “mundane” topics.) Here are other words for a conflict or problem: challenge, failure, obstacle, mistake, hang-up, issue, a change, dilemma, fears, obsessions, accident, a deficiency, etc. Some variations of problems: you are shy, competitive, stubborn, were bullied, are obsessed with Twilight, didn’t make the team, got injured, have big feet, frizzy red hair, smile too much, someone quit at your work, don’t have own car, can’t spell, adhd, ocd, don’t eat meat, perfectionist, slob, lazy, drunk driving, have a mean grandparent, no money, etc… Man, there are a lot of problems out there! But for the purposes of writing these dreaded essays, that’s a good thing for once! (If you want help making sure your problem was or is “significant” to Leonardo Influential you, start by Finding Your Defining Qualities.) Once you remember a juicy problem, follow these steps to share it in topics, a narrative (storytelling) essay format: 1. Describe the time you had a problem or describe a specific example of your problem. Include what happened and da Vinci: The Most Essay, how it made you feel. Try to start at the moment it hit, or happened for groom, the best impact.

Include the 5Ws–who, what, when, where and why! Stick to one or two paragraphs. Leonardo Influential Man Of Essay! Include a snippet of dialogue. These mini-stories from to start real life are also called anecdotes, and you can learn more by reading my post on how to write an anecdote . 2. Background the The Most Influential Man of His Time history of this problem (when did it start, why/how did it happen or get this way.) Give it some context. “It all started back when…” 3. Words To Start! Talk about how you dealt with that problem.

What you did about it. Da Vinci: Influential Essay! Describe the steps you took to handle it. 4. Short! VERY IMPORTANT: Analyze and Leonardo Influential Essay, reflect on macbeth structure that problem, and your response. How did you think about it? How did you feel? Did handling it change you in any way or how you think about Leonardo The Most His Time Essay, things? Share your thoughts on the good and the bad. This is How People Rejections Essay, how and where you can “ explain its (the problem’s) significance to you .”

5. What did you learn from dealing with that problem–about yourself, others or life in general ? Anything good come out of it? Did you develop or demonstrate a core quality–determination, problem-solving, creativity, passion, patience, respect…–in the process? Talk about that. This is your chance to develop more “ its significance to you” in your essay. 6. To wrap it up, update the reader on the current status of that initial problem you shared in the introduction. You don’t necessarily have had to solve it. Just explain briefly how things are going for you now, today. You could also give examples of how you have applied the life lesson(s) you learned in other parts of your life. 7. End by projecting into your future.

Go ahead and share your goals and dreams as they relate to what you have learned about yourself. If you can think of one, end with a “kicker,” which is a memorable last line that can show that you are witty, funny, passionate or don’t take yourself too seriously. This is just a sample outline for a classic narrative-style essay to help you get started. You don’t need to Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Man of His Time stick to every step, and feel free to take your essay in whatever direction you want. Just remember that the point is to reveal how you think, what you care about and how your learn. It’s called your “intellectual vitality,” and colleges love to see it in all shapes and sizes. Check out this sample narrative essay. Can you tell what his “problem” was, and the steps he took to wedding deal with it, and what he learned?

Good luck with your own problems. Leonardo The Most Influential His Time! This may be the only time in topics, your life that you are glad to da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of His Time Essay have them! ; ) In case you don’t have them all, here are all five prompts for The Common Application for 2015-16: Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. How People Essay! If this sounds like you, then please share your story. The lessons we take from da Vinci: Influential Man of Essay failure can be fundamental to writing for job later success. Recount an Leonardo The Most Influential Essay incident or time when you experienced failure.

How did it affect you, and what did you learn from the experience? Reflect on a time when you challenged a belief or idea. Speech! What prompted you to da Vinci: Influential Man of His Time Essay act? Would you make the same decision again? Describe a problem you’ve solved or a problem you’d like to solve.

It can be an intellectual challenge, a research query, an application for job ethical dilemma-anything that is Influential, of personal importance, no matter the scale. Explain its significance to application you and what steps you took or could be taken to identify a solution. Discuss an accomplishment or event, formal or informal, that marked your transition from childhood to adulthood within your culture, community, or family. NOTE: Please ignore the comments at the bottom before April 1, 2015, since they were in response to an old prompt 4 which has been replaced with the current one. Comments posted after this date will be relevant.

Thanks! I was just reading and enjoying your series on writing the 2013 Common App essay. I agree with you – bliss can be boring! But I’m also wondering if you’re having the da Vinci: The Most Man of His Time Essay same experience that I am – that this topic is proving to be popular, and in a good way. For instance, one student is groom speech, writing about a family retreat in the wilds of Maine, so the essay is really about the Leonardo da Vinci: Influential Man of Essay meaning of family. Writing! Another is writing about her room, which is so familiar to her that it actually provides no distraction at all – and that’s where she’s able to Influential concentrate on the shawl story her artwork. Of course, it’s all about finding the meaning, but this is turning out to Leonardo da Vinci: Influential His Time be a category with interesting responses! Take care, and short, enjoy your students! Sharon. Do you think it is ok if I mention how I sometimes use the Leonardo The Most Man of His Time place of contentment as a means of temporarily escaping from a hectic life?

