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Ssebusiness login

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Datum fr hstens antagningsomgngar - SSE Business Lab

Boeing: Boeing and ssebusiness, Boeing Company Boeing Essay. ē Founded in 1916 in the Puget Sound region. of Washington state. Euthanasia. ē Became a leading producer of ssebusiness military and. ē Undertook a series of strategic mergers and acquisitions. to become the worldís leading aerospace company. ē Aerospace pioneers now part of the ballots or bullets, Boeing. Ė North American Aviation. Ė Rockwell International (space and defense business) Ė Hughes Space and ssebusiness, Communications. mirrors the ballots, history of ssebusiness flight. Copyright © 2014 Boeing. All rights reserved. ē Design, assemble and support commercial jetliners. Networking. Ė Boeing 7-series family of airplanes leads the industry. Ė Commercial Aviation Services offers broad range of. services to passenger and ssebusiness login, freight carriers. Ė Worldís largest designer and manufacturer of military. transport, tankers, fighters and rotorcraft. Ė Global Services Support provides services to. government customers worldwide. Ė Worldís largest provider of commercial and military.

satellites; major service provider to NASA and prime. contractor for the International Space Station. networking technology and network-centric solutions. ē Provide financing solutions focused on robinson essay customer requirements. ē Develop advanced systems and technology to meet future customer needs. Copyright © 2014 Boeing. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2014 Boeing. All rights reserved. Login. ē Products and services support to customers. in 150 countries. Ė Total revenue in oregon 2013: $86.6 billion. Ė 70 percent of commercial airplane revenue historically. from customers outside the United States. with companies around the world. Ė Contracts with 21,800 suppliers and partners globally. centers and programs in multiple countries. ē More than 169,000 Boeing employees across the.

United States and in more than 65 countries. mutual growth and prosperity. Copyright © 2014 Boeing. All rights reserved. Chief Executive Officer. President and Chief. and CEO, Defense, Space and Security.

Office of ssebusiness login Internal. Council are elected officers of. The Boeing Company. Offering a family of airplanes and a. broad portfolio of aviation services. for passenger and of 1900, cargo carriers. Headquartered in the.

Puget Sound region. of Washington state. quarters of the worldís fleet. Related Documents: Boeing: Boeing and Boeing Company Boeing Essay. Essay about Boeing: Managing Challenges. In the News Boeing flying in Turbulence Ė Managing the Controversy By Team 2 Anshuman Ghosh Dave Orellana Komal Priya Karuna Moorthy Hashif Hussain Melody Ottong Yujing Zhou(Sophie) MGMT565 Royal Roads University Contents 1 Introduction 2 Problem Definition 3 Challenges 4 Alternatives 5 Analysis and Evidence 6 Counter Argument Rebuttal 7 Recommendation 8 Conclusion Introduction What they do? ē Incorporated in 1916. Words 511 - Pages 3. ?1. Boeing The Boeing Company is an American multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells airplanes, rotorcraft, rockets and satellites. It also provides leasing and product support services. Boeing is among the largest global aircraft manufacturers, is the second-largest defense contractor in the world based on ssebusiness 2013 revenue, and is the largest exporter in the United States by dollar value.

Boeing stock is a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The Boeing Company. Words 887 - Pages 4. Boeing Boeing is the world#x27;s largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense, space and security systems. A top U.S. exporter, the company supports airlines and last, U.S. and allied government customers in 150 countries. Ssebusiness Login. Boeing products and tailored services include commercial and military aircraft, satellites, weapons, electronic and defense systems, launch systems, advanced information and communication systems, and performance-based logistics and training. Words 1013 - Pages 5. to current Airbus calculations, a total of two hundred and fifty A380ís have to be sold in order for the company to breakeven. Currently, Airbus has only sold 154 aircrafts from 15 different airlines and if the or bullets, company doesnít fulfill this quota, they will incur a considerable loss. This was just enough time for Boeing to compete with the ssebusiness, A380 and they secured a tentative order for about fifty aircrafts. Boeing was initially knocked out of first place but they didnít lose. Boeing produced.

Words 996 - Pages 4. 2013 Boeing Contract James Park Agenda ? History of Company ? History of Union ? Past Strikes ? Companyís position ? Position of the Union and Voting ? Cons Pros of supper meaning Proposals ? What if ? Resolution Ė what it means ? Any Lingering Issues ? Who was the winner/loser History of Company ? In March 1910 - Boeing bought Heath#x27;s shipyard in ssebusiness Seattle ? In July 1916 - Boeing was incorporated in Seattle by William Boeing as ďPacific Aero Products CoĒ ? July 27, 1928 - the 12-passenger Boeing 80. Words 486 - Pages 2. ?BOEING INTERNATIONAL Boeing international is worlds largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners, space and security systems. It was established in the year 2001, with the aim of euthanasia oregon growing business globally by expanding the ssebusiness, companyís power, control, and image on the global level (Boeing International, 2014). Boeing has diverse workforce of nearly 168,000 employees from more than 65 different countries. Last. Boeing has strong local presence across diverse and dynamic. Words 1126 - Pages 5. statement for airbus Group year over year able to grow revenues from ą56.5B to ą59.3B.The company able to login, reduce the percentage of sales costs from Year over year, Airbus Group N.V. has been able to grow revenues from ą56.5B EUR to ą59.3B EUR. Most impressively, the company has been able to tuc income, reduce the percentage of sales devoted to selling, general and administrative costs from 5.08% to 4.92%.

This was a driver that led to a bottom line growth from ą1.2B EUR to ą1.5B EUR Boeing Boeing is the. Words 409 - Pages 2. commercial- aircraft industry includes two main competitors- Boeing and Airbus. In the past Boeing Boeing was an industry leader but in login 2002. Meaning. Airbus was holding 57% of unit market share and ssebusiness, about 53.5% dollar value market share which means that Airbus became more successful company. Tuc Income. Our team analyzed and evaluated available information and came up with the ssebusiness, recommendations for Boeing Company and their 7E7 project.

Assumptions for the 7E7 Project We started our. Words 1127 - Pages 5. Essay about Boeing: Boeing and Boeing the Boeing. Ballots. ?Winston Tabora BUS ADMN 105 9/24/14 BOEING The Boeing Company is an ssebusiness login American multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells fixed-wing aircraft, rockets and satellites. The company is currently ranked 30 in the Fortune 500 list. William E. Boeing, founded the corporation in July 15, 1916 in essay Washington, Seattle. It was originally a called Heathís Shipyard. From that time to present day, the company has evolved into a giant airplane manufacturer enterprise across the globe. Words 843 - Pages 4. , Boeing would be profitable across the board as every IRR exceeds our estimated WACC as tabulated in exhibit 9. Even if Boeing sells only 1500 planes and doesnít have any price premium, the company will realize an ssebusiness login IRR of essay 10.5%, which is higher than the ssebusiness, WACC of 7.54%. Similarly, even if the development cost reaches the upper limit of $10 billion and the Cost of Goods Sold is 84% of Sales, IRR is 8.6%, which is still higher than 7.54%. Nonetheless, exhibit 9 reflects the range of return that Boeing. Words 608 - Pages 3.

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Okay, Canada: Itís time for the hard truth about Tim Hortons. Timmyís, a national institution? Scott Feschuk pours cold coffee on that notion. September 2, 2014. If you drink your coffee with two creams and two sugars, you might as well pour a mug of instant insteadóor worse. (Illustration by Sarah MacKinnon.) Have a seat, Canada. Are you comfortable? Good, thatís good.

I noticed youíve been in a downward spiral since Burger King announced its plan to buy Tim Hortons for $12 billionóor roughly $1 for every Tims on Yonge Street in Toronto. Youíre worried about what the takeover will mean for your morning coffeeóand for the corporation that is traditionally depicted in login our media as adored, iconic and able to cure hepatitis with its doughnut glaze. The Great! (Iím paraphrasing.) Iím here to help. This is a safe place, Canada. Login! I want to see you get through this. Which is why I need you to listen to The Great Hurricane me closely. These words will be painful, but itís important you hear them: Tim Hortons is not a defining national institution.

Rather, it is ssebusiness, a chain of last meaning, thousands of doughnut shops, several of which have working toilets. Tim Hortons is ssebusiness, not an indispensable part of the Canadian experience. Rather, it is a place that sells a breakfast sandwich that tastes like a dishcloth soaked in what is man networking egg yolk and left out overnight on top of a radiator. Tim Hortons is not an anti-Starbucks choice that makes you a more relatable politician or a more authentic Canadian. Rather, it is a great place to buy a muffin if youíve always wondered what it would be like to eat blueberry air. There is no shame in having been caught up in ssebusiness the Hortons hype.

It happens. Just last week, a columnist in the Toronto Star likened Tim Hortons to a precious vase thatís about to be juggled by its new owner, a monkey. (I was so irate at this irresponsible journalism that I wrote a letter demanding the Star issue a retraction. Everyone knows monkeys juggle only coconuts.) Meanwhile, the last, NDPís Peggy Nashówho, by ssebusiness, all accounts, is an actual person and not a fictional construct of The Onion ógravely warned of the potential consequences of the Tim Hortons brand ďfalling into foreign hands.Ē Yes, imagine the consequences. Maybe these madcap foreign owners will go so far as to alter the sandwiches so they taste like . . . something. Of 1900 Essays! Preferably like sandwich, but, at this point, most of us have stopped being picky. Am I getting through to you, Canada? While weíre on the topic of hard truths, there is something else that needs to be said. Canada, you sure do like your double-doubleóor, as it is by law referred to login in news reports, the ďbeloved double-double.Ē But hereís a newsflash for you: If you drink your coffee with two creams and two sugars, the quality of the coffee itself is of little consequence.

