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Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear Eats the Soul Essay

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Romance and Reality in Fassbinder s Movie, Fear Eats the Soul Essay

Nov 06, 2017 Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear Eats the Soul Essay, custom essay order -
Romance and Reality in Fassbinder s Movie, Fear Eats the Soul Essay

Communication Tools for Understanding Cultural Differences. Montaigne said, The most universal quality is diversity.[1] Given that diversity abounds, the project of understanding each other is both daunting and Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's, important. It is a journey never finished, because the process and the endpoints change constantly. The journey is bound up with communication and Our Dream into Orbit, conflict, since misunderstandings and miscommunication can cause and escalate conflict. Effective communication is Romance in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear Eats often the key to making progress in a conflict.

Progress through conflict is possible, and the route is twofold. First, self-knowledge and self-awareness are needed. Without these, our seemingly normal approaches to meaning-making and communication will never be clear enough that we can see them for prisoner tortured what they are: a set of lenses that shape what we see, hear, say, understand, and interpret. Romance And Reality? Second, cultural fluency is needed, meaning familiarity with culture and the ability to act on that familiarity.[2] Cultural fluency means understanding what culture is, how it works, and Taking Our Dream into Orbit, the ways culture and communication are intertwined with conflicts. This may sound simple enough, but it actually requires significant, continuous effort.

As Edward T. Hall writes in the introduction to his book, The Dance of Life ,[3] for us to understand each other may mean, reorganizing [our] thinking. and few people are willing to risk such a radical move. Communication theorists, anthropologists, and others have given us tools to develop awareness of our own lenses, and to facilitate the reorganization of thinking necessary to truly understand others whose starting points may differ from our own. Two of these tools are explored here. Communication Tools for Understanding Culture. Additional insights into communication tools for understanding cultural differences are offered by and Reality in Fassbinder's Eats Beyond Intractability project participants.

The tools we will examine here relate to communication and prisoner, ways of seeing the self in relation to others. They are: High-context and low-context communication, and Individualist and communitarian conceptions of self and other. Since all of these tools are used in the service of understanding culture, a working definition of culture is useful. Donal Carbaugh defines culture as a system of expressive practices fraught with feelings, a system of symbols, premises, rules, forms, and the domains and dimensions of and Reality Eats, mutual meanings associated with these.[4] He also suggests culture is terry fox words a learned set of Romance and Reality Movie, the Soul, shared interpretations about beliefs, values, and norms, which affect the behaviors of the rose and the nightingale, a relatively large group of people.[5] In each of these definitions, culture is linked to communication and a wide range of human experience including feelings, identity, and meaning-making. Communication is the Romance Fear Eats vehicle by which meanings are conveyed, identity is composed and reinforced, and Taking Orbit Essay, feelings are expressed. And Reality Movie, Fear Essay? As we communicate using different cultural habits and meaning systems, both conflict and harmony are possible outcomes of any interaction.

There is no comprehensive way to understand culture and its relationships to communication and conflict. The two tools outlined here give windows into how different groups of people make sense of their worlds. They are neither reliable guides to every member of psychoanalysis lens, a particular group nor are they fixed in nature, since culture is constantly evolving and changing as people within groups and the contexts around them change. These two sets of tools are the most frequently used classifications of cultures used by anthropologists and communication scholars. We begin with one of the most familiar sets of tools: high-context and low-context communication. Romance Eats? High-context and Low-context Communication refers to victimless crimes the degree to which speakers rely on factors other than explicit speech to convey their messages. This tool, developed by Edward T. Hall,[6] suggests that communication varies according to its degree of field dependence, and that it can be classified into two general categories -- high-context and low-context. Field dependence refers to the degree to which things outside the and Reality Movie, Essay communication itself affect the meaning. For example, a request for a child to shut the door relies comparatively little on context, while a comment containing meaning other than what is on stream examples, the surface relies largely on context for its meaning to be received. A high-context message of disagreement might be telegraphed to a spouse or a co-worker by the words chosen or the way they are spoken, even if no disagreement is explicitly voiced. Hall says that every human being is confronted by far more sensory stimuli than can possibly be attended to.

Cultures help by screening messages, shaping perceptions and interpretations according to a series of selective filters. In high-context settings, the screens are designed to let in implied meanings arising from the and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear the Soul Essay physical setting, relational cues, or shared understandings. In low-context settings, the screens direct attention more to the literal meanings of words and the rose, less to the context surrounding the words. All of us engage in and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear the Soul Essay both high-context and terry fox words, low-context communication. There are times we say what we mean, and mean what we say, leaving little to be read in to the explicit message. This is low-context communication. Romance The Soul Essay? At other times, we may infer, imply, insinuate, or deliver with nonverbal cues messages that we want to have conveyed but do not speak. Nightingale? This is high-context communication.

Most of the time, we are somewhere nearer the middle of the continuum, relying to some extent on context, but also on the literal meaning of words. To understand this distinction between high-context and low-context communication, ask yourself these questions: Do I tend to let my words speak for themselves, or prefer to be less direct, relying on what is implied by my communication? (low-context communication) Do I prefer indirect messages from and Reality Movie, Fear Essay others, and am I attuned to a whole range of verbal and nonverbal cues to examples help me understand the meaning of and Reality Movie,, what is said? (high-context communication) As will quickly become clear, most people can and do function at both ends of the high-context, low-context continuum. There are times when direct, clear communication is most appropriate, and times when it is preferable to communicate in the rose nightingale layers of meaning to in Fassbinder's Eats the Soul Essay save face, spare feelings, or allow for diffuse interpretations. Crimes? Most people rely on a whole range of verbal and nonverbal cues to understand the meaning of Romance and Reality Movie, Fear Eats Essay, what is said. Even in the most direct, low-context setting, meanings will be conveyed that are not explicitly spoken. The Rose Nightingale? The novelist Amy Tan describes the different starting points of English and Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Eats the Soul Essay, Chinese this way: I try to explain to my English-speaking friends that Chinese language is more strategic in of consciousness examples manner, whereas English tends to be more direct; an American business executive may say, 'Let's make a deal,' and the Chinese manager may reply, 'Is your son interested in learning about Movie, Fear the Soul Essay your widget business?' Each to victimless his or her own purpose, each with his or her own linguistic path.[7] As people communicate, they move along a continuum between high context and low context. Depending on the kind of relationship, the situation, and the purpose of communication, they may be more or less explicit and direct. In close relationships, communication short-hand is Romance in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear Eats the Soul Essay often used, which makes communication opaque to outsiders but perfectly clear to the parties. With strangers, the same people may choose low-context communication. Low- and high-context communication refers not only to individual communication strategies, but may be used to tortured understand cultural groups. Generally, Western cultures tend to gravitate toward low-context starting points, while Eastern and Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie,, Southern cultures tend to use high-context communication.

Within these huge categories, there are important differences and many variations. Lens? Where high-context communication tends to be featured, it is useful to pay specific attention to nonverbal cues and Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear Eats Essay, the behavior of others who may know more of the unstated rules governing the communication. Where low-context communication is the norm, directness is likely to be expected in return. It is less important to classify any communication as high or low context than it is to understand whether nonverbal or verbal cues are the most prominent. Without this understanding, those who tend to use high-context starting points may be looking for crimes shades of meaning that are not present, and Movie, Fear the Soul, those who prefer low-context communication may miss important nuances of terry fox words, meaning. Romance And Reality In Fassbinder's Movie, Fear The Soul Essay? The choice of nightingale, high-context and low-context as labels has led to unfortunate misunderstandings, since there is an implied ranking in Romance Movie, Fear the adjectives. In fact, neither is better or worse than the victimless other. They are simply different. Movie, The Soul? Each has possible pitfalls for cross-cultural communicators. Generally, low-context communicators interacting with high-context communicators should be mindful that. nonverbal messages and gestures may be as important as what is said; status and identity may be communicated nonverbally and require appropriate acknowledgement; face-saving and psychoanalysis lens, tact may be important, and need to be balanced with the desire to and Reality Fear Eats Essay communicate fully and frankly; building a good relationship can contribute to effectiveness over time; and lens, indirect routes and creative thinking are important alternatives to problem-solving when blocks are encountered. High-context communicators interacting with low-context communicators should be mindful that. things can be taken at face value rather than as representative of Romance Movie, Fear Eats the Soul, layers of meaning; roles and functions may be decoupled from status and identity; efficiency and effectiveness may be served by a sustained focus on tasks; direct questions and observations are not necessarily meant to offend, but to clarify and advance shared goals; and indirect cues may not be enough to get the other's attention.[8] As communicators factor awareness of high-context and victimless crimes, low-context communication into their relations, conflict may be lessened and even prevented.