The world outside my place will probably take up space in my essay. Do you think the readers might take the fact that I sort of use this place to temporarily get away from things badly? Or not like that it doesn’t relate to friends, or family, or faith, or extracurriculars and think I am antisocial? Or will it be fine? Hi Max, I think it’s totally normal and expected that we all sometimes need a place to get away from it all. To Start! I would not let that concern you that people might think you are antisocial because you seek a refuge. However, make sure to read this post since I warn about how a place where you find peace and bliss could be boring to read about. Look for something unexpected about your place of contentment in Influential Essay, order to write an the shawl short story engaging essay.

Good luck! JR. Hi Janine–I have been planning out an The Most Influential Man of essay on this topic about my sister and how whenever I’m with her, I feel “perfectly content.” Do you think I should follow option C by tightening it to a specific moment? Is writing about my sister too predictable? I think it could work, but yes, I think you should give your essay some vitality and interest by starting with an example/moment of why you are content with her. It can’t just be about how well you get along, have the structure same interests, etc.

That is all really a nice thing, but it could just be too dull to Leonardo da Vinci: The Most His Time read about. I would try to find some unusual reasons that you like about her–maybe she challenges you in certain ways, or maybe she knows you so well (an example of this?) that she helps you learn some of the macbeth more difficult things in life. Could be good–but will need something unique to make the essay strong, I believe. Good luck! JR. For me, I’m writing about an entire city that I once lived in Leonardo da Vinci: The Most, when I was younger and how the Respond Rejections childhood memories have really influenced who I am.

I didn’t want to really tie it into something really specific because I wanted to emphasize how being immersed in Influential His Time Essay, the culture is what makes me “perfectly content” in law dissertation topics, it. Do you have any advice for this? Thank you! Hi Lynden, If you are talking about something as large as a city, the best way to describe it and The Most Influential Man of Essay, help us understand the culture there is to provide sensory details–what it looked like, what you heard, smelled, etc. Also, you can include how it made you feel. I would also consider giving this essay focus and life by sharing something that happened in topics, that city that relates to its unique culture. Good luck! JR. I have been planning to answer this prompt with an essay about Leonardo The Most Influential Man of, how chemistry labs changed from the most stressful part of my week to my only refuge from stress by the end of junior year. Is this too impersonal/predictable?

No, I think it could be a great essay. My advice would be to start by showing us (set the scene, use details, tell us how you felt…) why it was stressful at first (this will be “the problem”), and then go onto to show how it changed (into a refuge for you), why it changed (your attitude, your point of view, other factors?), and what you learned from that. One other piece of advice for you and anyone working on How People to Interpersonal Rejections these new Common App prompts. You do not necessarily need to say “perfectly content” anywhere in your essay, since you will have checked the box that will make clear which question you are addressing. I actually think “perfectly content” is a very awkward expression and Leonardo da Vinci: Influential Man of Essay, not one most people would ever use in everyday conversation. I would think of some other words that express the same thing, or a more focused version of it. You used refuge, which is great. Other ways to express perfectly content: contented, satisfaction, gratification, fulfillment, happiness, pleasure, cheerfulness; ease, comfort, well-being, peace, equanimity, serenity, tranquility. Hope this helps.

JR. I found your article very helpful! I am writing my essay on topics how I am perfectly content when I am at concerts/music festivals. I am using the 2013 Beale St. The Most Influential His Time Essay! Music festival as my anecdote.

I’m thinking of to Interpersonal Rejections also bringing in da Vinci: The Most, with that anecdote how Beale St was where I realized that that’s where I am content. I am going to law dissertation topics take it deeper than just me liking concerts for Influential Man of, the great live music. Do you think this idea as a whole would grab the attention of those who will read my essay? I’m writing my essay on this topic, and my idea is about a journal my best friend and I write to each other in. It’s more of an abstract idea. Law Dissertation Topics! My best friend and I met freshman year and became best friends after she wrote me a note about a problem she was having. We started a journal/book that we would pass back and forth, and write things to each other. Almost everyone in our grade knows about it and it’s become sort of a trademark of our friendship. Its a place that makes me feel perfectly content because I can write whatever I want and I know I’ll get a reply from my friend. Would writing about ‘The Book’ be a good topic? Terrific topic!

Share your story about “The Book”–maybe how it helped you handle certain problems, and da Vinci: Essay, how it started, and what you learned in the process–you should have an excellent essay! I LOVE this idea! Maybe start with the first time you received note in the journal, or first time it was passed between you (assumedly sparked by groom, some type of problem), and then give back story of Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of His Time Essay “the book,” and then go from there. Would love to read this when you are done! JR. Out of the structure fours prompts, my first impulse was to go with this one. The place of Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential content that I will be describing is not a physical place. Respond To Interpersonal Rejections Essay! In fact, it is a zone that I get into when I am writing.

However, I am worried about The Most Man of His Time, how to approach this essay from the to start an essay standpoint of “my writing zone” where I block the world out and I get to focus on da Vinci: The Most His Time Essay characters and alternate universes that I have created. How People To Interpersonal Essay! How would you suggest that I approach this essay and is this topic substantial and interesting enough to make a strong essay? Your advice would be appreciated tremendously! PS. I am debating on talking about how I discovered my passion to write when I was in elementary school by winning a writing contest. Hopes this helps! I like the idea of writing about your writing “zone” as a place where you are perfectly content. The challenge is to Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential His Time Essay make it interesting to read.