Youíd might as well pour a mug of instant coffee or sip the urine of a house cat mixed with a clump of dirt from your golf spikes. Supper! Itís all basically the same thing once you bombard it with sweet and dairy. Youíre really just wasting your . . . I see from your reaction that Iíve crossed a line. I hereby withdraw my defamatory comments about the double-double and kindly ask that you return that handful of my chest hair. Sit back down, Canada.

I want to tell you a story. There is a Tims located a few blocks from login, where I live, which is to be expected, given that my house is not on the moon. This outlet happens to be close to a major intersection. Every morning, the lineup from the drive-through extends down to the edge of the street. Confronted with this situation, a sensible driver would grasp the or bullets, inherent hazard in login blocking a thoroughfare and simply keep motoring on. Does anyone do this? Of course not. Instead, everyone stops and idles. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET.

Other drivers come whipping around the corner and oregon must execute Cannonball Run feats of two-wheeled stunt-driving to ssebusiness login avoid ramming these pastry-seeking asshats. Horns honk. Tempers flare. And still no one moves. Sure, I got a debilitating case of whiplash, and the nice lady in the Subaru lost the euthanasia, use of her legs, but on the upside TIMBITS NOM NOM NOM.

My point is this, Canada: Itís fine to enjoy Tim Hortons. Some may even say itís fine to be like my Dad and insist on ssebusiness, the old-fashioned plain, the euthanasia oregon, only doughnut that delivers both the login, flavour and meaning texture of a memory foam mattress. But donít get weird about it, OK? Okay, Canada: Itís time for the hard truth about Tim Hortons. Very true, very funnyÖ.and I agree with every word. Emilyone on ssebusiness, September 2, 2014 at 11:08 pm. Thank crap for thatÖ. BrainDrainXP on September 3, 2014 at 8:50 am. Ummm hey guys, Tim Hortonís is an American companyÖ It was acquired and The Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900 Essays merged with TDL Group by Wendyís International, Inc., an American company on August 8th, 1995. Tim Hortons Inc., was also initially incorporated in Delaware. Of course is was, 20 years ago, but that was a very long tome agoÖ They kept the headquarters in Oakville, to give Ďappearanceí that it was still Canadian.

Fully Composed on September 3, 2014 at 8:59 am. Tim Hortons was sold back as a public company. If Wendys still owned it, Burger King could not buy it. Corey Schlueter on September 4, 2014 at ssebusiness login 7:52 pm. Youíre an idiot for a variety of ballots or bullets, reasons, but Iíll point out two specifically: the company was founded in ssebusiness login Hamilton, not Delaware, and they were bought back many, many years ago. As someone else said, if Wendyís parent still owned it, there would not have been a deal, or even a proposal. You may resume living under your rock. JPaterson on The Great Galveston of 1900 Essays, September 5, 2014 at 9:21 am. As far as I was made aware Ė China bought corporate last year? Hence why the slogan went from ďCanadaís coffee shopĒ to ďCanadaís favourite coffeeĒ.. Am I the only one who noticed this? *returns back to the rock in the woods*

PunkJesster on September 7, 2014 at 11:56 am. Ok Scott..Iím just going to come out and say itÖ I still believe Tim Hortons to be a Canadian institution, as it is something that has been intrinsically linked to the Canadian people based on our affiliationÖHowever, I found your article comical, and a good read. I agree to some small extent that once coffee is infused with those oh so lovely globs of fat and spoons of sandy sugar, it becomes something other than coffee. However, Iíve become something of a connoisseur of coffee..and Iíve had terrible coffee, double double and all. Ssebusiness Login! However, Iím not preaching that Tims is the best thing going, and I think that is where youíve overlooked what most people are concerned about. When people visit from the world outside of Canadaland, they see these franchises on every street corner, in every gas station and most malls. OF course, the interpretation of this is ďMy God, Canadians love their Tim Hortons coffeeĒ. I feel that the concern lies wholly in perception.

Canadians are proud of the essay, heritage theyíve built here over the course of the ssebusiness login, past few hundred years, and in the past fifty, Timís has ingratiated itself into our everyday lives, and it is here that the people are concerned. Burger King has hardly been known as the purveyor of last, fine foods, but also steadily upholds that image. Tim Hortonís, while not the golden child of coffee establishments, is still a place that attempts to try to identify itself as relatively dynamic as well as attempts to ssebusiness identify itself as a place that doesnít really acknowledge borders between people. Burger King, however, has always resigned itself to being a food chain that is more about low grade food, substandard sit in what locations, and catering to a lower standard with very little change. The concern, as I see it, is that by being affiliated with a food chain like Burger King, Tim Hortons as a public image will lose some of this hard contrast and diminish the image. The concern is completely about ssebusiness login perception, as the move is very clearly for the benefit of both franchises as Burger King now evades a larger tax bracket by jackie robinson essay, relocating their head office to login Oakville, and TIm Hortons suddenly becomes a grandstand coffee establishment in the U.S. The Great Of 1900! Neither has anything to lose.

We both know that Tim Hortons will not go away because of peopleís reception of affiliation, but rather feel that because Tim hortons is a cornerstone of login, Canadian daily life, it someho diminishes its prestige by tuc income, affiliating itself with the ĎKing. Wow this got wordy. Nonetheless, Iíve found this to be an interesting argumetn, having contributed to discussions on facebook and other forums about itÖIíd be happy to ssebusiness login hear further thoughts on it from other people! :) Shawn Lazaros on September 3, 2014 at 9:05 am. Tim Hortonís is already an American fast food chain. It was acquired and merged with TDL Group by Wendyís International, Inc., an American company on August 8th, 1995. Meaning! Then on ssebusiness, September 28, 2009, Wendyís International, Inc. wanted to maintain Tim Hortonís Canadian brand integrity, so they sought to keep the headquarters in The Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900 Oakville, ON and register the login, company in is man networking Canada, as CanadianÖ But again Ė it is still US Ďownedí by TDL Group/Wendyís International, Inc. Fully Composed on September 3, 2014 at 9:19 am. See my comment above for links, but Wendyís actually fully divested themselves of ssebusiness login, Tim Hortons in 2006, a wholly separate publicly traded company was formed then (at the time, registered in Delaware) and then in 2009, Tim Hortons completed the jackie robinson, restructuring to become a fully Canadian publicly traded company again.

1964-1995 Ė private Canadian Company. 1995-2006 Ė acquired by Wendyís and operated by them from the U.S. 2006-2009 Ė Spun off from ssebusiness, Wnedyís, becomes a publicly traded company with operational headquarters in Oakville, but registered in Delaware. 2009-2014 Ė fully-Canadian publicly traded company. 2014 Ė Merged with Burger King and parent company of Essays, both chains moved to Canada. Thanks. Ssebusiness Login! You are mostly correct. I would edit your last line toÖ ď2014 Ė Proposed merger with Burger King, subject to shareholder approval in meaning future vote. Parent company to ssebusiness move to Canada once transaction receives regulatory and shareholder approval.Ē Sig on September 5, 2014 at 9:17 am. I agree with one thing: that Burger King is worse than most fast food outlets.

Timís is close to them in quality of food though and I canít understand why the coffee which is nothing special, is so loved. But then marketing works wonders. J.Edwards on September 3, 2014 at last supper 6:49 pm. I would just like to comment that since I was diagnosed as a diabetic I drink my coffee black. Tim Hortonís coffee is login, not the best when drunk without cream and sugar but it is not the worst either and last supper meaning is cheaper than most places; the ssebusiness login, dark roast is quite good.

Timothy Harris on September 5, 2014 at 5:26 pm. I still think it tastes better than Starbucks lol. PunkJesster on is man, September 7, 2014 at 11:59 am. I agree with you. I do not know how Starbucks is still in business , it is the worst tasting coffee ever , your spoon can stand up in it lol ..I do not know people can drink it , it is like mud :) Susan Ash on ssebusiness login, December 25, 2014 at 2:04 am. Youíre right about the breakfast sandwiches.

Had one back in JanuaryĖ I think it was nominally supposed to be made of turkeyĖ it was disgusting. Plaid Shorts on September 3, 2014 at 10:05 am. Brazil owns it folks. The Great Galveston! Ď3G Capitalí. Not Americans. You could own some of ssebusiness login, it too if you bought shares. Emilyone on September 3, 2014 at 10:51 am. This story is so full of crap!

Scott Feschuk does not have any chest hairÖ. Dan S on September 3, 2014 at 11:36 am. This comment has been removed. Ron Regs on September 3, 2014 at 2:10 pm. From the southern side of the border, as someone who was relieved to hear BK bought out Tim Hortonís because maybe the nearest Timmyís wonít be 170 miles away (seriously, I have to drive to last central Michigan if I want Tim Hortonís) just pray they donít switch it out for ssebusiness login BKís ďJoeĒ, their rather sad attempt to chase McDonaldís foray into the gourmet coffee business. My hope is BK will adopt Tim Hortonís coffee instead. And just be glad it wasnít Dunkin Donuts who bought them out. That is the worst coffee to ever try to pass itself off as drinkable. Tim Hortonís has NOTHING on the weird chemical odor Dunkin attempts to mask with a quarter cup of cream and a half cup of sugar in a small coffee. Iím not a huge Starbucks person but itís not even a contest between them and ballots Dunkinís swill, which I swear has to be postconsumer chemical lubricants. And this was a refreshing change from the screaming down here about Burger King unpatriotically turning Canadian.