Individualism and Communitarianism is the second dimension important to conflict and conflict resolution. In communitarian settings (sometimes called collectivist settings), children are taught that they are part of a circle of relations. This identity as a member of Romance the Soul, a group comes first, summed up in the South African idea of lens, ubuntu: I am because we are. In communitarian settings, members are rewarded for in Fassbinder's Fear Eats allegiance to group norms and values, interdependence, and cooperation. Wherever they go, their identity as a member of their group goes out in front. Identity is not isolated from others, but is determined with others according to group needs and views. When conflict arises, behavior and responses tend to be jointly chosen. Individualist patterns involve ideas of the self as independent, self-directed, and autonomous. Many Western conflict-resolution approaches presuppose exactly this kind of person: someone able to psychoanalysis make proposals, concessions, and Romance and Reality Movie, Essay, maximize gains in their own self-interest. Of Consciousness Examples? Children raised in this milieu are rewarded for initiative, personal achievement, and individual leadership. They may be just as close to their families as a child raised in a communitarian setting, but they draw the boundaries differently: in case of Movie, Fear Essay, a conflict, they may feel more free to terry fox words choose their individual preference.

Duty, honor, and deference to authority are less prominent for Romance Movie, Fear Eats Essay those with individualist starting points than communitarian ones. Individual and communitarian identities are two quite different ways of being in tortured the world. They connect at some point, of course, since all groups are made up of individuals and all individuals find themselves in in Fassbinder's Movie, Essay relationship with various groups. But the starting points are different. To discern the the rose nightingale basic difference, ask yourself which is Romance in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear the Soul most in crimes the foreground of your life, the welfare, development, security, prosperity, and well-being of Romance and Reality Movie, Eats the Soul, yourself and others as individuals, or the shared heritage, ecological resources, traditional stories, and group accomplishments of your people? Generally, those who start with individualism as their beginning tend to be most comfortable with independence, personal achievement, and terry fox words, a competitive conflict style. Those who start with a communal orientation are more focused on social connections, service, and a cooperative conflict style.

French anthropologist Raymonde Carroll, who is Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Essay married to a North American, suggests that North Americans tend to see individual identities as existing outside all networks. This does not mean that social networks do not exist, or that they are unimportant, but that it is notionally possible to see the self apart from these. In the North American view, there is a sense that the self creates its own identity, as in the expression, a self-made person. This view explains why it is unnecessary for North Americans to terry fox words hide things about their past, such as humble origins. It also explains why the alcoholic brother of a president of the United States is seen as having no connection to the president's standing or ability. In a communitarian setting, identity is defined much more by Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Fear the Soul Essay the person's social network, and lens, cannot be so easily separated. And Reality In Fassbinder's? One way to discern communitarian or individualist starting points is to listen to forms of greeting and address. Thomas Morning Owl, a member of the Confederated Umatilla Tribes in Oregon, reports that his response to the question 'Shinnamwa?' (Who are you?) would not be his name, but a description of his father, mother, and tribe, and the place they came from. Morning Owl reflects that individual identities are subsumed into the collective in his culture: Who preceded you, is who you are.[9] Members of communitarian cultures place less importance than individualists on relationships with outsiders, such as strangers or casual acquaintances. Boundaries around relationships tend to be less porous in communitarian contexts like Japan, where attention is focused on maintaining harmony and cohesion with the group.

In the individualist setting of the United States, by psychoanalysis lens contrast, friendly behavior is directed to members of in-groups and strangers alike. This difference can lead to misunderstandings across cultures, since the U.S. American behavior of friendliness to strangers may be seen as inappropriately familiar by and Reality in Fassbinder's Fear the Soul Essay those from communitarian settings, while U.S. Americans may find social networks in stream of consciousness communitarian settings very difficult to penetrate. No matter which starting point seems natural, it is important to keep the entire continuum in mind when trying to understand and in Fassbinder's Movie, Eats the Soul Essay, address conflict. From each vantage point, it is useful to remember some things: From an individualist starting point, achievement involves individual goal-setting and action; I am ultimately accountable to myself and must make decisions I can live with; while I consult with others about choices, I am autonomous: a discrete circle; and psychoanalysis, I believe in equality and consider everyone able to and Reality in Fassbinder's Eats make their own personal choices. From a communitarian starting point, maintaining group harmony and cohesion is important, and my decisions should not disrupt that; choices are made in consultation with family and authority figures and their input is weighted as heavily, or even more heavily, than mine. I am an overlapping circle amidst other overlapping circles; my decisions reflect on my group and I am accountable to them as a member; and I notice hierarchy and accept direction from those of higher status than myself. With these differences in mind, it is stream of consciousness important for individualists to recognize the web of relations encompassing the communitarian party to a conflict, and to act in Romance in Fassbinder's Movie, Eats the Soul recognition of those.

Similarly, it is helpful for those from crimes communitarian settings to remember that individualists value autonomy and initiative, and to act in ways that respect these preferences. Combining Starting Points: High-Context/Low-Context and in Fassbinder's Movie, Eats the Soul Essay, Individualism/Communitarianism. As with any set of starting points, neither of of consciousness, these starting points exists in isolation. High-context communication often corresponds with communitarian settings, just as low-context communication often occurs in individualist settings. This is not always true, but it is worth exploring because it is frequently the case. Where communitarianism is the preferred starting point, individual expression may be less important than group will. Romance Movie, Fear Essay? Indirect communication that draws heavily on nonverbal cues may be preferable in such a setting, because it allows for the rose and the nightingale multiple meanings, saves face, leaves room for group input into Romance and Reality Movie, Fear Eats decisions, and displays interdependence. In individualist settings, low-context communication may be preferable because it is direct, expresses individual desires and initiatives, displays independence, and terry fox words, clarifies the Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Fear Eats the Soul meaning intended by the speaker. Nobel Peace Laureate Jimmy Carter understood the stream importance of high-context communication with his counterparts from and Reality Fear Israel and Egypt in the historic Camp David peace negotiations.

In one example, Carter reports that Prime Minister Begin was about to leave the negotiations after several days, discouraged at having reached an impasse. Carter met Begin at his accommodations and presented him with pictures of the three heads of state, inscribed with the names of each of Begin's grandchildren. Prime Minister Begin repeated the crimes names of his grandchildren out loud as he paused to look at the pictures, seeming to reflect on the importance of the peace negotiations to in Fassbinder's Essay the grandchildren's futures. Carter knew instinctively that no direct, low-context appeal would work to bring Prime Minister Begin back to the negotiating table. Perhaps low-context requests were already tried without success.

Instead, Carter relied on a high-context reference to legacy, future generations, and the relations that Begin cared about. He invoked the communities each leader served by reminding Begin of the rose and the nightingale, his grandchildren. Through Carter's masterful, high-context appeal, negotiations resumed and peace was achieved between neighbors who had been in intractable conflict for Romance Movie, many years.[10] This example shows the psychoanalysis lens importance of these two interrelated starting points, individualism/communitarianism and low/high context. While there are many exceptions to cultural patterns and all of us use different starting points depending on the context, noticing the intersections of ways of making meaning is often a useful window into conflict dynamics. [1] Montaigne, 1580. And Reality In Fassbinder's Movie, Fear Eats? Quoted in Tracy Novinger. Intercultural Communication . (Austin: University of Texas Press, 2001) [2] This is closely related to prisoner tortured the concept of framing. [3] Edward T. Hall, The Dance of Life. Romance And Reality Fear The Soul Essay? The Other Dimension of Time (New York: Doubleday, 1983), 7. Prisoner? [5] Lustig, Myron and Jolene Koester. 1998.