I would explore what sends you into the zone, why do you want/need to go there (some type of problem?)–describe that, then go on to talk about how you discovered how writing helps you handle it, what you learned, etc. The “problem” will give your essay more energy and interest. Respond! JR. Hi! I was hoping to Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of His Time write my personal statement on this prompt with two different places (basically centered around my upbringing with divorced parents) and using compare/contrast strategies to lead into law dissertation topics personal qualities. Do you think using a very dark, personal anecdote would be effective as a hook or do I run too much of a risk of it looking like I’m simply using it as a means to an end? Also if you have any notes or suggestions on my overall strategy it would be much appreciated. #128578; I think that as long as you stick with the truth, and convey your story in a direct, thoughtful manner, you should be fine. Leonardo Man Of His Time Essay! Dark is okay, as long as the reason you share it is to then show how you wrestled with it, tried to handle or resolve related issue, and how this process affected you, changed you or taught you things about words to start, yourself and Leonardo, the world. After you write the application writing dark anecdote, you might want to share it with someone whose opinion you trust to make sense the tone is right.

Good luck! JR. Hi, I’m writing on this prompt and my idea is writing about how I’m perfectly content in books. I’ve always been a reader since I was little but I never got this feeling of bliss till my younger sister died and things in my life started falling apart. So I was thinking about writing about how I came to feel like this when I read books (like when my sister died and how I turned to reading) and why I feel content when I read books. (any kind of Influential Essay books really) I think you have a very powerful topic and I think you should write about it. Show us how reading was a refuge for you, and wedding speech, try to explore why you think they help you.

So sorry about Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Man of His Time Essay, your sister. That must be so hard for you. The Shawl Short! If you find it too hard to write about, pick a different topic. But if you can write about Essay, it, it might help you work through your feelings and grief. Law Dissertation Topics! Best of Leonardo The Most Influential Man of His Time luck! JR. Although many seem to consider this essay prompt boring I immediately interpreted the writing place of contentment as somewhere less typical.As a superhero comic fan I find myself being transported into da Vinci: The Most Influential Essay the pages and into a world where I am free to be myself.

My idea is to use the Marvel Universe and Respond to Interpersonal Essay, more specifically Professor Xaviers Mansion as my place of contentment. What do you think? Thanks!! Love it! Especially if you focus on the professor, and not just Marvel. Could be a great little essay! JR. Hi! So I was planning on Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential His Time writing my essay about two places where I play/share music for an audience.

The first one is at my school on the morning announcements, where I play popular mainstream music for the school, and short, the second one is at da Vinci: Essay the nearby college where I DJ and law dissertation topics, I play two hours of The Most Essay pretty reclusive music live for two hours a week. Would it be ok to talk about the setting and words an essay, how happy I am at these two places sharing my music even though mainstream and underground music contradict each other? Yes, I like the idea of contrasting the two places you feel content, and da Vinci: The Most Essay, explore one makes you content and the other not so much–and it would be really handy if the to Interpersonal Rejections Essay one that makes you feel content is the one we would least expect…Good luck! JR. so honestly, the first thing I thought of when I read this prompt was being on the beach with my family in the summer. I just fear that it is way too cliche…how do i make it stand out? Would you want to read an The Most Influential Man of essay about how someone loves being on the beach with their family in summer? Maybe if you can think of something that happened there, or why you find the the shawl short story beach so great (something more specific), it could be good. The Most Man Of His Time! HINT: Think of a time something went wrong at short story the beach. But otherwise, sounds pretty dullsville to me.

Keep thinking! JR. Hi, I was wondering if my place is too figurative and if it needs to be more literal. I was thinking of using this prompt to write about how I am most content when I am helping other people by giving them advice. It sounds a bit dull, but I think I have a good start, I just wanted to know if this was to vague or nonspecific. What do you think? I think as long as you start with a specific example of how you love giving advice, it will have a focus and grab the reader. Then you can expand upon that idea later. I like your idea!

JR. I went to a boarding school in China from third grade to da Vinci: The Most His Time Essay 8th grade before I came to the U.S. for story, high school. It was a comforting environment for me because of the Man of His Time Essay friendships I had and all the strict rules that protect me from bad influences outside of the school. Also, I want to mention about my volunteering experience. This summer, I went back to the school and topics, joined the American volunteers group to teach grammar school students English and Leonardo The Most Influential Man of Essay, American culture. Since there’s a long time span and a lot of information, do you have any suggestions on what information I should mention and how I should approach it? Writing an interesting ps could be hard for me due to my limited English proficiency. What other tips can you give me to the shawl short write a good hook? Thank you so much! Your suggestions will be highly appreciated!

Read my posts about Anecdotes, and that should help you get a focused and interesting essay. I believe anecdotes make the best “hooks” in these essays. Leonardo Man Of! JR. Hi! I’m planning an essay about how I am content when I am at structure the end of a cross country race, sprinting to the finish line.

Is this a good essay idea or should I talk about a specific place or time? You have the Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential His Time right idea, and application, you could write about this, but my advice would be to find something else since I’ve seen it done before (several times) and Leonardo The Most Influential Essay, it just not interesting from a reader’s point of How People Respond Rejections view. But if you can find a twist or a new way to express that experience, I would certainly give it a try. It’s not so much what you write about as what you have to say about it. That said, some topics are definitely more inspiring than others. Da Vinci:! JR. Could this prompt lend itself to talking about groom, how contentment is more of a process than a location? I wanted to speak about the value of experience in Influential Man of His Time, enjoying what I love rather than enjoying things in a passive way.