If it means BKs will be more like Tim Hortons, I for one welcome our new maple-leaf-wearing overlords. Jennifer Quail on September 3, 2014 at 4:57 pm. But itís a Memory Foam mattress with Pepper!! Veronica Djan on login, September 3, 2014 at jackie robinson essay 5:04 pm. Scott, I hope you never drink a Timís coffee for the rest of your life Ė that just tells me you have a weird thing for feline urine soaked cleat dirt. Dan Mark Robinson on September 3, 2014 at 5:53 pm.

Tough language from ssebusiness login, someone someone that works for Rogers Media. Oregon! Are you already standing in line for ssebusiness login the new iPhone. Doug Parsons on September 3, 2014 at 6:54 pm. Hmm. I do agree with Scottís overarching message to Canada of ďdonít get weirdĒ about BK and TH joining together (itís not like Timís doesnít exist in the states already). Ballots Or Bullets! That being said, I have to disagree with his comment that TH isnít a ďdefining national institution.Ē I kinda think it is. Itís a Canadian-created franchise, and over the years, it has become entrenched in the Canadian culture.

Culture is ďthe way we do things around hereĒ (Deal and Kennedy, 1982)Ėand that way involves rolling up rims, donating to Camp Day, and a common understanding of the term Ďdouble-double.í Timís has become something that DEFINES Canadian culture (not the only thing, but something). True, I donít think people need to freak right out about the merge, but I think itís fair for people to feel a sense of loss as they wonder if the ssebusiness, merge might change THís ďCanadianess.Ē Because if that happens, we may lose a small piece of our culture and thatís disappointing for some. I mean, think about Starbucks. Galveston Essays! Do you sense the ďSeattlenessĒ of that franchise anywhere outside Seattle? Probably not. Even I associate it more with Chapters than Seattle. Ssebusiness Login! Starbucksí origins have been lost in the process of Galveston of 1900, becoming completely Americanized. Ssebusiness! I wouldnít want that for tuc income Tim Hortonís. Gina B on September 3, 2014 at 11:44 pm. while the author is comical in a sense he appears to be seething with hatred for tim hortons. I dont get what your deal is ssebusiness login, with their products and god forbid its succesful. the coffee is my favourite, I like mc donalds too, secobd cup isnt bad and I find starbucks repulsive and expensive. thats not to say its awful. just not my cup of coffee. as for the sandwhiches?

I live Timís breakfast sandwhiches. Euthanasia! indigent know what horrible Timís you are going to but I get the ssebusiness, sausage egg and is man cheese on a 40 cheese bagel and it was one of the best FAST FOOD CHAIN breakfast sandwhiches ive ever had. I dont mind the egg white and ssebusiness turkey either when I wanna cut some calories. mc Donalds isnt bad but their options leave a lot to be imagined. this entire article was just a smash on supper, Timís and ssebusiness login hardly even discussed the article header at all. the complete bias of this article ruins any enjoyment of the jackie, satire. Ssebusiness Login! ya double double is bad.. Hurricane Of 1900! drink a regular then. or have fun drink in it black. double double doesnt change per chain. Phil Zita on ssebusiness, September 3, 2014 at 11:59 pm. I agree with you about the marketing ploy that is appealing to Canadianís patriotism and insisting that drinking double-doubles Molson Canadian somehow makes us more Canadian and tuc income insists that weíre thumbing our noses at other countries. Login! Thatís fine. But why the paragraph after paragraph putting down their food? Maybe over in fancy Toronto, where you ďdonít live on the moonĒ, thereís other dining options. Essay! But try leaving the login, GTA once or twice, drive Highway 430 in Newfoundland for instance, drinking 8oz. after 8oz. coffee because no one there drinks coffee, at various Ultramar Irving gas stations where the last, coffee has been cooking all day into a thick sludge. You might appreciate the sight of the ssebusiness, St. Anthonyís Tim Hortons then. Lastly, I purposely get into those long drive-thru lines because a) people that have large orders should go inside, b) people that donít know the menu should go inside, and c) workers should work at a reasonable rate of speed.

Iím not inconveniencing you, those people are. Wow, that was just a bad article. Macleanís, eh? Apart from being without cadence, the or bullets, awkward writing and laboured attempts at humour were justóbad. I was drawn in by the title and expected a researched piece with some comedic ďyou-know-what-iím-talking-aboutĒ observations sprinkled about, so much like the ssebusiness login, pastries being chided.

What I discovered can be likened to a bad stand up routine that gets uncomfortable laughter from a sympathetic Yuk Yuks crowd. I will concede though, the double-double observation was spot on, however, I doubt youíll get much more than glossy stares considering that double-double drinkers make up about 70% of the coffee drinking consumers in Canada (cue the The Great Galveston of 1900 Essays, chirping crickets). The silver lining: the ssebusiness, true beauty of online articles versus hard copy. The comments that followed the article are orders of last supper meaning, magnitude more interesting than the article, itself. Ssebusiness Login! Who knows? Maybe discussion was the tuc income, point. John Williamson on September 4, 2014 at 8:22 am.

You take this from the Canadian mind set, whatís there to ssebusiness hold on to? Hockey and Maple syrup? Let them enjoy the ďCanadianĒ brew. Coffeecup on September 4, 2014 at 9:26 am. Tim Hortonís doesnít serve coffee, they serve corporate chemically laced hot flavor beverage. Jackie Robinson Essay! Coffee just doesnít taste like that. Maybe you could reproduce the ssebusiness login, Canadian taste at euthanasia home if you brew a pot of actual coffee mixed with 5 or 6 busted up cigarettes, a 4 day old dish rag and served it in a skate for that wonderful Canadian blend. shmoesalright! on September 4, 2014 at 10:16 am. I agree, I actually prefer Starbucks, or when I was in Ottawa, I loved Second Cup, it may have cost a couple cents more, but it tasted a lot better than that battery-acid-detergent at Timís. Rickster69 on September 5, 2014 at 2:03 pm.

Thank you Scott, you just made me spew my non Tim Hortonís freshly brewed at ssebusiness login home coffee all over networking, my keyboard. So true and so funny. Where I live, I often see vehicles parked on the train tracks just to be in the lineup for the local Timmyís. Itís a coffee people and itís not even good coffee. Alberta Lisa on September 4, 2014 at 11:55 am. Forgive them for they know not what good taste is. Ssebusiness! Thatís why theyíre lined up. Euthanasia! Scott did a good job but failed when he neglected to suggest / propose a viable alternative, other than avoid at all costs. Ray Mule on January 3, 2016 at 3:14 pm.

Well I will never get the couple minutes it took me to read this drivel back Ö thanks for nothing of substance to ssebusiness login read. whatthe? on September 4, 2014 at tuc income 6:02 pm. Well, I found the article negative, inflammatory and critical of what so many people apparently enjoy. Login! I have enjoyed the occasional old-fashioned plain doughnut which has neither the ballots or bullets, taste, nor the texture of memory foam. While I have had better coffee I would not classify theirs as resembling cat urine in flavour.

If your aim was to incite heated discussionÖ well thenÖ well done! If this was meant to be an informative or educational article laying the facts outÖ well thenÖ huge fail! Tammy C on September 4, 2014 at 6:24 pm. so you drink cat urine regularly do you, anyone that consumes th `s garbage should not be allowed to vote. Bccarver on September 8, 2014 at 9:50 am. I just started my day and I think Iíve already read the most useless article I may find. Login! I hope no one paid for journalism school to jackie essay get this. Hard hitting journalism at its best! -Shame nothings happening in ssebusiness login the world that we have to talk about why Scotty doesnít like Timmyís :( Arfad Al Janabi on is man networking, September 5, 2014 at 1:19 am. This article is the ssebusiness, work of what is man networking, a Grade A snob. Your jokes may actually be funny if your ďhard truthsĒ were actually true.

One, the THs that Iíve encountered actually have pretty decent washrooms, and ssebusiness login Iíve never encountered a non-working toilet. Sometimes they are not clean and/or donít smell the greatest, but that can be said of any washroom open to Hurricane of 1900 Essays the public. Two, their blueberry muffins are actually very good, even in comparison to Starbucks or Second Cup. I had one this morning. Three, their egg breakfast sandwiches absolutely KILL any fast-food or Starbucks/2nd Cup equivalent. I donít care what anybody says. Fourth, the ssebusiness, line-ups at THs may be long, but at least they generally move fast. Have you ever been to Starbucks? A line-up of 6 people can eat 15 minutes on Galveston, a good day. Fifth, youíre right that double doubles are disgusting.

And I would prefer coffee from other places, even McDonaldís. Ssebusiness! But you imply that a double double is the only option at THs. Personally, I get a medium coffee with one milk and a shot of espresso. bdill101 on or bullets, September 5, 2014 at ssebusiness login 9:53 am. About those washrooms. Jackie Robinson! The one at the branch on the road to FrederictonĖwhich I only used as a pipi stopĖhad a dripping tap for five years, in spite of my reporting it several times. Itís fixed now, because they renovated the whole place. GinaB on September 6, 2014 at 11:53 am.

Jig Armstrong on ssebusiness login, September 5, 2014 at 11:28 am. Whether your argument is valid or not is irrelevant. Ballots Or Bullets! Your crass lecture is ssebusiness login, not one weíve asked for tuc income or respect. What Tim Hortons has done is created one of the ssebusiness login, most successful brands to ever resonate within Canada. Last Supper! In a country where many claim have little to no culture of its own, Canada has adopted Tim Hortons as a fundamental part of its identity.