Intercultural Competence: Interpersonal Communication Across Cultures (3 rd Ed.). (Addison-Wesley Publishing, 1998), 30. [6] Edward T. Fear Essay? Hall, Beyond Culture . (New York: Anchor/Doubleday, 1971) [7] Tan, Amy. The Language of Discretion, in About Language 3 rd Ed ., E.H.Roberts and G. Turgeon, eds. Psychoanalysis? (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1992), 142. [8] These points are taken from Michelle LeBaron, Bridging Cultural Conflicts: New Approaches for a Changing World (San Francisco: Jossey Bass, 2003) [9] Quoted in Tracy Novinger, Intercultural Communication (Austin, TX: University of and Reality the Soul, Texas Press, 2001), 31. [10] Jimmy Carter, Keeping Faith (New York: Bantam Books, 1982), 392, 399. Use the following to cite this article: LeBaron, Michelle. The Rose And The? Communication Tools for Understanding Cultural Differences. Beyond Intractability . Eds. Guy Burgess and Heidi Burgess. Conflict Information Consortium, University of Colorado, Boulder. Posted: June 2003 Please contact us if you encounter problems using the new site.

You can also still use the old homepage.if you prefer. The Intractable Conflict Challenge. Movie, Fear Essay? Our inability to constructively handle intractable conflict is making social problem solving impossible. Find out the rose and the about the Movie, problem and how Beyond Intractability can help you help address it. Concrete and realistic steps we LL can take to promote more constructive conflict processes and outcomes. This seminar takes a complexity-oriented approach to examining frontier-of-the-field issues related to difficult and intractable conflicts Visit, follow, or join the Conflict Frontiers Seminar (MOOS) to explore and discuss strategies for more constructively addressing these conflicts. Conflict Fundamentals Seminar/Blog. Brief readings and videos which highlight the conflict and peacebuilding field's fundamental building blocks Ė ideas which help people address both tractable and intractable conflicts more effectively. Beyond Intractability in Context Blog. Placing conflict and peacebuilding in the larger context of wise and equitable social problem-solving, this blog reports on news, opinion pieces, and reports that illustrate the challenges and successful responses to victimless crimes complex, intractable conflicts. Opportunities for becoming involved in a large-scale learning community working to promote more constructive approaches to conflict.

Tell us what YOU are doing that relates to these efforts! Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of Beyond Intractability, the Conflict Information Consortium, or the and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear Eats the Soul Essay University of Colorado. Copyright © 2003-2017 The Beyond Intractability Project, The Conflict Information Consortium, University of Colorado; All rights reserved. Content may not be reproduced without prior written permission. Prisoner Tortured? Citing Beyond Intractability resources.

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Nov 06, 2017 Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear Eats the Soul Essay, custom academic paper writing services -
Romance and Reality in Fassbinder s Movie, Fear Eats the Soul Essay

moral issues essay Youíve spent quite a bit of time in your English classes writing argumentative essays, and youíve even gotten pretty good at Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear Eats the Soul Essay, writing on the topics your instructor assigns. But when it comes to choosing your own argumentative essay topics, you draw a blank. Itís not that there arenít any good topics to choose from, but you start over-thinking it, wondering if each topic is lens, too cliche, overdone, or just not good enough. Chances are, all you need to do is Romance in Fassbinder's Movie,, relax and find a topic youíre passionate about and, of prisoner tortured course, one that is debatable. Why Pick Debatable Argumentative Essay Topics? Photo by in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear Eats David Hume Kennedy via Gerald R. Crimes? Ford Library. The name of the Romance in Fassbinder's Fear the Soul Essay essay says it allĖ argumentative . Crimes? It would be a lot easier to and Reality Movie, Fear Eats the Soul write an essay on something that people generally agree on, but thatís not really the point of an argumentative essay. Itís important to of consciousness choose debatable argumentative essay topics because you need opposing points that you can counter with your own points. The world isnít black and Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Fear whiteĖthere are a lot of gray areas, which is good because that means there are a lot of topics you can choose from. I have listed 50 argumentative essay topics below, phrased as questions, to of consciousness help get you started.

Iíve separated the topics into in Fassbinder's Fear Eats the Soul Essay five categoriesĖlegal, moral, social, media and terry fox words familyĖand included a helpful link for each topic. Feel free to use the topics for your own essay, or as inspiration to create your own original topic. 10 Legal Argumentative Essay Topics. Argumentative essay topics about legal matters are a popular choice. Romance Eats The Soul Essay? These types of topics can include laws that you would want to Taking Our Dream into create, change or completely abolish. They can also discuss certain benefits or negative aspects of existing laws. You donít have to get super technical with legal argumentative essays, but be sure to Romance and Reality Fear Eats do your research on what the into Essay current laws about your chosen topic actually say. Romance And Reality In Fassbinder's Movie,? After all, you donít want to Taking into Orbit suggest a changing a law thatís already been changed in the way you want. Should cigarettes and and Reality Eats other tobacco products be outlawed? Should prostitution be legal?

Do the benefits of medical marijuana justify its legality? Is the drinking age appropriate (should it be lower, higher, or stay the same)? Should nuclear weapons be outlawed worldwide? Should the United States put more restrictions on prisoner tortured gun ownership and and Reality in Fassbinder's Fear the Soul use? At what age should girls have access to lens birth control without the consent of their parents?

Does outlawing controlled substances only create a larger black market? Should corporations be granted personhood? In what situations, if any, does a woman have a right to an abortion? 10 Moral Argumentative Essay Topics. Moral argumentative essay topics are some of the easiest to get carried away with. They can cover a variety of moral dilemmas, from animal testing to and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Eats Essay the death penalty. These topics tend to be very debatable because everyone has different opinionsĖand justifications for those opinionsĖon what they think is right or wrong.

If youíre talking about human or animal rights, and itís something youíre very passionate about, itís tempting to let your emotions take over. The Rose? While itís good to be passionate in an argumentative essay, remember to keep your thoughts focused and organized. Itís definitely worth your time to in Fassbinder's Eats create an psychoanalysis lens outline so you donít stray off topic. Photo by in Fassbinder's Fear the Soul John Snape via flickr. Is animal testing necessary? Should consumers buy items from countries that endorse child labor? Do patients have a right to die via physician-assisted suicide? Should childrenís beauty pageants be banned? Are nude photographs appropriate in terry fox words, museums that are open to Romance in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear Eats the Soul Essay the public?

Should schools and businesses give more incentives for people to do volunteer work? Are atheists less moral than theists? Does freedom of terry fox words speech give people the right to use hate speech? Do people who commit heinous crimes deserve the death penalty? Do pre-employment drug tests infringe on personal privacy rights? 10 Social Argumentative Essay Topics. Social argumentative essay topics tend to overlap with legal and Romance and Reality Movie, the Soul moral topics, but deal more about how individuals act within society and Our Dream Orbit Essay what kinds of pressures society puts on individuals or groups of Romance Movie, Eats Essay people.

This is a pretty broad category, so there are a lot of topics to choose from and even more that you could create on your own. If you get stuck on which topic to write about, consider something that personally affects you or someone close to you. This should make writing about that topic come more naturally. Just be sure to rely on facts and not on lens personal anecdotes, which are more appropriate to and Reality Fear Eats the Soul Essay the narrative essay realm. Is there too much pressure on teenagers to go to Essay college? At what age should citizens be allowed to Romance and Reality Movie, Eats the Soul vote in the United States? Should more rights be given to immigrants?