As my anecdote/example, I would use a person’s immersion into jazz and improvisation as a metaphor for the above ideas. (A person starts as a listener, and law dissertation, then grows to understand chord changes, tonal center, etc. Leonardo Influential Essay! until they pick up an speech instrument and make music that is Influential Man of His Time Essay, their own) I like it! I like that you interpret “contentment,” and broaden your definition strictly away from a place, and macbeth structure, instead a process. Cool! To make sure it’s interesting, start with a specific moment and go from there. If you get too heady and Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential Essay, abstract in the beginning, you risk losing your reader. Good luck!

JR. Hi, I am thinking of macbeth writing about being perfectly content when I am driving because every time I drive I see something different and also how driving gives me freedom and Leonardo da Vinci: Influential Man of His Time Essay, power. And then linking that to the career path I want to macbeth structure embark on. Do you think this is a unique idea or should I think of something else? I know someone already asked this question, but do you think if I wrote about being at the beach with my family in Leonardo, a way that described the friendships I built there, the passions I formed, and the memories built around the How People Respond to Interpersonal Rejections Essay beach, would that be okay? I would focus on how these things helped mold me into the person I am today. I know its cliche but I really can’t think of much else.

Unless I do it about photography and how I feel content behind the lens of a camera. What one do you think would work better? Hey, I am planning on The Most Man of His Time Essay writing my essay on law dissertation topics how I am most content in Leonardo Influential Man of His Time, my own mind. It’s kind of a different stance on the prompt, but I think I can make it work. I’m going to short story talk about introversion I think and how recharging at the end of the day is a necessity.

Do you think this could work? Hi, my idea for this essay is to say that my bedroom is the Influential Man of Essay place where I am perfectly content. I’m going to words to start first describe it and then explain that its meaningful to me because I don’t always feel at home with my family, but when I enter my room I always feel at home. The Most Man Of Essay! I don’t want it to sound boring so any advice on how to make it original and macbeth structure, really good? I am trying to address this topic from when I am snowboarding but I’m not specifically sure where to Leonardo da Vinci: The Most His Time go with it. I see it as an escape from stress and Respond to Interpersonal Essay, have many good memories with friends. Where should I go with this? Hello! #128578; I am stuck with my essay topics. I am debating whether to The Most Influential His Time Essay write about the art room at my school, because i have a passion for anything art-related, or the story library, because i am an Leonardo avid reader, and reading is wedding speech, one of my biggest hobbies.The third option is where I was born, (in Kashmir, India)but I feel as if that is the Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Man of His Time Essay most cliche of words to start an essay all. But I can provide anecdotes from my trip to Kashmir last summer, and Man of His Time, maybe it will show diversity?

I feel like these may be too typical and cliche, but these three topics are really what I want to write on. Please help, I have been stuck for law dissertation topics, a while now. The Most Man Of His Time! Any additional advice/comment would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much! I write about the rooftop of my grandparents’ house, which is where I feel content. But I focus on what I do there: watching clouds like I did when I was a child.

In my essay I point out that although I’m no longer a child and the adult life is exhausting (in which we often forget the child inside us), only to reach a conclusion that lying on that rooftop looking at the sky reminds me that at the shawl short times we should forget the grownup we are and The Most Influential Man of, try to macbeth structure embrace the inner child, or childhood memories, try to feel and see things like a child: carefree, playful, etc. because it makes life a bit more balanced and enjoyable. Does that sound like boring and The Most Influential Man of His Time Essay, predictable? Should I change my idea? I’m thinking about writing about being content in an airport since I sincerely enjoy the atmosphere and the excitement of going on macbeth structure a journey. I was wondering if this would be a good topic and The Most Influential Man of Essay, I’m also having trouble organizing my thoughts/essay. OMG BLISS IS NOT BORING. Even Holden Caulfield said in The Catcher in the Rye: “I like it when somebody gets excited about speech, something.

It’s nice.” This quote is one of the most popular quotes among social media today! I love reading about da Vinci: Influential Man of Essay, places and activities and writing, people that make others happy. It’s comforting. Da Vinci: The Most Man Of Essay! But anyways, thank you for writing, the advice. It was definitely helpful. Leonardo Da Vinci: Influential! But I still do not agree with you on the warning that you begin with. My main warning is not that bliss is boring in itself, but that it can be boring to read about–especially if nothing happens.

Of course, it depends on macbeth the writer’s ability to Leonardo Influential Man of His Time make it interesting. I want to flag those long, overly descriptive pieces on macbeth why someone feels “perfectly content” reading in da Vinci: Influential Man of Essay, their bedroom or walking through the forest. Again, it’s possible to find an angle to make these topics interesting, but generally they risk being dull to read. If you wrote about being “perfectly content” for your essay, I would LOVE to for job read it! JR. cool essay writing tips.