Whether it was owned by Canada or not is irrelevant. Your argument is login, irrelevant. What matters is tuc income, how Burger King will change the Tim Hortons brand within Canada. Ssebusiness Login! If they do not respect the Canadian heritage of the chain, at least within Canada, they will lose many customers on the our fact that it has been americanized and is no longer the brand we have come to love. The Marketers of jackie robinson, this brand have spent years ingraining Tim Hortons into the very fibre of ssebusiness login, Canadian culture. Oregon! For you to sit there and lecture as if anyone actually cares whether its Canadian owned is naive. The marketers have successfully done what they wanted to ssebusiness do. Tim Hortons is a part of our country like no other brand is. The people who now own it need to consider this as part of their future marketing strategy because extensive change will scare away loyal customers and lower the value of the oregon, brand from where they bought it to whatever they leave us with. I certainly hope the ssebusiness login, Burger King has a better understanding of the importance of the tuc income, Tim Hortons brand in Canada then you seem to.

Otherwise, the investment theyíve just made will be pointless and they may as well have just opened another chain. ITís not about being American owned. ITs about login respecting the brand consumers have come to know and love. Kay Benedek on September 5, 2014 at is man networking 12:57 pm. What is Canadian about a business that was copied on Dunkin Donuts? Or are you implying weíre only good at imitation? Heavens! GinaB on September 6, 2014 at ssebusiness login 11:55 am. any one that consumes th`s garbage should not be allowed to vote. Bccarver on September 8, 2014 at ballots or bullets 9:53 am.

Scott, hilarious read. Thank you! Tim Hortonís may not be a national institutionÖbut it might just be a national treasure. ;) It is and will forever remain a warm refuge from ssebusiness login, out of the jackie essay, snow and ssebusiness freezing rain that blows sideways for many Canadians and while I personally may not remember the taste of the Timís double double the day I flew to Vancouver, (I now live in Austin, Texas) I will forever remember how it felt to hold my grandfathers hand across the table and listen to him talk about jackie essay his love for ssebusiness my grandmother who had just passed. THIS is Timís. Itís the euthanasia, thousands of stories just like mine, that unfold every single day inside itís walls. When I go back to Canada, I always look forward to TIMS in login my Home and networking native land. Tell me youíve never sat in ssebusiness a Tims to networking people watch and write?

Heck, you probably BECAME a writer sipping on a Tims coffee, the Canadian wind in your hair! Confess! ;) Karen-Ann on September 5, 2014 at 1:18 pm. We go there not because itís Tim Hortonís. We go there because itís there.

GinaB on September 6, 2014 at ssebusiness 11:57 am. A friend of mine would regularly will drive that extra mile for ballots or bullets his Timmyís, even though a Starbucks is around the corner from him. He didnít believe me, almost freaked out, when I said Timís hasnít really been ďcanadianĒ for almost 20 years now. That was a few days ago, he called me last nite from the starbucks around his corner, and said that the ssebusiness, dark paradiso there is networking, pretty good, and not as many tfwís either -err atleast not at his starbucks. Funny, I remeber in the late 70z, my highschcol sweetie and I would goto to the Timís on Princess Street in Kingston, listem to login Elton John, on the juke box -yes they actually had a juke box there. Needless to say, Timís has had a long heritage in Canada, especially early on with youth, hockey sponsorships,Ö, but unfortunately, these are just sad business facts. Rickster69 on September 5, 2014 at 1:58 pm. Öin other words people, just remember your good times at oregon Timís, and login not the bad business-facts of today. Rickster69 on September 5, 2014 at 2:05 pm. I donít drink their coffee, but about twice a year I buy a couple of ballots, sour cream (unglazed) doughnuts.

A few years ago, they had a lunch time special of field mushroom soup a ham and cheese sandwich. I came home gasping for water, and looked up the nutritional info online. Two days worth of ssebusiness login, salt! In one meal. Last Meaning! Last time I ate there. Pat Anderson on ssebusiness, September 5, 2014 at 4:19 pm. Scott has chest hair? James Dalziel on September 6, 2014 at 10:27 am. Oh so true.

My Wife handed me the magazine and Essays said ďread this , you could have wrote this as you have the same opinion of Tim Hortonís. I was sent to Timís by my employer to login pick up so Tim Bits for a meeting and while there the chap in front of me ordered a large ďQuad QuadĒ as he called it which meant 4 sugars and 4 creams. When it came to my turn I asked the girl ďDid you put any coffee in thatĒ and she replied there is a regular customer that request 5 sugars and 5 creams . Just how bad does your coffee have to jackie be when you have to masked the flavor with that much sugar and cream. It is login, kind of like putting a whole bottle of Essays, Ketchup on a filet magnon. Shoe on September 6, 2014 at 11:32 am. I have a question: why would anyone get in line so they can fork up a couple of bucks for ssebusiness login a cup of coffee in tuc income the morning, when they can buy that same coffee in a can, a $10 drip coffee maker at a yard sale, prepare the coffee themselves at home, and save hundreds of dollars a year? GinaB on September 6, 2014 at 11:49 am.

A Canadian institution? Nonsense. I was in ssebusiness one once and ballots or bullets thought both the do-nuts and coffee were for ssebusiness login the birds. Its only oregon high popint was it was warm, on a cold day. blacktop on September 6, 2014 at 7:43 pm. Saw the picture before I read the article and thought it had some reference to the Japanese cats at Pizza Hut Ė LilaW on September 7, 2014 at 10:14 pm. Not a mention of how Tim Hortonís uses part of login, itís profits to sponsor underprivileged children to Tims Summer Camp every yearÖ they flew my younger Brother to what is man Ontario from BC and back, I was and always will be impressedÖ I am not a big fan of any fast food outlets, but I will support Timís as long as they stay a part of login, our community. How about the History of Tim Horton, does anyone actually know who he wasÖ or do they just accept it as a doughnut joint, n carry on with no clue about last meaning what Timís actually represents. Wanderer on September 8, 2014 at 1:57 am.

What a stupid article. 2 minutes of ssebusiness login, life wasted. JasOberoi on September 8, 2014 at 5:14 pm. Timmyís is craptastic. mark whitton on December 20, 2014 at or bullets 8:30 pm. Well are you just a bundle of joy today Ė you know Ė with that sanctimonious and condescending attitude of ssebusiness login, yours.

(actually, we all know that you are just trying to get a rise out of people by Hurricane, posting stupidity on Macleans. I certainly hope that your ďjournalismĒ school offers refund. Judging from the ssebusiness, quality of your writing, I believe your next career will include the euthanasia oregon, phrase ďwould you like fries with thatĒ). Carl Smith on December 23, 2014 at 3:49 pm. Very funny article!

Enjoyed this (I do enjoy their new ďdarkĒ roast and the occasional honey cruller, but other than that, Timís does nothing for me.) And their blueberry muffins are kinda like eating blueberry air..LOL. Rachel Vanek on login, December 24, 2014 at 12:43 pm. Scott Feschuk, I think I may be in love with you. A man who makes me laugh on The Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900 Essays, paper and online, does not require me to pick up after him (other than recycling the magazine), and never asks for anything. If you could just buy me dinner once in login a while (have it delivered)Ö Sincerely, Cari (not Carl Ė itís an ďiĒ at the end) Cari on December 30, 2014 at 11:21 am. A maple leafÖhockeyÖ.poutineÖ.touquesÖCanadian back baconÖ.beer and Galveston Essays timmies . Ass clown tries but ass clowns fails. Ssebusiness! Just because its gone south wont make it less Canadian, Nor will a ass clown who got a shoddy sandwich one day with the or bullets, ability to voice a opinion , sway a nation. Jason J Dixon on January 1, 2015 at ssebusiness 5:08 pm.

I do not support businesses that rely on euthanasia, temporary foreign workers and I donít support businesses that are franchised. There are lots of mom and ssebusiness pop places to shop and I feel it is my duty to euthanasia support locally-owned businesses that support local families with decent wages, not race-to-the-bottom multi-nationals. cookies on January 2, 2015 at ssebusiness login 2:22 pm. Ok everyone, remember this merger is only tax motivated. OK has little interest in Hurricane Tims other than its tax status as a non us tax filing entity. BK will not be, or very little involved with how Tims is run. steveclark on January 3, 2015 at 11:16 am. Here! Here!

You tracked my every thought on the subject. Well done sir! Brian Hahn on ssebusiness, January 3, 2015 at or bullets 7:52 pm. Booger king piss offÖ..and the dickhead writer if thats what you like to call yourselfthat disses a Canadian company in favor of a u s company you best move to the countrythat suits your fence sitting style Gofuck yourself you corprate ass kissin piece of ssebusiness, shit. Stay outta Timmies.

Mark Gillard on January 4, 2015 at 8:51 am. What do you have against people who like cream and sugar. Euthanasia! The coffee I drink is roasted down the ssebusiness, street from me and jackie robinson is rather good, you have a problem with people who prefer sweet over bitter drinks? Thatís one of your big reason? We all know timmies is ssebusiness, terrible, itís the oregon, mcdonalds of coffee shops in canada. SquireOB on January 6, 2015 at 2:50 am.

Shut up! just shut up! okay? KDC on January 29, 2015 at 1:12 pm. Who are we all kidding? Canada loves Timmies for the Tim Bits and the outrageously wonderful atmosphere. Ssebusiness! Where else can you go and feel like youíre in the center of or bullets, human social understanding? You go into Tim Hortons, and everyone there, including the customers, are all NICE and RECOGNIZE you as a fellow Tims goer. Ssebusiness! Its the culture, as another poster here said. Also, and this is a big one, Tim Hortons does a lot of good work here in Canada. Their hockey teams and The Great Hurricane Essays kids camps are a big part of who they are. They involve themselves deeply in the local community. Example: our local Tims provides free rec sims every Monday in the summer at outdoor pools in our community.

Its not for ssebusiness login any sort of campaign, theyíve always done it. Its just a nice thing they chose to jackie essay do, and yes, they are sponsoring it, but wonderful things like that contributing to our local community is great. Its a good company. The coffee may not be ooh la la, fancy. But its fresh and thereís plenty of it. Everywhere.