Can heterosexual men and women truly be friends with no hopes or expectations of anything more? In what case(s) could it be considered fair for a company to tortured not hire a candidate who smokes cigarettes? Should the Eats United States make English the official national language? Should women wear less revealing clothing in prisoner, order to curb menís catcalling? Do prisoners deserve the Romance in Fassbinder's Movie, Eats the Soul Essay right to vote? Should there be a legal curfew for minors? Can online dating replace meeting a person in real life? 10 Advertising and Media Argumentative Essay Topics.

Advertising and and the nightingale the media have become nearly inseparable from and Reality in Fassbinder's Fear Essay society as a whole. Essays written on these topics can include how media (television, news, movies, magazines, social media, etc.) affects society, and victimless what should be allowed to Romance and Reality Fear the Soul Essay be seen or heard through media and prisoner tortured advertisements. Inspiration to and Reality Movie, Eats the Soul create your own advertising or media argumentative essay topics isnít hard to find. Our Dream Into Orbit? Just turn on a television and donít change the channel when the commercials come on. Pay close attention to all things electronic, and Romance Eats youíll be sure to tortured find something debatable about Fear the Soul what you see. Photo by Rod Allday via Wikimedia Commons. Should sex be allowed to psychoanalysis be portrayed on prime time television?

Where should networks draw the and Reality in Fassbinder's Fear Essay line for and the nightingale, violence on television? Should news shows talk about celebrities? Do journalists have a duty to eliminate as much bias as possible? Is it acceptable for companies to advertise in schools? In what situations should advertisements for alcohol and tobacco products be allowed? Should warnings and side effects be made more clear in advertisements?

Is print advertising obsolete? Do TV shows and movies have the responsibility of Movie, Fear being more diverse? Are public service announcements effective? 10 Family Argumentative Essay Topics. Argumentative essay topics covering family life and values are abundant. Thatís because every family is different.

Rules in families vary on a case-by-case basis, contrary to terry fox words laws that govern a state or nation. Because each family is Romance and Reality Movie, Fear the Soul Essay, different, itís hard to psychoanalysis generalize in these types of and Reality in Fassbinder's Fear the Soul essays. The Rose? However, if you look into research on Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Essay child development and of consciousness examples psychology, marital psychology, and and Reality Eats the Soul Essay personal stories from lens parents and their children, you can get enough information to make an argument for any of the topics below (or for a topic of and Reality in Fassbinder's the Soul your own). Photo by Eric Ward via Wikimedia Commons. Final Thoughts on Choosing Argumentative Essay Topics. As you can see, there are a lot of debatable argumentative essay topics you can choose from (way more than are on this list). For more ideas, read 20 Persuasive Essay Topics to Help You Get Started. Once youíre ready to come up with a thesis, check out these Argumentative Thesis Statement Examples.

When you are picking your topic, keep in mind that itís much easier to Taking Our Dream into Orbit write about something that you already have interest inĖeven if you donít know a whole lot about Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear the Soul it. Researching the topic will allow you to victimless learn more about what fascinates you, and if you pick something you actually like , writing the essay will be more enjoyable. If youíve wrapped up your argument, but you think there may be a few holes in your logic, send your essay over to the Kibin editors. And Reality In Fassbinder's Movie, Fear Eats The Soul? Theyíll help give you the winning edge in whatever youíre debating. Psst.

98% of Kibin users report better grades! Get inspiration from over 500,000 example essays. About the Author. Eden Meirow is a self-employed freelance writer with a passion for English, history and education. You can find her on Google+. Thank you for these! I appreciate that you divided the topics into type! Awesome! Glad you found what you were looking for. #128578; Hello Naomi, what will be a good Hook for Argumentative essay about anti immigrants.

I want prove them wrong and show them posative side from immigrants, thanks for the help. Hi AbdulĖIím not sure *who youíre proving wrong? However, if you are writing a pro-immigrant essay, I would suggest starting with an emotional hook. A hook that makes the story of immigration a HUMAN story is a compelling story. Thank you for the help and the quick feedback! Please give me an example. Is the hook on prisoner the title or on the body? Thanks. The hook is the first sentence of your intro paragraph. Hey, I have an arguementative assay due and I have NOOO idea what to the Soul Essay do it on can u help? Btw Iím 14 so it needs to be school appropriate.?

HiyaĖ so I think the important thing would be to choose a topic that you are actually interested in. Prisoner? At 14, and Romance in Fassbinder's Fear the Soul sorry if Iím stereotyping you due to your age, perhaps a good argument would be to discuss the effects of video games on young people. Terry Fox Words? Here is a great resource to help you: I looked @ the ideas but Iím still not sure. What would be a good resource for supporting the opinion that physician-assisted suicide is Romance and Reality Movie, the Soul Essay, morally wrong? Iím having a hard time choosing a new topic for my argumentative essay.

I was writing on how smoking should be outlawed but my professor told me she couldnít help me on this and Taking Our Dream Orbit it was a hard topic to argue about. Can you please help. It sounds like your teacher wants you to Romance and Reality Eats the Soul get more specific than that topic (which, to be fair, is crimes, pretty broad). A more specific version might be: In what case(s) could it be considered fair for a company to not hire a candidate who smokes cigarettes? Or you could argue that more cities should enact smoking bans which disallow smoking in our near public places (look at laws in California and Colorado for example). I need to write an argumentative research paper about 3000 words. Do you have any suggestions for a topic that I can find so much things to write about?

I hope that one of the 50 above topics will get you thinking about Romance and Reality Movie, Fear the Soul Essay what you want to write about. My biggest piece of advice is definitely choose a topic that you care about, otherwise you are really going to struggle getting 3000 words down. Think about the topics that get you fired up during your regular day-to-day lifeĖmaybe you can turn one of victimless those topics into an argument. Speaking of 3k words, hereís a good post on making an essay longer (without adding useless fluff): Iím sorry to hear that. Maybe youíll find this post to Romance and Reality Eats the Soul Essay be helpful in your quest for the perfect topic: Same I have to Our Dream do that.

I need to Romance and Reality Movie, Fear Eats write 3 essays and I 5 days to do it need HELP and Iím 15. Hi DysonĖeep thatís a lot of essays in a short amount of time. Youíre going to want to examples stay organized. Check out and Reality in Fassbinder's Eats the Soul, this post with 7 different outline templates that you could use: Thank you for that it really helps me. Youíre welcome.

Thanks for reading! Hi, I was hoping to the rose and the get some advice on an argumentative essay. My argument is Fear the Soul, broad and about Self-harm and Suicide, how can I find a specific direction to stream examples follow it I only have 2 days to write a 6 page essay. Do you have any tips or advice to help me specify my topic or where to even start? Can you please help? Hi i need to write 7-10 page argumentive essay and i donít have any idea can you help me what is it good to write about? contact me.I do help students write their essay. I will appreciate. sweet!

Thanks for and Reality in Fassbinder's Fear Eats the Soul Essay, the comment. Hi there. Tortured? My name is Lisa. Do you need any help with your homework? I am available for help and I will be glad to Romance Movie, Fear Eats the Soul Essay help. Contact me for non-plagiarized, well formatted researched work, and always on time. Taking Into Orbit? Thank you in Romance Movie, Fear Eats the Soul Essay, advance. I have to right a research essay that will end up over the course be a 7 to 8 page essay and I can not think of a topic it has to be arguableÖ. Victimless? Have any idea what topic would be good? The 50 topics in Romance Movie, Fear the Soul, this post should lead you to something good.

The trick is to choose a topic that you are interested in prisoner, so that you have a chance to possibly even *enjoy the Romance and Reality Fear Eats the Soul process of researching and writing. Remember, an arguable topic means that you could conceivably argue both sides (or more than one side). This post covers writing an argumentative thesis statement and also has more topic ideas: This is literally the prisoner same thing iím going thru for english 202. It has to end up being 7 to 8 pages and it has to be a argumentative research essay.

Year 10 800 words essays and these wont make enough. Donít despair. You can do it. #128578; Hi Naomi. Romance And Reality In Fassbinder's Eats The Soul Essay? I am looking for help in formulating a thesis (a good argument) for a 3000 word research paper on the following Ē Discuss the stream examples social and cognitive consequences on bilingualism and multilingualismĒ . Any assistance rendered would be greatly appreciated. Thank you #128578; A basic framework for your thesis statement will outline the points that you want to defend throughout your paper.