I have two places in da Vinci: Man of Essay, mind related to this topic where i feel perfectly content and an essay, I am a bit confused about Leonardo Influential Man of Essay, which one to choose. It would be great if you could help me select between the following: 1) A cafe or a some place with a lot of groom wedding people because I am a socialist and I enjoy company. Not only this, I also enjoy observing various cultures, things etc. 2) I love to be a pat of the gaming world because I believe I am a lot more powerful and have an Leonardo Man of Essay adventurous task to deal with. Is the first topic to to start an essay obvious? Please advise! hey so i need to get this essay done soon because im starting my applications as soon as the da Vinci: Influential Essay common app is released (im applying to topics an entry level physician assistant program). Leonardo Da Vinci: The Most Man Of His Time! so im freaking out a little bit. i already wrote a really long essay about my clinical experiences but im lost when it comes to this common app essay.

For the 4th topic i have this idea: 1) Perfectly content in the OR observing open heart surgery…. is this too specific? My like “unexpected” thing would be that in the middle of my contentment on the first day of short observation i became very nauseous/dizzy and i started blacking out so i ran out of the operating room during the His Time surgery. I sat down outside for a few minutes unsure of what was wrong with me but i stood up and walked back into Respond to Interpersonal the OR with more confidence than ever. after that day i sat through five more open heart surgeries. i felt that after that day i could really do anything and that entire week of shadowing inspired me to pursue a career in surgery. Im not sure if this is significant enough to write about? I had another experience while shadowing a cardiologist, i had the same symptoms while in a patients room. i had to leave and get air once again but i came back stronger than ever. should i mention both occurrences? does it show too much weakness? Would describing both occurrences make my statement more powerful or too long? Thanks. HI, I really enjoyed this article. Man Of His Time! I was ordering if you think it would be a good idea to choose mine craft as the place I feel most content.

I would write about how it lets me be creative by creating anything I want and the shawl short, that it allows me to be free. I am writing about Influential Man of His Time, how i am content when i am around music, such as at the shawl short story a concert or making music. Da Vinci: Influential His Time Essay! I give specific examples such as my experiences when i was in a jazz band. Do you think this would be a good topic to talk about? Thank you very much! Hi.

I was thinking about writing about the meditative state as being the place I’m the Respond to Interpersonal Rejections Essay most content in. Leonardo The Most Influential His Time! Do you think that’s too abstract as the prompt specifically asks for a place or environment? I think the problem with this prompt is that most places where people are truly “perfectly content” would be meditative on some level, right? As much as it might feel blissful to be in that type of state, in general, it’s boring to read about. Law Dissertation Topics! Check out Leonardo Influential His Time Essay, my post on “Where are you perfectly content” for some idea on how to tackle it.

I wish you luck! JR. Hi! I was thinking about writing about my dance studio as the place I’m most content in. I’ve done Indian Classical Dance since the fifth grade and I was going to law dissertation topics tie in the religious, spiritual, as well as physical aspects of dance and how dancing has helped me get through tough times.

I was going to cite how dancing helped me release my emotions when my family went through a lot of financial stress. Do you think this is too broad? Thank you! I was thinking about writing about how I’m content in Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential Essay, my room. I know it sound pretty basic, but i want to incorporate in there, how it helps me calm down while also listening to music. Its sounds boring i feel. I want to write about application, being in “the zone” on the tennis court.

I was thinking of writing about how playing in tournaments scared me because the expectations were always so high, but then I finally decided to Leonardo The Most play for myself and law dissertation, not others, so then I found comfort on the court. I’m just worried this might not show enough qualities that admissions might be looking for. The Most Influential! Do you have any ideas of how I could tailor it to show these qualities? Also I want to start with a movie reference (specifically the scene in the Matrix when the bullets go into slow motion and Neo dodges them) because I want to wedding compare that to Leonardo The Most Man of His Time what it feels like to be in the zone – is structure, this ok? Can the place I am perfectly content be my imagination? I mean I thought it would be a new idea. hi , I want to write about Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Essay, how im perfectly content in a concert ? is that a good topic? I am a horrible procrastinator and I just started my essay on this topic today. I have chosen the to Interpersonal Rejections Essay space beneath my bed as the Man of Essay place I feel content. Does that sound interesting enough?

I was planning on doing this prompt where my environment of bliss is based on my childhood experiences with my friend in law dissertation, Jamaica. This is the place I feel most content where our yards were our playground and The Most, our imaginations came alive to short story we create our world packed with pretend adventures and experiences that have influenced the person I am now. Is this a good idea or should I just pick another prompt?? Hi. Since the Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Man of His Time Essay prompt says that you can describe a “problem you’d like to solve”, can I write about a problem that I haven’t done anything to it, but would be interested in potentially do something about the problem?

Thank you for answering. Thanks! This was really helpful. Throughout my supplements I have been talking about problems I solved, so for the common app I was thinking about writing a business problem that I planned on solving or at least improving in the shawl story, my career. Is that okay or too far out?

Hiya very nice blog!! Guy .. Beautiful .. Wonderul .. I’ll bookmark your site and take tthe feeds also? I am happy to The Most Influential Man of Essay find a lot of helpful information here in the submit, we want develop more techniqwues on this regard, thank you for to start an essay, sharing. What about the second option to the question, “…Or a problem you would like to Leonardo da Vinci: The Most solve,”? I feel that discussing what I would like to do (improve secondary education in structure, the sciences within third world countries) is more reflective of me than a personal story. How would I incorporate a personal story when talking about the future or is The Most Influential Essay, it OK if I don’t include one?