On every street corner. Thank goodness for ssebusiness login that! strangeseraph on tuc income, May 11, 2016 at 7:15 am. I stopped patronizing Tim Hortonsí a couple years ago when I learned of their false and login misleading advertising concerning recycling. They were claiming (may still claim this, donít know) that they recycled their coffee cups, but an investigation by ballots, one of the watchdog programs on CBC discovered they do not recycle coffee cups, but dump them straight into ssebusiness login, the garbage landfill. Hot drink cups have a special coating, and this has to be removed when recycling; obviously it costs to do this, so Tim Hortonsí do not recycle. Starbucks are the same, by tuc income, the way (I wonít darken their door again either).

When Hortonsí was approached about this, they refused to even acknowledge the question. I will not support any merchant that lies to its customers just to make more money, and deliberately adds to ssebusiness the landfill when they cold be more environmentally responsible. I care where my money goes. Making profits through lying and environmental degradation should not be rewarded. Byron Hosking on oregon, August 5, 2017 at 11:06 am.

Government approves Burger King takeover of Tim Hortons. Tim Hortons shareholders vote in favour of takeover by Burger King. Glazed and login confused: Dissecting the Tim Hortons merger. Burger King buys Tim Hortons in $11B deal. We've sent an email with instructions to create a new password.

Your existing password has not been changed. We'll send you a link to oregon create a new password. We have sent a confirmation email to . Please check your email and click on login, the link to activate your account. Please confirm the information below before signing up. Sign in to complete account merge. Please confirm the information below before signing up. Subscribe to newsletters. Your Verification Email Has Been Sent.

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Air Pollution in Mexico City Essay Sample. General information about the problem: As the vehicle population reached more than 700 million, numerous cities experiencing rapid industrialization started to suffer from login, air pollution. Some of them reduced the air pollution level; however there are still some that are considered to be the what networking, most polluted cities in ssebusiness, the world. Introduction of the problem: One of The Great, them is Mexico City. According to Forbes, Mexican capital is one of the five dirtiest cities of the world. Ssebusiness Login. Industrial growth of the city, population boom, which grew from 3 million in 1950 to 20 million today, and the proliferation of ballots, vehicles in the city contributed to the Mexico Cityís current air quality. Narrowing down the problem: However, with the transportation proliferation contributing to about half of the login, city#8217;s total emissions, several solutions have to be considered in order to reduce the air pollution in the city. Thesis statement: The government should practice legal regulations and favor the evolvement of environmentally friendly technology and fuel in order to reduce the air pollution level in Mexico City. II. Background.

A. Identify the problem/ show that the problem exists: People suffer from various diseases and the environment is being damaged (research). B. What caused the problem: Air pollution is mainly caused by vehicles. Last. C. The effects of the problem: Air pollution can have serious consequences for the human health as well as severely damage the ecosystem. Ssebusiness. III. Solution 1. Topic sentence: One of the possible solutions is to continue to enforce legal regulations concerning air pollution prevention. Give grounds to euthanasia oregon the proposed solution (e.g. this problem has been solved somewhere else; experts suggest this solutionÖ): The air pollution has been noticeably decreased due to legal regulations and governmental programs like PIICA, PROAIRE and PORAIRE III Describe your solution: Diminish taxis. ē As taxis are diminished, less harmful gas emissions are produced Disadvantages: ē Taxis are convenient. Ssebusiness. ē Taxi driver as a job. Topic sentence: Another possible solution is to pass a law on or bullets telecommuting. Give grounds to login the proposed solution (e.g. this problem has been solved somewhere else; experts suggest this solutionÖ): Less gas emissions on last telecommuting days (research) Describe your solution: Pass a law on telecommuting. ē Can be implemented now, as it does not require any expanded planning, design and construction; ē Is relatively inexpensive to implement; ē Expands personal choices rather than restricting them, by offering them more flexibility in work and lifestyle. Disadvantages: ē May incite legal issues between organization and employers ē Lack of interaction with co-workers. ē Not all jobs are suitable for telecommuting. Topic sentence: The last, but not the least possible solution is to replace gasoline usage in ssebusiness, the city with hydrogen fuel.

Give grounds to the proposed solution (e.g. this problem has been solved somewhere else; experts suggest this solutionÖ): The research indicates that usage of hydrogen fuel will definitely decrease the air pollution level. Describe your solution: Hydrogen should replace gasoline. Advantages: ē Reduction in air pollution due to zero emissions. ē Hydrogen is abundant (renewable source) ē Hydrogen is expensive to produce. ē Hydrogen refueling stations construction require big amounts of money VI. Mexico City is often said to meaning be the most polluted city in the world. It certainly does pose serious environmental threats to its own survival as a city, but it affects regional and global air quality levels as well. Therefore, specific measures have to be taken in ssebusiness, order to reduce the what is man, air pollution level. Ssebusiness. There are some basic solutions that could be used, like continue enforcing legal regulations, pass a low on telecommuting and use hydrogen fuel instead of tuc income, gasoline. All of these have already been implemented and we know that they will work for the environment. Therefore, the government should enforce these solutions and login stop the air pollution in Mexico City.

Air pollution in robinson essay, Mexico City. As the vehicle population reached more than 700 million worldwide, numerous cities experiencing rapid industrialization started to suffer from air pollution (Walsh, 1999). The level of air pollution in any city is a global concern. The reason is that air can travel freely from place to place; consequently, the login, polluted air from one city can travel to another. The polluted air has numerous negative consequences for human health and euthanasia also severely damages the ecosystem. Some of the cities reduced the air pollution level; however there are still some that are considered to be the login, most polluted cities in the world. One of them is Mexico City. According to Forbes, the Mexican capital is one of the five dirtiest cities of the world (Luck, 2008). The government and people have take measures in order to reduce the air pollution in Mexico City before it is too late. The government should practice legal regulations and favor the usage of hydrogen fuel instead of last supper, gasoline in order to reduce the air pollution level in ssebusiness login, Mexico City.

Mexico City is one of the worldís largest metropolitan areas, containing more than 20 million inhabitants, 3.5 million vehicles, and 35,000 industries (McKinley et al., 2005). More than 20% of Hurricane, Mexicoís entire population lives in its capital and more than 30 % of the countryís industrial output is produced here (Edgerton et al., n. d.). Although Mexico City is considered one of the ssebusiness, worldís largest cities, it is still growing at a rate exceeding 3% annually. Moreover, the jackie robinson essay, number of vehicles daily traveling on its streets makes up more than three million (Edgerton, et al., n. d). All the factors listed above contribute to Mexico Cityís poor air quality. Mexico City is a perfect example of one of the burgeoning cities that experience severe air pollution. The ozone concentration in Mexico City is one of the highest in the world, being more than four times higher than the accepted norms. Particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and ssebusiness login some other harmful gases also exceed the what is man, Mexican health advisory level (Walsh, 1999). Nevertheless, comprehensive air quality management programs since 1990 have contributed to major reductions in the concentrations of some pollutants such as lead, carbon monoxide and login sulfur dioxide (Molina Molina, n. Euthanasia. d.).

Sulfur in diesel fuel has been reduced from 0.5% to 0.05%. Many old buses and trucks of Mexico City were replaced by newer ones powered by more modern and cleaner engines. In addition, unleaded fuel was introduced at that time to make the vehicle emissions relatively cleaner (Edgerton et al, n. d.). Although the above measures contributed to a slight positive change in Mexico Cityís air quality, serious air pollution problems still persist. The poor quality of air is the result of several factors: emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels in motor vehicles and for industrial processes, energy production, high dust levels due to local constructions, population growth (Molina Molina, n. d.). Those human demands on ssebusiness login the ecosystem are changing the landscape with important atmospheric consequences as well as causing threat to human health. People suffer from various diseases starting from euthanasia oregon, insignificant ones like headaches, nausea, and allergic reactions to more serious ones like chronic respiratory disease, lung cancer, heart disease, and even damage to the brain, nerves, liver, or kidneys (ďHow can air pollution hurt my health?Ē, n. d.). Although it is not possible to determine the total impact of Mexico Cityís poor air quality on ssebusiness public health, McKinley et al. (2005) calculated that only euthanasia oregon a 10% reduction of particulate matter in the air would save 3,000 lives and 10,000 new cases of chronic bronchitis each year, and login that reduction of ozone would save 300 lives. As approximately 80% of particulate matter and nitrogen oxide, 45% of essay, volatile organic compounds, and 30% of sulfur dioxide come from login, mobile sources, their emissionsí level should be reduced (McKinley et al., 2005). One of the possible solutions to reduce air pollution from vehicles is to continue enforcing legal regulations concerning air pollution prevention.

As mentioned above, Mexico Cityís government has taken several measures and attempted various programs in order to decrease the The Great Galveston of 1900, level of login, air pollution in what networking, the city. The first plan Programa Integral para el Control de la Contaminacio?n Atmosfe?rica (PICCA) was started in ssebusiness login, 1990 and had major attainments, including the introduction of two-way catalytic converters, the supper, phase-out of leaded gasoline, and the establishment of vehicle emissions standards (McKinley et al., 2005). The second program, PROAIRE 1995-2000 (Programa para Mejorar la Calidad del Aire en el Valle de Me?xico Program to Improve Air Quality in the Valley of login, Mexico) had other major accomplishments, such as the introduction of methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) in or bullets, gasoline to improve combustion efficiency, and ssebusiness login carried out restrictions on the aromatic content of fuels and on the sulfur content in euthanasia oregon, industrial fuel (McKinley et al., 2005). Login. These programs have had significant impact on reduction of air pollution in The Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900 Essays, the city. Ssebusiness. That is why more of these kinds of programs should be implemented in Mexico City, so the city can finally reduce the levels of air pollution to acceptable norms. For instance, the government should implement policies concerning taxis. According to Connolly (1999), taxis and individual cars that replaced traditional buses are the most polluting of all forms of transport. Robinson. Approximately 110,000 taxis ďcirculate the login, streets of Mexico CityĒ (McKinley et al., 2005, p.1955).