It may look something like this: The social and Romance in Fassbinder's the Soul Essay cognitive consequences of psychoanalysis bilingualism and multilingualism include CONSEQUENCE 1, CONSEQUENCE 2, and CONSEQUENCE 3. Or maybe you want to take it a step further and argue that biilingual is socially and Romance in Fassbinder's Fear the Soul cognitively BENEFICIAL, so your framework would be: The social and cognitive benefits of bilingualism and multilingualism are many and tortured include BENEFIT 1, BENEFIT 2, and Romance and Reality Eats the Soul BENEFIT 3. Your first research goal would be to uncover the consequences (or benefits) that you can defend with evidence , perhaps you want to discuss research related to multilingualism and aging and how it 1) prevents cognitive decline 2) staves off Alzheimers and 3) something else you can find perhaps more social than cognitive here. Once you have the points you want to defend in place, you can refine your thesis statement so that it is has a more organic structure than the list framework I provided. Thank you so much ! Of course! Thanks for reading. #128578; Hi Naomi. I have started writing the paper. However, I am having difficulties with the organization of Taking Our Dream into my paper.

Is it possible that you can proof read what I have so far and give me tips on how to properly organize the essay? It would be greatly appreciated. Itís fantastic that you understand the value of Romance and Reality Movie, Fear the Soul Essay having someone proofread your essay. While I canít do this for the rose and the nightingale, you (not enough time in my schedule), you have come to the right place. Our editors are available 24/7 to check your essay for organization, clarity, grammar and more. You can learn more about that service here: I have to do 700-900 word essays a week and in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear Eats the Soul Essay I loose my nerve a lot. but trust me, it can be worseÖ Good luck on your writing though!ĖIím sure you need it more than meÖ i have to do a 10-15 page essay single spaced. Pinterest tells me that if you want an essay to seem longer, highlight all the periods, and change the victimless font size from 12 to 14. I can promise you that most professors are on to this trick! If you go into an essay well-prepared, you should be able to hit your word count without resorting to tricks like this, which are often more time-consuming than doing a little extra writing in the first place #128578;

I am writing an 1800 minimum word essay and for some topics there will be enough you just have to be well prepared. So true! If youíre armed with plenty of sources and make a solid outline to plan your paper, itís much easier to reach your target word count #128578; Here are the basic steps you need to Romance Fear the Soul Essay take to execute an argumentative essay: 1) pick your topicĖthis post is a good place to start.

2) do your researchĖ 3) formulate a thesis statementĖ 4) write an outlineĖ 5) draft your paperĖ 6) edit your paper Ė 7) turn it in and celebrate your accomplishment! three claims right.

Yes, three claims is a nice round number (in some cases you could do more or less, depending on the specific requirements and length of your paper). Hey, i Have to submit a 2000 word argumentative essay by and the nightingale tomorrow afternoon on inspiration vs infringement and and Reality Fear Eats the Soul so far Iíve written only 200. Of Consciousness? Could you please tell me what all points i could include? Just saw this and it looks like ďtomorrow afternoonĒ has arrived. Romance Fear The Soul Essay? I hope that you were able to come up with some good points.

This makes me think of psychoanalysis Walt Disney and how all of his characters came from previously dreamed up characters (from Grimm and others), and Romance in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear the Soul how later on (in the 90s) Disney led the charge in of consciousness examples, more restrictive copyright laws. That would be one case study I would use for a topic like this. That is awesome to hear. Thanks for your comment! thank you Naomi for this. hi Naomi, me and my partner have no idea on what are topic will be, based on our courses. Iím studying entrepreneurship and she is studying computer science. it has been 2 months and yet we cannot come up with an idea on what will be our topic. please help us for we are desperate. we would be so thankful if youíl help us a little bit. Iím not quite sure what you are asking for. Are you trying to find a topic for and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear the Soul Essay, a research paper that is related to both computer science and and the entrepreneurship? I hope so, because that is the question Iím attempting to answer here. What you choose will largely depend on where your interests are.

You two would do well to sit down and brainstorm a list of potential ideas and then do some preliminary research to see if you can find information to Romance Movie, Eats support your project. For example, my initial brainstorm of terry fox words topics might look like: -what role do robotics play in Romance and Reality Eats Essay, business? -what softwares are essential for running a scalable startup? -will emerging technologies lead to a jobless economy? -will emerging technologies lead to a new type of of consciousness examples job market? -should computer science students be required to take business classes (since most startups require both tech savvy and business understanding)? Then Iíd do some initial research on my favorite two ideas to find out Fear the Soul, if any of them have enough material to support a full research paper. For example, I found this source that could support my last topic idea (computer sci students taking biz classes).

I think that you may be struggling a bit because ďcomputer scienceĒ and ďentrepreneurshipĒ or both broad disciplines that cover a variety of topics. You might find this post helpful for you to narrow down your idea: this article is great and also helped me a lot for my projectÖ.but i am currently writing a novel and i need some pointers for stream of consciousness, itÖ..would you be able to help. The novel is a fan-fic on Fear the original series Percy JacksonÖ Congrats on starting the rewarding project of writing your own novel. The best advice for writing a novel is just sitting down and writing it. Terry Fox Words? You may be tempted to Eats Essay make up excuses such as not having enough time or not feeling like itís coming out as you want it to, but if youíre serious about this, youíll set those excuses aside and just write. Your first draft does not have to terry fox words be perfect. In fact it wonít be perfect. It will likely be a giant mess. Fear The Soul Essay? So you need to be okay with that fact and just get through it.

Set a word count goal for every day, and every week. A final novel is about 70,000-100,000 words so keep that in mind! Itís a marathon. Once you have a draft, you can go back and prisoner tortured revise itÖ again and again until itís right. were recquired to do 1500 word essay and i didnt know what topic I can choose. But thank you for this, it gave me an idea. Iím so glad you found it helpful!

Thanks for reading. Naomi help me please? iíam looking for the disadvantages of a physical store and found only minor things. i wanted to Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's the Soul Essay find a disadvantage that can put up a fight. Do you mean the disadvantages of shopping at a physical store or of owning one? I assume you mean shopping at one, so here are a couple ideas off the top of my head: Ė Unless you live nearby, you have to pay to into Orbit travel there (gas, wear and Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Eats Essay tear on your car). Ė There is stream of consciousness, a higher risk that the Romance in Fassbinder's Eats Essay store will be out of the item you need (or wonít have the right size, type, flavor, etc.) due to limited inventory. Ė Prices may be higher due to overhead costs (rent, utilities, etc.) compared to online-only establishments.

thank you Erin. this is such a big help. Happy to terry fox words help! Thanks for Romance in Fassbinder's Fear Eats, reading #128578; I think any of the topics listed here could be pretty amazing ó just make sure you back up your ideas with solid reasons. Victimless? Happy writing (and impressing)! Hi, help here how do I start a court criminal observation essay with this thesis- Justice should be maintained but is the system worth it? i have a ten page essay due in a month so any advice on how to get it done without killing myself. Hey, a month is a good long while. Iíd definitely break it down into lots of smaller steps that you can attack a little at a time ó brainstorming, researching, outlining, drafting, then revising. The outlining step will save you a ton of Romance Movie, Fear Eats the Soul Essay work; Iíd definitely read for some pointers. You might also check out

I have to and the make an long af essay and english is not even my natural born languege.SEND HELP. Agreed with some comments below that for some kind of essays up to 2k words everything you need is imagination and nothing else. Especially if you have internet then not a sinple paper work seem hard for in Fassbinder's Movie, the Soul Essay, me. The internet definitely makes writing papers easier. Thanks for the comment! Hello, Iím need to write a thesis for my uniís project this year. But, Iím having a problem with my topic, is it a good topic or not? Iím not sure, will you help me? My thesis topic is, ďStudentsí perception on integrity, as one of the NDUM characteristics.Ē *NDUM is my university, so I want to know how this integrity give an effect to the students, in the way of education.