As of now I’ve identified a problem and how I’m going to solve it by the shawl short, earning a college education. Leonardo Man Of His Time Essay! My solution is pretty unique so I don’t think they will get bored but are they looking specifically for to start an essay, personal narratives? Hi. For the #4 question essay, do we NEED to incorporate what we would like to do in the future or give subtle details of The Most Influential Man of His Time Essay how we have certain qualities for this dream job? Because I’m not sure what I want to speech major in. Yes, I do have a passion for certain subjects but I’m not sure which career path I should choose. So I was thinking about describing the life lessons I had learned and talking about the motivational aspects of my life. I’m writing about this topic but mine is centered round the da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of His Time problem of my school’s cafeteria.I’m a Nigerian student. It is compulsory to eat lunch in the cafeteria but the groom wedding speech cafeteria is too small. As a prefect I’m in charge of the cafeteria which is da Vinci: His Time, now putting on short my school performance. Da Vinci: Influential His Time! Do you think this is a good topic?

It talks. about how the prefects working together to solve the cafeteria problem. I’m writing about this topic but mine is centered round the problem of my school’s cafeteria.I’m a Nigerian student. It is compulsory to eat lunch in the cafeteria but the cafeteria is too small. As a prefect I’m in charge of the cafeteria which is How People Essay, now putting on da Vinci: The Most Influential His Time my school performance. Do you think this is a good topic? It talks about how the prefects working together to solve the Respond to Interpersonal Rejections cafeteria problem. Sorry for the delayed response, but if you are still working your college application essay, I would say it sounds like a terrific topic to me. The whole idea of the school cafeteria is such a great everyday setting, and Influential His Time Essay, if you can share something (problem) that happened there, you are on your way! Just make sure to go into groom what you learned from the His Time experience.

Best of luck, Janine Robinson. Thank you Janine Robinson. I have already submitted my essay for structure, my college application. But I feel happier knowing that you think its a terrific idea. Leonardo Da Vinci: Influential Man Of! Wishing you the best of to start luck in all your endeavours.

Hey do you guys think that , abused by a teacher is a problem that can get attention from the admission people ? 3 Step To Writing a Winning College Essay The College Solution - […] Reflect on what inspired you to deal with the problem. […] 3 Steps To Writing a Winning College Essay - Oroola - […] Reflect on what inspired you to deal with the problem. […] As a professional writing coach, I help students, parents, counselors, teachers and others from around the world on these dreaded essays! Learn about Leonardo Influential Essay, my in-person and online tutoring, editing, workshops, books, and online courses, . READ MORE. Writing For Job! . Learn to da Vinci: The Most Man of His Time Essay Write Your Essay in One Hour! My on-demand, fast-and-easy online e-course: How to macbeth structure Write a College App Essay (Click lightbulb for details.) Perfect for da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of His Time, The Common App, UCs, grad school, transfer and an essay, scholarship essays!

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How to Leonardo The Most Influential Man of His Time Start a Bakery: The Ultimate Guide for Bakers. This article is part of our Bakery Business Startup Guide—a curated list of articles to help you plan, start, and grow your bakery business! Listen to the audio summary: Are you the one that makes killer cakes for every birthday? Do you churn out to-die-for donuts? If you’re ready to turn your talents into a profitable bakery, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve teamed up with a few amazing bakers who were willing to share their great business advice. This guide is meant to give you all the ingredients you need to plan, start, and grow a successful bakery. To get your piece of the pie, combine these tips with your impressive baking talents and you’ll be on your way to structure success.

Let’s meet the bakery business owners: Michelle Green started baking when she was a teen, but it wasn’t until she was well into her corporate career that she realized baking was her true calling. Fed up with the stale muffins that seemed to Leonardo The Most His Time Essay be standard fare at to start all of her board meetings, this baker and mother of triplets decided to ditch the business suit and open her own shop in Australia called Three Sweeties. Barbara Batiste was also baking treats at an early age for her close-knit Filipino family, and after years of amazing her relatives with her creations, she decided to turn her love of all things tasty into da Vinci: Influential Man of His Time, a business. She started in law dissertation her home, and da Vinci: The Most Influential Essay, her business continued to expand. She has outgrown three commercial kitchens since, in part due to her creative business modeling, which includes both a catering service and a mobile dessert food truck. Now, she’s preparing to open a storefront in West Los Angeles called B Sweet Dessert Bar. Victoria Roe started baking over a decade ago when she was asked to make a carrot cake for her mother in law’s birthday. She runs her business from macbeth structure, home, a cottage industry, in Leonardo da Vinci: Influential a small village in Ohio.

Most of her customers find her through word of mouth or learn about law dissertation, her business when they taste one her creations at a local coffee shop. She focuses on gluten-free and vegan–but you’d never know it to taste them. Running Three Leee Cupcakery from home gives Victoria the flexibility be present to her young family and pursue a degree in business while bringing in income. With Michelle and Barbara’s help, let’s get the planning process started. 1. Leonardo Da Vinci: The Most Influential Man Of His Time! Select the kind of law dissertation topics, bakery you’d like to open.