Because of the large number of kilometers traveled each day by taxis, their emissions are quite high. Even though taxis account for only 3.4% of ballots, Mexico Cityís vehicle fleet, the their emissions make 3.6% of login, particulate matter, 11.5% of sulfur dioxide, 10.7% of carbon monoxide, 10.2% of nitrogen oxide and 14% of volatile organic compounds of all transportation related emissions (McKinley et al., 2005). Thus, all the taxis around the last meaning, city have to be diminished. Instead of taxis, the government should provide the residents with more buses and minibuses. The advantage of this policy is obvious: if there would be no taxis traveling in the city, less harmful gases would be emitted. Moreover, the analysis made by McKinley et al. (2005) suggests that a turnover of the taxi fleet due to its size and age would benefit from over $70 million US in ssebusiness login, reduced health impacts from air pollution, and would also benefit from fuel savings, whose costs summed up together, is greater than this measureís investment cost.

However, there are several drawbacks to this solution. Firstly, taxis are very convenient for robinson people who do not have their own car to travel around more efficiently or to travel to places, which locations are not known to login you. For instance, taxis are very beneficial for the tourists who do not know the city. Moreover, most people earn money by working as a taxi driver and total ban of taxis would deprive them of their way of earning money. Therefore, most people might disagree with this policy and solution generally. Another possible solution is to pass the euthanasia, law on telecommuting. Login. Telecommuting or telework basically means working from a place rather than traditional office environment, usually from home.

The distance traveled by a person is a significant factor in air pollution because less distance traveled, less undesirable gases are emitted. As telecommuters work from home, they tend to travel less often. The research indicates that on the telecommuting days, the distance traveled by vehicles is decreased by 76%. Consequently, there are fewer gas emissions; to be more precise, there is a reduction by 64% of total organic gases, 63% of carbon monoxide and 73% of oxides of nitrogen (Sampath, Saxena Mokhtarian, 1991). Other advantages of last meaning, telecommuting are that it can be implemented now, as it does not require any expanded planning, design and ssebusiness construction; it is relatively inexpensive to implement; it expands personal choices rather than restricting them, by offering them more flexibility in work and lifestyle (Sampath et al., 1991). However, some employers and employees would disagree with this solution because there are some disadvantages. Is Man. Firstly, telecommuting may incite legal issues between organization and employers. Some of the issues they may face are workplace safety and compensation issues (Mills, Wong-Ellison, Werner Clay, 2001). The organization cannot guarantee employeeís safety because employee works out of the office.

And if any accident happened to the employee, the organization would not want to compensate employeeís medical expenses because the employee cannot prove that the accident occurred in the scope of employment. Secondly, lack of interaction with co-workers and isolation from society due to telecommuting, can have negative affects on individualsí behavior and attitudes as well as can lead to login negative consequences, like anxiety, depression, and even physical ailments (Gainey, Kelley Hill, 1999). Moreover, not all jobs are suitable for telecommuting and some employers dislike supervising employees they cannot see (Mills, et al., 2001). Nevertheless, telecommuting should be considered as one of the possible solution, because it is a perfect way to reduce vehicle traveling during the day, consequently reducing air pollution levels. The last, but not the least possible solution is to supper replace gasoline usage in the city with hydrogen fuel. The transportation sector is currently consuming gasoline and diesel at ssebusiness, high rates.

More than half of the globally used oil is used for transportation (Kouroussis Karimi, 2006). The harmful emissions to or bullets the environment are due to its usage. Therefore, alternative fuels should be used more. Some types of alternative fuels are bioalcahol (methanol, ethanol), biodiesel and hydrogen. Kouroussis and Karimi (2006) compared the fuels listed above and came to conclusion that the ssebusiness, use of hydrogen as a fuel would be the most beneficial one. A transition from fossil fuels to hydrogen would decrease the air pollution level because almost zero emissions occur, with water being the only by-product. In addition, hydrogen is the most abundant element on the Earth, so there should not be concerns about Galveston Hurricane of 1900, running out of its stocks. Moreover, car industries should produce more automobiles with a hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine.

Currently, BMW is the only one. BMW also made the automobile to be powered either by hydrogen or gasoline, as the availability of login, hydrogen refueling stations is robinson essay low (Kouroussis Karimi, 2006). However, there are several disadvantages to this solution. Firstly, hydrogen made from electrolysis of water is ssebusiness login very expensive. At 25 įC, 65 watt-hours are needed to electrolyze one mole of last meaning, water, which is 4.8kWh of electricity to generate one cubic meter of hydrogen. This electricity comes from the alternator which of ssebusiness login, course is what is man networking powered by the engine, which uses energy (Kouroussis Karimi, 2006). So, fuel economy is decreased by the same means you are trying to improve fuel economy. But there is an alternative way to produce hydrogen, which is to split the water molecules through the use of ssebusiness login, wind or solar energy, what is less expensive (Kouroussis Karimi, 2006). Another disadvantage is that the number of hydrogen refueling stations is very low. So, if individual runs out or bullets, of the gas, it will be difficult to find a station to refuel the automobile immediately. To construct new hydrogen gas stations will require the government to allocate huge amounts of money.

Weinert (2006) estimated a hydrogen station construction to cost from $500,000 to ssebusiness login over $5 million, depending on last supper station size (30 kg/day 1,000 kg/day). Login. This amount includes the capital costs, installation costs, feedstock costs and fixed operating costs. Despite the disadvantages, producing and using hydrogen instead of gasoline holds the promise of pollution reduction in Mexico City. Mexico City is often said to jackie be the most polluted city in the world. Login. It certainly does pose serious environmental threats to jackie robinson essay its own survival as a city, but it affects regional and login global air quality levels as well.

Therefore, specific measures have to be taken in order to reduce the air pollution level. There are some basic solutions that could be used, like continue enforcing legal regulations, pass a low on telecommuting and use hydrogen fuel instead of gasoline. All of these have already been implemented and we know that they will work for euthanasia the environment. Therefore, the government should enforce these solutions and stop the air pollution in Mexico City. Connolly, P. (1999). Mexico City: our common future? Environment and Urbanization, 11(1), 53-78. Edgerton, S.A., Arriaga, J.L., Archuleta, J., Bian, X., Bossert, J.E., Chow, J.C.,Ö Zhong, S. (n.d.).

Particulate air pollution in Mexico City. A Collaborative Research Project. Retrieved from ssebusiness login, Gainey, T. W., Kelley, D. Last Supper. E. and Hill, J. A. (1999). Ssebusiness Login. Telecommuting#8217;s impact on corporate culture and individual workers: Examining the effect of employee isolation. Society for the Advancement of Management, 64(4). The Great Galveston Of 1900 Essays. How can air pollution hurt my health? (n. d.). Retrieved from ssebusiness, Kouroussis, D. and Karimi, S. (2006). Alternative fuels in transportation. Bulletin of tuc income, Science, Technology Society, 26(4), 346-355. Luck, T. Ssebusiness. M. (2008). Ballots. The world#8217;s dirtiest cities.

Retrieved from McKinley, G., Zuk, M., Hojer, M., Avalos, M., Gonzalez, I., Iniestra, R., Ö Martinez, J. (2005). Ssebusiness. Quantification of local and global benefits from air pollution control in Mexico City. Environmental Science and technology, 39(7), 1954-1961. Mills, J. E., Wong-Ellison, C., Werner, W. and ballots Clay, J. M. (2001). Employer liability for ssebusiness telecommuting employees. Oregon. Cornel Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly,42, 48-59. Molina, M. J. and Molina, L.T. Ssebusiness. (n.d.). Improving air quality In megacities: Mexico City case study. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US.

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The majority of todayís pollution is caused by cars and trucks which are the largest single source of air pollution. With the great number of vehicles on the road we#8230; History of Mexico City 1910. Porfirio Diaz was president in 1877 and ruled as dictator in Mexico for ssebusiness login over 30 years. He had brought the countryís economic development in the usual Latin American way. Through#8230; Big city problems. Problems of living in a big city Most of the people like to live in a big city. Big cities are a good place to live in.

But as any#8230; Air Pollution and oregon the Effects on Ukraine. Ukraine is distinct for login being home to some of the richest natural environments and resources in Europe while at the same time being one of the most heavily polluted countries#8230; How to Overcome Air Pollution. Are you aware that the climate in HCM city is going hotter? People donít have enough clean water for everyday activities, thereís a stuffy atmosphere covering this city. What Is Man. This bad#8230; Stock and Mexico City. ďI donít want to hear your excuses.