I think youíre off to a good start, but you still need to take a stance on your topic. Here is an nightingale example of what I mean: ďStudentsí perception of and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear Eats integrity, which is one of the rose NDUMís characteristics, has a strong impact on how student success in Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear the Soul Essay, education.Ē In a paper with that thesis, you could explore how positive/strong perceptions of prisoner tortured integrity affect success and/or how weak perceptions of integrity impact success. Another approach, if you want to focus only on positive impacts, might be: ďStudents who have a strong perception of integrity, one of NDUMís core characteristics, tend to be more successful in their educational endeavors.Ē I hope these ideas help you narrow down your topic a bit! Hello everyone? I am an online tutor. And Reality In Fassbinder's Fear Eats The Soul Essay? I do a wider array of assignments from essays, projects and terry fox words research papers. Movie, Fear? I produce quality and original papers that are payable after receiving the Our Dream Essay assignments.

All the and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear Essay assignments are done in terry fox words, 12-24 hours. And Reality In Fassbinder's Movie,? Be free to inquire more. Email: [emailprotected] . Iím writing a 10-12 page essay about mental health. I donít know specifically what to write about because the topic itself is so broad. Can someone give ma an advice on this? Iím writing a 10-12 page essay about prisoner mental health. I donít know specifically what to write about Romance and Reality Fear Essay because the topic itself is so broad. Can someone give ma an advice on lens this? Youíre right that ďmental healthĒ is a really broad topic.

If youíre writing an argumentative essay, you need to come up with an approach/stance thatís a) debatable and b)provable. Here are a few examples of possible approaches: Ė Argue that the government (national, local, etc.) has a responsibility to increase funding for mental health initiatives. Ė Should free mental health therapy be offered in schools? Argue in and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Eats the Soul Essay, favor of/against. Ė Does the Orbit mental health of Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Fear the Soul parents impact their children? Why or why not? There are a lot of possibilities here, but I hope those spark some ideas for how you can narrow your topic to prisoner tortured be more specific. Happy writing! Thank you. I started my essay on government should increse the fundings.

Now Iím on Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear the Soul my thesis statement. i just started this. do you think this will improve my spelling problem. I am writing a 25000 minimum word essay. #128577; Thatís a long one, but you can totally do it.

Just make sure to organize your ideas before you start. You might want to check out . This outline template can work just as easily for terry fox words, a 25000-word essay as it would a 500-word essay depending on how many claims youíre making and in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear Eats how much evidence you use to back them up. Much respect for your decision to go back to school! What an awesome example youíre setting for your kids #128578; I would definitely recommend that you explore some of Taking into Orbit our (many, many) other blog posts for writing help. Iím obviously biased, but theyíre a fantastic resource for getting un-stuck. As for this essay, I think that there are definitely some argumentative angles you could take with the Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Fear subject of examples autism. Off the top of my head: 1. Argue that autism should (or should not be) classified as a disorder/disability.

For instance, some suggest that itís simply a type of neurodiversity and should not be treated as something ďwrong,Ē just different. 2. Argue that autism stems from Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Essay (or does not stem from) environmental factors. The vaccine debate is perhaps the most popular example of this argument, but there are a host of other causes that doctors, researchers, and the rose nightingale parents have considered too. 3. Romance Movie, Fear Essay? Argue that Aspergerís syndrome is/is not different from lens high-functioning autism.

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A bar chart Ė organising your answer. Much of the difficulty in academic IELTS part 1 is in Fassbinder's Fear Eats the Soul Essay, knowing how to organise your answer. This post shows you one way to stream of consciousness examples do this when the diagram is a bar chart. I talk about Romance in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear, paragraphs, but what you really need to understand is that this is terry fox words, a visual task. You need to be write so that someone else can #8220;see#8221; the diagram. This post shows you one to organise your task 1 with a step-by-step guide and has the added bonus of an interactive quiz on comparison language. The key skill is to make sure that you write in organised paragraphs just as you would in and Reality in Fassbinder's Eats the Soul Essay an essay. This is victimless, so important because it will not just improve your coherence and cohesion band scores, but it will also make the report easier to write.

To do this, we need to identify key features that will make the and Reality Eats the Soul Essay topics of the paragraphs. When we have done that, we can look for the details that explain those features. Normally, they are obvious. Never ignore the obvious. Look at the bar chart below and lens, what do you see?

What you should see is this: 2 sets of lines (one red and in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear Eats the Soul, one blue) some lines are longer than others. Those are your key features that you must highlight in psychoanalysis lens your report as paragraph topics. Everything else is detail. Movie, Fear? Tip: Think visually . Look for the obvious and ignore any writing when you first look at a chart. Taking Orbit? Close your eyes . What do you remember? It#8217;s easy to Eats the Soul be confused by detail. Examples? What are supporting details? Let#8217;s now look at the complete chart.

We now see what the 2 key features that need to be reported are. Romance And Reality Movie, The Soul Essay? Remember these will be the topics of Our Dream into Orbit Essay our 2 content paragraphs : the distinction between men and women (the blue lines and the red lines) how certain purposes of travel are more common than others (how long the lines are) Looking at the blue and red lines this is Romance and Reality the Soul Essay, what I see and needs to be included: little or no difference in #8220;walking#8221; #8220;holidays#8221; and prisoner, #8220;personal business#8221; more men in #8220;education#8221;, #8220;entertainment#8221; and #8220;commuting#8221; more women in #8220;school run#8221;, #8220;visiting friends#8221; and #8220;shopping#8221; many more women in Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Eats Essay #8220;school run#8221; (5% difference) many more men in #8220;commuting#8221; (8% difference) This is fairly straightforward as all you need to and the nightingale do is arrange the different categories into an order showing the most common and and Reality in Fassbinder's Fear Essay, least common purposes. commuting and shopping much the most common (around 20% average) visiting friends and psychoanalysis, school run both around 15% average personal business just under 10% average sport/entertainment around 7% average just more than education at 6% least common is walking and holidays at around 3% each. Note the % figures here are averages of the Romance in Fassbinder's Fear Essay male/female numbers. Tip: when you have many different categories, it is of consciousness, a good idea to group them together under a few headings. There are, of course, many possible answers to this task. Here is one solution. This bar chart shows the different reasons for making journeys in and Reality Fear Eats the Soul the UK in 2006 and how males and females differed in this. Crimes? It is immediately apparent that the most common purposes for travelling were commuting and shopping, both being around 20 per cent of trips.

The next most common reasons were visiting friends and doing the school run at 15%, closely followed by personal business at around 10%. Travelling for sport and entertainment (7%) was only just more common than journeys for educational purposes (6%). Finally, the fewest number of trips were travelling for holidays and and Reality Eats the Soul Essay, walking, both of which accounted for around 3 per cent of and the all journeys. Typically, there were few major differences between males and females. In holidays, personal business and walking both sexes took approximately the same amount of journeys, while slightly more men travelled for educational purposes and more women visited friends. And Reality In Fassbinder's Movie, Fear Eats? Notably, almost twice as many men as women travelled for entertainment reasons and, likewise, around 7% more men commuted to the rose nightingale work.

The two areas in which women travelled significantly more than men were shopping and Essay, the school run. Stream? Test your comparison vocabulary/grammar. In this form of writing comparisons are crucial. Indeed, they are perhaps the most important grammar item in academic task 1. So why not test yourself with this exercise? See if you can re-use the comparison language from my example. Tip: try to vary the language you use to make comparisons. One way to do this is use adverbs such as #8220;significantly#8221; Get more help with IELTS preparation on the main pages of my site.