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make is the kind of da Vinci: The Most Man of, shop you want to open. To do this, you’ll want to assess your talents, budget, and goals. Be sure you’re not making this decision in a bubble—you will want to have your ear to the ground on national trends in the industry—remember the cupcake shop craze (and the cupcake-focused reality TV shows) a few years back? But don’t simply take your findings at words face value either. It’s equally important to do local market research to figure out how national currents will affect your particular location and demographic. From there: take a look at Leonardo The Most Man of His Time Essay the list below and decide which one is right for you.

Online. You don’t need a storefront to open a bakery. Story! You can start out online. Leonardo Da Vinci: The Most Essay! With a killer website, pictures of your work, and a way to place an order, you can run it from your home. Counter service. With a small commercial space, customers can walk in and pick up baked goods from an employee-managed counter. Specialty service.

If you plan to specialize in a certain kind of baked good, a specialty service is your best option. Whether you run the business from How People Rejections, your home or rent a space is Leonardo The Most Influential Man of up to you. Sit down. More owners are trying to capitalize on the sit-down and words to start, dine option. It’s a growing trend in the bakery industry right now. Leonardo! Picture a space that has both an groom wedding area to order baked goods and spot to da Vinci: Influential sit and enjoy them.

Once you know what kind of groom wedding speech, bakery you want to Leonardo The Most Man of open, you need to create a business plan. Law Dissertation! This will force you to look at the business from every angle. It will help you define your business, set goals, find ways to generate revenue, list expenses, identify your customer base, and Influential His Time Essay, examine your competition. As part of How People Respond to Interpersonal, your business plan, you’ll dive into finances. One of the numbers you’ll need to Leonardo da Vinci: Man of generate is startup cost.You’ll need to compile a list of equipment, from appliances like ovens and refrigerators, to smaller items like utensils and pans. Make sure you create a full list of tools. The equipment will be a one-time hit, but you’ll also need money to live on while the business gets established. You won’t make profits overnight, so you need to sit down and figure out when you’ll break even and how much money you’ll need to survive until that time. If you’re running a bakery from your home, you’ve already got your space figured out. If you plan to invite customers into your shop, you’ll need a formal spot with a kitchen and to start, an area for the public.

Some bakers decide to rent out Influential His Time, commercial kitchen space only. It’s a good option if you don’t want customers to application writing walk through your shop, and just need a bigger, more equipped kitchen. Whatever your needs, be picky. Shop around, compare prices, talk with neighboring businesses, and research the Leonardo His Time Essay area to the shawl short make sure you find the right space. It’s never a bad idea to da Vinci: Influential His Time look into small business incubator programs that might offer space and business training or mentorship at a reduced rate. Do not forget to consider the legal necessaries—which will vary state to state—such as obtaining a license to wedding speech bake out of your own kitchen. Roe says that following some simple guidelines laid out by Leonardo da Vinci: Influential Man of His Time Essay the USDA lets her earn an income, develop wholesale relationships with local restaurants, independent hotels, and coffee shops, but still enjoy the words to start benefits of being a stay at home mother. “Baking from home at sometimes can be a challenge, Mainly in the realm of time management and little fingers wanting to try all the frosting. I am also limited on certain ingredients that I am allowed to use depending on their acidity ratio and their storability because I am not a commercial kitchen,” she says. Wherever you decide to run your bakery, be sure to think through the pros and cons and Leonardo da Vinci: The Most, their related costs. Most bakers base their retail price points on the cost of supplies and groom wedding speech, the time it takes to make the goods, but Green says this formula is Leonardo Influential His Time Essay flawed. “Your prices should include things like clean up time, packaging, and time spent promoting your business on social media,” she says. “The biggest hidden cost in wedding a bakery is time.

It’s easy to forget the time you spent making flowers because you were watching TV while you did it. Leonardo Influential! There is nothing worse than realizing afterward that you earned 50 cents an hour on a fabulous creation.” 5. Have a defined friends and family policy. Before you sell your first scone, be aware that friends and family will probably ask for a discount. When you’re selling cakes and cookies as a side gig, it’s fine to give the neighbor or the PTA president a discount, but when you start your business, it’s different. “All those wonderful people who previously bought cakes off of for job, you for the cost of ingredients are going to need to Man of His Time Essay be re-educated about what you’re doing now,” Green says. “Those who really love and law dissertation, support you will also understand your need to da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of Essay feed your family and pay your rent.” If you want to offer a 10 percent discount to friends and law dissertation topics, family, that’s fine, but whatever your policy is, make sure it’s consistent.

Speaking of friends and family, a support system is crucial in Influential His Time the baking business, Batiste says. Opening a business is time-consuming. Time spent baking is only half the commitment. You’ll need to market your business, take orders, help customers, and do an array of administrative tasks. If you don’t have someone cheering you on, it can be hard. Whether it’s your spouse, a colleague, or business mentor, you need someone in your corner. The Shawl! Roe says, “To say it is da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of His Time Essay just me would be a lie. Though I do all the baking, my husband helps me tremendously, from delivering to the shawl short story running out late for some organic butter.” What’s the one ingredient every successful small business needs?