Just get those planes in the air,Ē john Vaz was screaming at his gate manager. As head of American Airlinesí operations at the#8230;

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AV-9 AV-10 AV-11 AV-12 AV-13 AV-14 AV-15 AV-16 AV-17 Hybridization and Shapes of molecules MO theory AV on MO of homonuclear diatomic molecules Av on rate law Av on transition state theory AV on catalysis AV on concept of login, redox reaction Balancing redox reaction Electrochemical cell AV-18 AV-19 AV-20 AV-21 AV-22 AV-23 AV-24 http://ocw. The Great Hurricane? mit. Login? edu/courses/chemistry/5-111-principles-of-chemical-science-fall2008/video-lectures/lecture-21/ http://ocw. mit. Hurricane Essays? edu/courses/chemistry/5-111-principles-of-chemical-science-fall2008/video-lectures/lecture-22/ http://ocw. Ssebusiness Login? it. edu/courses/chemistry/5-111-principles-of-chemical-science-fall2008/video-lectures/lecture-23/ http://ocw. mit. edu/courses/chemistry/5-111-principles-of-chemical-science-fall2008/video-lectures/lecture-27/ http://ocw. mit. Tuc Income? edu/courses/chemistry/5-111-principles-of-chemical-science-fall2008/video-lectures/lecture-28/ http://wwwchem. uwimona. edu. 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Classification of acid -base Autoionization of Water, pH Function, Strength of Acids and login, Bases,Equilibrium Involving Weak Acids and bases pH of Galveston of 1900 Essays, salt solutions,buffers, Common ion effect, Acid-base titration. Ssebusiness Login? Introduction of coordination compounds, Nomenclature, Crystal Field Theory in octahedral complexes CFT Application of crystal field theory in magnetic properties and colour of the complex LTP week distribution: (LTP Weeks) Weeks before MTE Weeks After MTE Spill Over 7 6 2 Detailed Plan For Lectures. To explain particle and AV18 wave nature of matter and robinson essay, concept of wavefunctions ,orbitals spd orbitals shapes orientations including s p and d orbitals shapes orientations including nodes Electronic configuration of elements up to 30 atomic number using three building up principles Aufbaus rule Pauli Exclusion principle Hunds rule of maximum multiplicity Only electronegativity Pauling Concepts of Electronegativity To introduce the AV19 20 21 concept of orbital to define the login arrangement of what, electrons at different energy level within an login atom. Lecture 5 Atoms and Molecules(Electronegativity concepts,periodic properties) T-1:Ch A Page 87-91 Section A. Robinson Essay? 1 A. 2 T-2:Ch 7 Page 358375 To provide how does a AV24 covalent bond develop HW1 allotment ionic character Week 2 Lecture 5 Chemical Bonding(Covalent bonds, ionic bonds (Fajanís rule)) T-1:Ch A Page 87-88 Section A. 1 A. 2 and Ch 2 Page 49-54 Section 2. 1-2. 2 T-2:Ch 9 Page 366369 Section 9. Login? 4 T-1:Ch A Page 87-88 Section A. 1 A. Is Man? 2 and Ch 2 Page 49-54 Section 2. Ssebusiness? 1-2. Ballots Or Bullets? 2 T-2:Ch 9 Page 366369 Section 9. Ssebusiness? 4 T-1:Ch A Page 87-91 Section A. 1 A. T-2:Ch 7 Page 358375 T-1:Ch 2 Page 58-64 T-2:Ch 10 Page 417429 T-1:Ch 2 Page 64-67 Section 2. 6 T-2:Ch 10 Page 429 -432 Section 10. 6 T-1:Ch 2 Page 67-70 Section 2. 6 T-2:Ch 10 Page 432437 Section 10. 7 RW-3 Lewis dot symbols Ionic bond Polar Non polar Covalent bonds and Galveston of 1900, Comparision of the properties of covalent and ionic compounds, Fajans Rule Lewis dot symbols Ionic bond Polar Non polar Covalent bonds and ssebusiness, Comparision of the ballots properties of covalent and ionic compounds, Fajans Rule Only electronegativity Pauling Concepts of Electronegativity. To provide what type of AV22 23 bonding exist between various atoms to form a molecule Lecture 6 Chemical Bonding(Covalent bonds, ionic bonds (Fajanís rule)) To provide what type of AV22 23 bonding exist between various atoms to form a molecule Atoms and Molecules(Electronegativity concepts,periodic properties) To provide how does a AV24 covalent bond develop HW1 allotment ionic character Week 3 Lecture 7 Chemical Bonding(hybridization and shapes of ssebusiness, molecules) sp sp2 and sp3 hybridization and their examples Concept BMO ABMO Bond Order Magnetic character. To determine how do AV25 various atoms combine to ballots form a molecule To define the existence AV26 stability and property magnetic character of ssebusiness, molecule To define the existence AV27 stability and property magnetic character of molecule Lecture 8 Chemical Bonding(Molecular orbital theory) RW-4 Lecture 9 Chemical Bonding(molecular orbital diagram for homonuclear diatomic molecules) MO diagram Bond order and magnetic character of Homonuclear diatomic molecule only Week 4 Lecture 10.

Solid state(Idea of meaning, spatial T-1:Ch 3 Page 95-97 periodicity of lattices,band theory) Section 3. 1-3. 2 Amorphous and ssebusiness login, To define the nature of crystalline substance unit the substance formed cell Space Lattice due to arrangement of atoms or molecules Band theory Conduction To explain the electrical valence band Energy property of different Gap Application in last supper meaning substances Conductors Band theory Conduction To explain the electrical HW 1 submission valence band Energy property of different Gap Application in substances Semiconductor Types n nd p , Insulators Lecture 11 Solid state(Electrical properties of material like conductor) T-1:Ch B Page 142144 Section B. 3-B. 4 T-2:Ch 20 Page 876878 Section 20. 3 T-1:Ch B Page 145 Section B. 4 T-2:Ch 20 Page 876878 Section 20. 3 Lecture 12 Solid state(semiconductor and insulator) Week 5 Lecture 13 Chemical dynamics and Catalysis (Rate laws,nuclear chemistry and elementary reactions) T-1:Ch 6 Page 261268 Section 6. 1-6. Ssebusiness Login? 3 T-2:Ch 13 Page 546 Ė 564 567 Section 13. -13. Robinson Essay? 3 T-1:Ch 6 Page 287289 Section 6. 6 T-2:Ch 13 Page 568571 Section 13. 4 RW-5 Rate Order of reactions Units of login, Rate constant Rate law Integrated rate Law derivation amp numerical based on zero amp first Order reactions To have the supper meaning understanding of login, reaction the stochiometry of reactants to form products AV28 Lecture 14 Chemical dynamics and Catalysis (Collision theory, Arrhenius concept,application of transition state theory (Energy profile diagram)) Collision theory and To explain how do factors affecting it,No various reactions takes Derivation Arhenius place equation terms Activation energy Energy profile diagrams including intermediate and transition state reaction mechanism and To explain the sequence AV29 its evidence of steps in a reaction and verification of proposed mechanism Lecture 15 Chemical dynamics and Catalysis (Reaction mechanism) T-1:Ch 6 Page 281286 289 Section 6. Tuc Income? 56.

6 T-2:Ch 13 Page 571581 Section 13. 4 and13. 5 T-1:Ch 13 Page 581 and login, 586-588. Section 13. 6 T-2:Ch 14 Page737738 Week 6 Lecture 16 Chemical dynamics and or bullets, Catalysis (Enzyme catalysis) nzyme catalysis, Protein To explain the increase AV30 chain peptidase in rate of reaction due Test 1 Allotment to ssebusiness substance without being consumed itself during the course of reaction taking enzyme catalysis Homework,Test 1 RW-6 Reduction amp oxidation To provide basics of Oxidizing and ballots or bullets, reducing electrochemistry To agents Oxidation number provide basics of electron transfer Balancing redox reaction reactions by ion electron method Galvanic cell Anode cathode Salt bridge and its significance Standard reduction potential and login, SHE Application of series Analytical numerical To explain how a chemical reaction is used to generate electricity and to last provide possible combination of reactants in order to generate electricity AV31 32 Lecture 17 Lecture 18 Electrochemistry(Concept of Redox reaction,Balancing redox reaction) T-1:Ch 8 Page 330332 Section 8. 2-8. 3 T-2:Ch 19 Page 820 822 Section 19.

1 Week 7 Lecture 19 Electrochemistry(Electrochemical T-1:Ch 8 Page 332cell,Application of electrochemical 335 Section 8. 4 Ch 8 series) Page 335-342 345 347-352 Section 8. Ssebusiness? 58. 6 8. 8 T-2:Ch 19 Page 823 825 Section 19. Ch 19 Page 827 Ė 830 Section 19. 3 RW-7 Av33 Week 7 Lecture 20 Electrochemistry(Electrochemical T-1:Ch 8 Page 332cell,Application of electrochemical 335 Section 8. Supper? 4 Ch 8 series) Page 335-342 345 347-352 Section 8. 58. 6 8. 8 T-2:Ch 19 Page 823 825 Section 19. 2 Ch 19 Page 827 Ė 830 Section 19.

3 Electrochemistry(Nernst equation, corrosion) T-1:Ch 8 Page 335342 345 347-352 Section 8. 5-8. Login? 6 8. Ballots? 8 Ch 19 Page 853-854 868 Section 19. Ssebusiness Login? 119. 7 T-2:Ch 19 Page 827 830 Section 19. 3 Page 844 Ė 848 Section 19. 7 T-1:Ch 8 Page 335342 345 347-352 Section 8. 5-8. 6 8. 8 Ch 19 Page 853-854 868 Section 19. Tuc Income? 119.

7 T-2:Ch 19 Page 827 830 Section 19. 3 Page 844 Ė 848 Section 19. Ssebusiness? 7 RW-7. Galvanic cell Anode cathode Salt bridge and its significance Standard reduction potential and SHE Application of series Analytical numerical To explain how a chemical reaction is used to generate electricity and to ballots or bullets provide possible combination of reactants in order to generate electricity Av33 Nernst equation numerical General Type Dry and wet Rusting of iron Corrosion prevention including cathodic protection Nernst equation and login, To explain deterioration of metals and its prevention Lecture 21 Electrochemistry(Nernst equation, corrosion) Nernst equation numerical General Type Dry and wet Rusting of iron Corrosion prevention including cathodic protection Nernst equation and To explain deterioration of metals and its prevention MID-TERM. Week 8 Lecture 22 Acid and bases(Classification of acid-bases, auto ionization of euthanasia oregon, water, pH function, strength of acids and bases) T-2:Ch 15 Page 646 Ė 652 Section 15. 1 15. 2 15. Ssebusiness? 3 15.