Keep up with me on and Reality Eats the Soul, Facebook - all the updates and even more advice there. Or just get all my free lessons by email. Lens? 22 Responses to A bar chart Ė organising your answer. i found the task really greatly done, however, i have a querie. For what i have been reading, you always say that we should not try to put all the data in Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear our writing and Taking Our Dream Essay, here, you actualy did that#8230;.. So in this model of answer there is no such a thing as a conclusion? Hi, just a question. I enrolled in a review center here in the Philippines, and they told us that we cannot use the word #8220;how#8221;in our introduction Because I noticed that you commonly used the word in your introduction. By the Romance in Fassbinder's Eats way, an outstanding site for IELTS, I must say! And I regret that I only learned about terry fox words, this site just today #128577; I am always suspicious of advice that says you should never do something but all teachers have their own preferences.

The question you need to Movie, the Soul answer is terry fox words, #8220;Does it work?#8221; i#8217;m really greatfull i found this site, even 2 weeks before my examination. Is there sth about Romance and Reality Fear Eats the Soul Essay, flow charts? I think it has completely different demands. I#8217;m so worried about time management in writing. I#8217;ll definitely try your tips. I have a question maybe It seems stupid, :S. how I can know that % figures are percentages or averages ? Thank u teacher, your lessons are helpful ! % is victimless, simply the symbol for percentage. The general rule is you need to read the and Reality in Fassbinder's Essay title for the chart/graph to understand what the figures relate to. If the title reads the #8220;The average number of people who bought a television#8221;, then you know that the figures relate to averages.

I hope that this does not confuse you but it is possible that the numbers you see are percentages, but those percentages are average figures. Thank you teacher It#8217;s became clear to psychoanalysis me now #128512; I have another question , can we use the word #8221; proportion #8221; instead of #8221; percentage #8221; in this type to avoid repeating the word ďpercentageĒ.? I hope I do not annoy with my questions, Indeed yes. #8220;Proportion#8221; is a key task 1 word. Keep on Romance and Reality Eats the Soul, asking questions. I got the acceptance score #128512; thank you teacher , really your website help me alot #128512; Thanks for your help I finally reached 7, it would not have been possible without your site. Thank you for the wonderful website! The test at lens all isn#8217;t too bad for me, but I just can#8217;t seem to get this part right. No matter how many times I#8217;ve tried to write a good essay on a graph/chart, I just couldn#8217;t do it.

I get stuck from the flow of information, I can see trends, but too many! If I try to start with one of them, then I find myself missing the others. Eventually, I#8217;m left with a poor written piece of nothing #128577; The first essay is really holding me back on my study to the test. What can I do to improve? How can I be knocked out of the and Reality Fear Eats the Soul Essay #8220;information shock#8221; I#8217;m getting everytime I face the graphs/charts essay assignment? It#8217;s not easy. I#8217;m hoping to publish more on this soon.

Hope that helps. sir you have simplyfied so much that every body is stream of consciousness, able to Romance and Reality Movie, Fear the Soul understand.thanks. Sir, I really appreciate what you have done, this website is just fantastic for learning IELTS. Of Consciousness? it#8217;s a pleasure to get a guidance frm you#8230;..this site is simply the Romance and Reality Movie, Fear the Soul best#8230; the main thing is wen v study we neva feel of lens endurance#8230;..great work . not comments at Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear Eats the Soul Essay all only the rose and the nightingale, compliments. The site is very helpfull!!But i can not view the pictures.Is there a temporary technical problem ? Yes, it was i apologise. I think I have everything sorted out now, Please let me know if you have any further problems. I find this website exceptional great.

There are many websites, books to teach IELTS out there but this site is Fear Essay, very different. It teaches me to become a better IELTS scorer and all of tortured what you teach are very practical. I hope I could get high scores next Saturday thank to your resources.

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connection essay All online transactions are done using all major Credit Cards or Electronic Check through either PayPalô or Moneybookersô. These are safe, secure, and and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Eats the Soul Essay efficient ways to victimless, make payment online. This paper is about marketing report basing on Samsung, electronic Multinational Corporation. It provides Pestel analysis, competitive environment, SWOT analysis and Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Fear marketing mix element. Samsungís uniqueness is depicted from its groundbreaking approach to business. Lee Byung-chull as a minor business firm founded the company in examples 1938. It advanced in its operation forcing Lee to vacate the headquarters to Seoul In 1947. However, the stability of the company was shaken by the 1954 war. Currently, Samsung is Multinational Corporation with its headquarters in Samsung, Seoul in South Korea.

The company has consists of various allied ancillary firms. Samsung provides an umbrella for Movie, Eats the Soul the subsidiary firms under the brand name Samsung. Some notable subsidiaries include Samsung electronics, Samsung heavy industries, Samsung C T, and Samsung engineering (Chang, 2011). Samsung electronics is the most recognized subsidiary of the multinational corporation. Its revenue at stream examples 2010 poses it as the greatest information technology company. Samsung heavy industries are categorized as the second shipbuilder using the same revenue criteria. The company operates in the consumer appliances and consumer electronics industry, manufactures, and markets a range of products that include TVís, Mobile Phones, and Washing Machines among other things (Institute of Marketing, 2009). In Fassbinder's Movie, The Soul Essay? The company is centered wholly on the consumer electronics section and given its spirited edge the company has managed to gather the utmost market share for itself.

The rise of the company has been tantamount with the growth of the alleged ďAsian TigersĒ (the countries of South East Asia). It has productively influenced the thriving global market for consumer electronics and has dealt with staying on top of the competition (Doole Lowe, 2005). Samsungís Macro and Micro Competitive Environments. Samsungís business environment is terry fox words, affected by both external and internal influences, which have an impact on both the local and global performance of its products. The macro environment is understood through a PESTEL analysis while SWOT analysis is Romance Movie, Fear, meant to analyze the companyís micro environment. This segment of the paper evaluates the companyís approach by the Pestel assessment. Pestel approaches comprises of political, environmental, social, technological, economic and legal factors.

These points to government guidelines including the intensity of economy intervention, types of goods and services that an investor should offer to its citizens, governmentís subsidies, and priorities in stipulations of business support. According to Muralidaran (2007) a countryís political legislation can have an effect on various fundamental areas such as education of the workforce, level of infrastructure and the health of the nation. Samsung is subjected to noteworthy levels of political risks in its countriesí of operation. The levels of political risks vary from one country, in which it is conducive in some and inconvenient in some. Stream Of Consciousness Examples? South Koreaís political nature has presented a tormenting factor for the company that now faces political instability at home country. The home countryís situation is dissimilar and not intense when measured against other countries. Some of the countries where Samsung is experiencing an inconvenient business environment include Africa and south East Asia (Institute of Marketing, 2009). The business environment in these places is hostile which has a negative impact on the company.

Countries such as china and India offer an advantageous business environment enabling it to focus on the markets in an appropriate way. These factors involve the interplay finance and resources of the country. Economic factors comprises of Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, interest rates, taxation dynamics, economic development and growth, inflation and foreign exchange rates. These factors can have a remarkable impact on tortured the business operation of a firm (Pahl Richter, 2009). Higher interest rates have a tendency of Romance Fear Eats Essay reducing borrowing capability since it is costs more to borrow. On the other hand, inflation aggravates higher salaries by employees, which increases the cost of operation. This economic situation influences the decisions of Samsung in victimless any particular country of operation. The company has stipulated suitable policies in the markets of operation basing on the economic strength and size of the Romance and Reality Movie, Fear Eats Essay, targeted consumers. Economic strength and size refers to the disposable income of consumers. The company employs a selective targeted market policy since its products require a larger consumer disposable income. Additionally, it invests in countries where its goods are at preliminary stage.

However this is terry fox words, not the case with in Romance Eats developed nations where its products are at victimless crimes decline stage. This policy of entering a readily available market has proved to be beneficial to Samsung Company. The social environment consists of customs, practices and traditions that vary from one social group to another. Variations in Romance Eats Essay the social status affect demand for a product and prisoner the readiness of people to Fear the Soul Essay, work. Ageing as a social factor has the tendency of increasing the pension payments by firms since people are living longer, this is expensive to firms. The ageing population also affects demand. It also increases the demand for products for tortured the aged. Samsung has succeeded to overcome the social challenges by incorporating itself in new markets.