Customers. This next segment will help you find and da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of His Time Essay, retain customers. 1. For Job! Be the best, the first, or the only one. Be original. These two words might seem like generic advice, but to survive, you can’t be a carbon copy of your competitors. “Be the best, the first, or the only one baking the kind of treats you make,” Green says. Da Vinci: The Most Influential His Time Essay! “If you can be all three of macbeth, those things, that’s even better.” Know what kind of competition you have in Leonardo da Vinci: Man of your area and work to set yourself apart. Green’s bakery, for example, is the application for job only one in Leonardo His Time the area that sells nut-free cupcakes. Roe’s focus is on gluten-free and vegan baked goods made with organic and local ingredients. “I really find happiness in wedding seeing any child be able to have a decadent cupcake or piece of cake on their birthday that otherwise would not be able to because of food allergies. I have experimented relentlessly to Man of His Time create recipes that taste amazing, even know they are free of animal by products, gluten, pesky preservatives and all that other nasty stuff.” It’s an approach that resonates in her community where so many people value natural and How People to Interpersonal, locally sourced food. One of Batiste’s original twists is The Most Essay a food truck.

You know the food trucks that sell sandwiches and pizza to folks during the lunch hour? Well, Batiste has her own dessert trucks that travel the streets of Los Angeles selling all kinds of tasty treats. The trucks even have their own Twitter handle, so customers can locate them at any time. Batiste’s mobile dessert trucks. 2. Be prepared to the shawl story market your product.

You can spend all day and night in the kitchen creating the next best cake, but if no one knows about it, it doesn’t matter. That’s why you have to set aside time and money to market your business. “Being a fabulous baker doesn’t guarantee success,” Green says. “You also have to be a fabulous marketer too.” Too many bakers get wrapped up in technique, but “perfect ganached edges mean nothing if you have no actual orders on Leonardo Man of Essay which to an essay have perfect ganached edges.” Here are a few low cost or free marketing ideas: Write a blog: To promote her business, Green devotes some of her time to blogging. Da Vinci:! Recently, she wrote a post about delivering cakes long distance.

Use social media: Social media is a great way to Respond to Interpersonal Rejections promote your business. If you’re short on time, pick one social media site and post consistently. Join groups: As with any business, networking can bring in more customers. Join local business groups like your chamber of commerce or small business association and Influential Man of His Time, forge relationships. Your customers are your key to the shawl story success. Happy customers become repeat customers, so work to Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Man of His Time make each customer experience memorable, Batiste says. Ask your customers for feedback, talk with them at the counter, and to start, ask for product suggestion once in awhile. Green agrees. “Make the customer experience count,” she says. “That’s the best way to get repeat customers and money in Leonardo da Vinci: The Most His Time the register.” Once the bakery is up and running, you can start thinking about growth. We’ve got a few tips to writing for job make sure it continues to thrive. Most bakeries are busy during the warm months.

Shoppers that are out and about are likely to wander into your shop on sunny summer days. Plus, summer is full of parties like graduations and weddings. The end of the year will be busy too, Batiste says, as the holidays are always a hectic time for bakers. To even out your revenue stream, you might consider diversifying your business. Batiste offers catering, for example. Leonardo Da Vinci: The Most His Time Essay! Her corporate clients keep a steady stream of application for job, orders coming through year round. Of course, adding products could increase your expenses and change your workflow, so make sure you weigh all of your options if you plan to Man of Essay branch out.

When the orders pile up and you need more hands in the kitchen, you’ll have to make your first hire. Law Dissertation! Batiste says she had a hard time hiring help because she didn’t want the quality of her products to suffer. She did bring several employees on board, but she did so cautiously. “Don’t hire anyone immediately and put new hires on a probation period. You want to make sure they are trustworthy and have the Influential Man of Essay capability to macbeth learn,” she says. “Really delegate the way you want your business [to run] and how you want your food cooked and baked. Set the bar really high.” Your initial marketing strategies will hopefully result in a steady stream of repeat customers, but that doesn’t mean you should let up on The Most Influential your marketing efforts. Try new marketing tactics. Application For Job! Buy ads on The Most Man of Essay social media, participate in law dissertation topics charity events, and hand out business cards as often as possible. You should always be looking for new ways to get your name out there, Green says.

When you’re first starting out, you’re thinking about breaking even. Putting away money for retirement is usually pretty far down the The Most Influential list of things to accomplish, but you shouldn’t let it linger. Once the business is functioning, you should sit down with a financial advisor and talk about saving for retirement. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to Respond to Interpersonal Essay make long-term financial plans. Do you have experience opening your own bakery? What worked for you, and what didn’t? Share this article on Facebook or Twitter and let us know what you think. Running a bakery from your home is next to impossible due to the very tight state food safety laws.

I’ve done the research because I wanted to start on a small scale and The Most Influential Man of His Time, found that the rules make it next to impossible to wedding sell baked goods out of da Vinci: Man of Essay, your home. You have to words to start an essay be commercially approved. The Most Man Of Essay! If you have pets, or kids, forget it. If you do your regular daily cooking in your kitchen, forget it. You can’t use your regular home kitchen. You have to have a separate kitchen. The rules go on and on.

My parents have a bakery already, am just looking forward to own my own bakery #i really need help on how to!! For me, this site explained everything, thank you so much for these information and these advises. Respond Essay! I am studying translation and i do know very little about business. However i really want to open an online bakery business for my mom , wish me luck , and again thankyou for your helpful article. I m deeply thankful to you for helping us in da Vinci: Man of His Time Essay making a business successful.

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