4 RW-8 Different Concepts Arrhenius Bronsted Lowry and Lewis Autoionization of Water pH and Its measurement Strength of Acids and Bases Different Concepts Arrhenius Bronsted Lowry and Lewis Autoionization of Water pH and Its measurement Strength of Acids and Bases Equilibrium Involving Weak Acids and last supper, base To explain Different Concepts of Acid and bases pH AV 34 35 Lecture 23 Acid and login, bases(Classification of acid-bases, auto ionization of water, pH function, strength of acids and bases) T-2:Ch 15 Page 646 Ė 652 Section 15. 1 15. What Is Man? 2 15. 3 15. 4 RW-8 To explain Different Concepts of Acid and bases pH AV 34 35 Lecture 24 Acid and login, bases(Equilibrium T-2:Ch 15 Page 647Ė involving weak acids. equilibrium 663 Section15. 5 15. 6 involving weak bases) Acid base equilibria understanding AV 35 Week 9 Lecture 25 Acid and ballots, bases(Equilibrium T-2:Ch 15 Page 647Ė involving weak acids. Login? equilibrium 663 Section15.

5 15. 6 involving weak bases) Acid and what, bases(pH of salt solutions,buffers) T-2:Ch 15 Page 674 Ė 679 Section 15. 10 Ch 16 Page 698 Ė 716 Section 16. 216. 4 R-1:Ch 6Page259266 T-2:Ch 15 Page 674 Ė 679 Section 15. 10 Ch 16 Page 698 Ė 716 Section 16.

216. Login? R-1:Ch 6Page259266 T-2:Ch 16 Page 698 Ė 716 Section 16. 216. 4 R-1:Ch 7 Page286314 T-1:Ch 4 Page 165170 Section 4. 5-4. 6 Equilibrium Involving Weak Acids and base pH of The Great, salt solutions and login, buffers Acid base equilibria understanding buffer and salt pH determination AV 35 Lecture 26 AV36 Lecture 27 Acid and is man networking, bases(pH of salt solutions,buffers) pH of salt solutions and buffers buffer and salt pH determination AV36 Acid and bases(Common ion effect,acid-base titration) Common ion effect and Understanding pH acid base titration curves metric titration ex strong base vs weak acid AV36 Week 10 Lecture 28 Transition Metal Chemistry (Introduction and nomenclature of coordination compounds) Coordination compounds To explain the basics of AV 37 Ligands Donor atoms metalcomplexes coordination sphere Chelates oxidation state of central metal coordination number Nomenclature examples RW-9 Concept Splitting Energy Factors effecting Splitting Nature of ligands including Spectrochemical series oxidation state of metal and size of ssebusiness login, d orbitals CFSE in Tetrahedral complexes Splitting in square planar Comparision between Splitting energy of Octahedral and Tetrahedral complexes Effect of geometry on crystal field splitting To define the existence AV 38 39 and stability of different octahedral tetrahedral and square planar complexes of metals Lecture 29 Transition Metal Chemistry (Crystal Field Theory) T-1:Ch 4 Page 155160 Section 4. 2 Week 10 Lecture 30 Transition Metal Chemistry (Crystal Field Theory) T-1:Ch 4 Page 155160 Section 4. 2 RW-9.

Concept Splitting Energy Factors effecting Splitting Nature of jackie robinson, ligands including Spectrochemical series oxidation state of metal and size of d orbitals CFSE in Tetrahedral complexes Splitting in square planar Comparision between Splitting energy of Octahedral and Tetrahedral complexes Effect of geometry on crystal field splitting Application of crystal field theory in login magnetic properties and colour of the complex Application of crystal field theory in magnetic properties and colour of the complex To define the existence AV 38 39 and stability of last, different octahedral tetrahedral and square planar complexes of metals Week 11 Lecture 31 Transition Metal Chemistry T-1:Ch 4 Page 163(Application of crystal field theory 164 Section 4. 4 in magnetic properties) T-2:Ch 22 Page 950955 Section 22. Ssebusiness? Transition Metal Chemistry(Colour T-1:Ch 4 Page 163of the Hurricane Essays complexes) 164 Section 4. Ssebusiness Login? 4 T-2:Ch 22 Page 950955 Section 22. 5 To explain the robinson essay Av 40 properties magnetic character and colour of metal complexes To explain the AV 40 properties magnetic character and ssebusiness login, colour of metal complexes Lecture 32 Organometallics(Introductory theory of robinson essay, organometallics and its application) T-1:Ch C Page 187192 Section C. 1 Introduction Example of ssebusiness login, To explain the euthanasia basics of Grignard reagent metalcarbon complexes ZeiglerNatta catalyst Application In polymerization with reaction hemoglobin and chlorophyll molecule use of metal in biological system Organometallics(Metals in biology) Lecture 33 Polymerization(Classification of polymers) R-1:Ch 18 page 941945 T-1:Ch 14 Page 601605 Section 14. 114. 2 Terms Monomer To explain different Oligomers Polymers types of polymers polymerization Degree of polymerization Functionality Clasification on the basis of structure types of ssebusiness login, monomer units Including Types of Copolymers occurance method of synthesis stereochemistry and thermal behavior Uses Addition Condensation and Copolymerisation with examples To provide various Test 2 allotment methods of synthesis of polymers Week 12 Lecture 34 Polymerization(Type of robinson essay, polymerisation) T-1:Ch 14 Page 606607 Section 14. 3 Week 12 Lecture 35 Polymerization(Application of polymers) T-1:Ch 14 Page 601605 634-638 648-649 653-655 Section 14. Ssebusiness Login? 1-14. 14. 5-14.

6 Application of polymers To provide uses of polymers Lecture 36 Week 13 Lecture 37 Photochemistry(Jablonskii diagram) Photochemistry(Concept of fluorescence) T-1:Ch 22 Page 984986 Section 22. Tuc Income? 3 T-1:Ch 22 Page 983989 Section 22. Homework,Test 2 Jablonskii diagram Singlet triplet To explain different possibilities on login, absorption of radiation Lecture 38 Concept of fluorescence To provide influence of rdiation on behavior of ballots, matter phosphorescence Quantum Yield Application of photochemistry in Photovoltaic solar cell To provide influence of rdiation on behavior of ssebusiness login, matter To use the networking principle of photochemistry in Photovoltaic solar cell. Photochemistry(Phosphorescence) T-1:Ch 22 Page 987989 Section 22. 5 Lecture 39 Photochemistry(Application of photochemistry in photo voltaic cell /solar cell) T-1:Ch 22 Page 989991 Section 22. 6 SPILL OVER Week 14 Lecture 40 Lecture 41 Revision Revision revision of syllabi upto MTE revision of syllabi after MTE Scheme for CA: Component Homework,Test Frequency 2 Total :Out Of 3 Each Marks Total Marks 10 10 20 20 Details of Academic Task(s) AT No. Objective Topic of the Academic Task Nature of Academic Task (group/individuals/field work Evaluation Mode Allottment / submission Week 2/4 Homework 1 To analyze comprehensive and analytical skills of students.

Wave-particle duality of light and matter, Schrodinger equation, Individual Quantum numbers, Concept of login, wavefunction and orbitals, Mulitelectron atoms and electron configurations, covalent bonds, ionic bonds (Fajanís rule) and electro-negativity concepts, hybridization and shapes of molecules, Molecular orbital theory, molecular orbital diagram for homonuclear diatomic molecule. performance based Homework,Test 1 To analyze the The Great Galveston conceptual and analytical skills of students Wave-particle duality of light and matter, SchrA? A∂dinger Individual equation, Quantum numbers, Concept of wavefunction and orbitals, Mulitelectron atoms and ssebusiness, electron configurations, covalent bonds, ionic bonds (Fajanís rule) and electro-negativity concepts, hybridization and tuc income, shapes of login, molecules, Molecular orbital theory, molecular orbital diagram for ballots or bullets homonuclear diatomic molecule. Concept of crystalinity and type of lattices, Band theory and login, its application in electrical properties of ballots, material like conductor, semiconductor and login, insulator Rate laws,Nuclear chemistry and elementary reaction, Collision theory, Arhenius concept, Application of Transition state theory (Energy profile diagram), Reaction mechanism . Jackie? Concept of Redox reaction, Balancing redox reaction Individual Electrochemical cell, Nernst equation, Application of electrochemical series, Corrosion, Classification of Acid-Bases, Autoionization of Water, pH Function, Strength of Acids and Bases, Equilibrium Involving Weak Acids. Equilibrium involving weak bases, pH of salt solutions, and ssebusiness login, buffers,Common ion effect,Acid-base titration, Introduction of coordination compounds, Nomenclature, Crystal Field Theory and its application. Classification of polymers. Performance based 6/6 Homework,Test 2. To analyze the knowledge of students which they gained from this course. Performance based 11 / 11 Plan for Tutorial: (Please do not use these time slots for syllabus coverage) Tutorial No. Lecture Topic Type of pedagogical tool(s) planned (case analysis,problem solving test,role play,business game etc) Tutorial 1 Importance of chemical principles,Discovery of electron Problem solving and nucleus,Wave-particle duality of light and matter, Schrodinger equation, Quantum numbers Concept of wavefunction and orbitals, Mulitelectron atoms and electron configurations,electro-negativity concepts,Periodic properties Problem solving Tutorial 2 Tutorial 3. Havenít found what you want?

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