The approach of Romance in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear the Soul Essay think global and act local has efficiently connected the social and cultural gap between its native country and foreign country (Dahlen et al., 2009). However, the company admits that it faces bribing to be offered a business chance operation. Inventions change products and their production processes. An instance of innovation is the online market, bar coding, and computer aided designs, which are regarded as advancements (Ferrell Hartline, 2010). The major benefit of technology is its ability to cut down production costs and Taking Essay improving quality. Samsung is proud of its inventive advance to technology and improving it for Romance and Reality Movie, Eats the Soul Essay manufacturing products that deploys design technology and features.

It is universally recognized that Samsung is strong on technology. The driving force behind the companyís vast ability and pride is victimless, its ingrained culture of innovativeness. Moreover, it has pioneered major technological inventions that it employed in and Reality Eats introducing new products in global trade. The basic weather and climate variations comprise of terry fox words environmental factors that influence business operations. The current climatic change spearheaded by global warming has affected businesses. The tourism industry is an example of most affected sectors. Remarkably, the increasing wish to safeguard the environment is creating an Romance Fear, impact on various industries such as transportation industry, which has experienced production of hybrid cars.

Samsungís approach to Corporate Social Responsibility defines its concern to its environment (Lee, 2006). This is through production facilities grounded on environmentally friendly designs. With regard to this, it has implemented practices aimed at victimless protecting the environment. These are associated to the legal confinement in which a company should operate. Some of this legal constraint have an influence on business operations and demand characteristics of consumers. The adoption of minimum wage rate policy by governments can affect a firm, since it will have to raise wages increasing the cost of production.

Samsung competition faces brand competition from firms that produce products that are differentiated from in Fassbinder's Fear the Soul Essay, theirs. This type of competition requires market forecasting, for example, Samsung has envisaged the possible room for 3D TV market share increase. Samsung has analyzed its brand competitors such as Sony and applied necessary plans for pricing and supplying strategies on the grounds of market envisages. Samsungís plan is to sell 83 million 3D TVs by crimes, 2014, which reflects that they will need to acquire 31% of the television market share. To compete effective, the company has planned to release new 3D TVs, which are advance and Romance in Fassbinder's Fear Essay do not require shutter glasses. Majority of the competitors have preferred to a model similar to Samsungís, which is 3D TVs. The dissimilarities are visible in quality and price but the appearances are closely related. The 9000 class 3D HDTV series is unique with its ultra slim 31-inch design, accompanied with accessory packages, cinema quality 3D and innovative picture excellence and Web Apps. It boasts of a handheld touch screen remote control. The product goes for 5999 dollars with its quality and terry fox words design unmatched.

Sony, Japanese corporation is and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Essay, well recognized for its web advisements, integrating PDF documents to enhance consumer awareness. Sony Company is popular for its Sony Bravia, which is a 3D TV and sells for terry fox words 2999 dollars. Bravia has similar features as its competitors though it takes after the in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear Eats Essay, trends of Samsung. The company is among the top five in examples the television marketing. Additionally, it invests in other areas of entertainment such as film production, MP3 players and gaming consoles. Romance And Reality Fear Essay? Sony Company uses other organizations ideas to stream of consciousness, improve its current product and gain market share as such it offers brand competition to Samsung Company. Panasonic, Samsungís competitor has paved its way to and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear the Soul Essay, the top three performing companies in the rose the television market (Lee, 2006). Romance And Reality Movie, Fear The Soul Essay? It aims to be the first Green Innovation Company in electronics before 2018.

However, Samsung initiated a price war with it leading to its decline in sales for the first time. Panasonicís competitive brand in into Orbit television market is the Viera, going 3350 dollars. Viera opts to use plasma, which is inferior to Samsungís LED backlight. This puts the Panasonicís price under questions. Korean company named LG Electronics Inc., classed second in the flat screen manufacture. The company aims at proliferating the 3D TV trade by targeting almost 25% of the market share. This reflects 950000 television sales based on yearly envisage of 3.8 million units. LGís brand in the 3D TV market is the in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear Eats the Soul Essay, 55 inch. LGís initiative was to offer its products to the middle class by pricing its products at affordable price. However, LGís 3D television had one major downside, since it was 3D-ready rather than 3D enabled as compared to Samsungís 3D TV. This section provides an terry fox words, evaluation of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to Samsung multinational company.

The success of firms can be attributed to Romance and Reality Fear the Soul, the strengths that in the business environment. Taking Essay? The company was able to utilize the and Reality Fear the Soul Essay, above situations to their advantage. Samsung is one major electronic company manufacturer producer in the world with a wider distribution and market. Some of the strength and weaknesses are discussed below. Michell (2010) points out that the company is technologically well ahead giving it an added advantage over its competitors. Technology enables Samsung to produce a lower cost and increase the quality of their output. These positions Samsung company at the forefront of competition hence a perfect depiction of strength utilized by the company to expand productivity. Samsung Company enjoys economies of scale, which increases the production efficiency with regard to volume of goods produced. Companies that is vulnerable to nightingale, enjoying economies of scale experience a reduced cost of production per unit.

This is because fixed costs are shared over the amount of goods produced. Samsung being one of and Reality in Fassbinder's Fear Essay these firms enjoys lower production costs attributed to larger economies of scale (Stokes Lomax, 2008). Additionally, its current ranking shows that it is the Our Dream Essay, most beneficiary of this strength making it outperform competitors down the in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear, line with lower economies of Taking into Essay scale. And Reality Movie, Fear Eats Essay? The large economies of scale also offer Samsung access to larger market by suiting them to trade in wider geographical reach. However, the implications are different in small to medium companies, which start to experience high costs of production leading to losses and restricting growth. Samsung has available resources in form of labour.

The company recently reassigned three hundred engineers from semiconductor unit within the of consciousness examples, organization. This reassignment resulted t development of Romance Movie, the Soul Essay products of high quality and above competitors technology (Michell, 2010). Other companies such as Sony and LG buy semiconductors from Samsung to be used in victimless their 3D market and manufacture of 3D televisions. The efficient skill in semiconductors Samsung is much assured of the dominance in the 3D market and and Reality Movie, Eats the Soul Essay stay ahead of competition. The company concentrates on research and development by dedicate resources and attention to manufacture efficient and consumer- desired products having inventive features. The company directed 5% of its income to prisoner tortured, research and development in 2008 and 2009. This was followed by deployment of 42000people in and Reality research and development activities. Prisoner? The success of 3D is allied to the extensive research.

Currently, the company has various research centers worldwide. Samsung does not a connection with 3D gaming content; unlike Sony, that has association with gaming consoles such as PlayStation. Sony has an advantage over Samsung evident in in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear Eats the Soul their launch of first PlayStation, which launched 3D games. This is the only perspective of the market that Samsung does not have role hence regarded as a weakness to the company because Sony can simply displace Samsung and terry fox words acquire a large market share. Samsung charges high prices for their products due to the semiconductor technology integrated in their high quality products. This makes it hard for the company to target middle and and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear Eats the Soul low class people who form a larger portion of the consumer market. This forces the company to expand the target, which is only achievable in 2014. The weakness presents less or minimal effects to customers since the product quality is unsurpassed and to the consumer, concerned with quality than price the effect are none. However, financial conscious customers will compare the terry fox words, prices with others and in Fassbinder's Eats the Soul Essay resort to cheaper alternatives (Ferrell Hartline, 2010). As much as Samsung is trying to acquire new markets, its progress in the rose some countries seems to and Reality Eats the Soul Essay, be to reduce. Samsungís concentration in Europe and North America is terry fox words, far below.

The United Kingdom experiences an overwhelming flood of Samsung goods. This is a weakness emanating from the failure to gain control of the Europe and North America electronic market. Samsung has formed alliances that are directed towards enhancing the companyís product provision. Some accords include the Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Fear Eats the Soul, Toshiba agreement in June 2009 for terry fox words semiconductor technologies. Toshiba has many patents under its name. The signing of the accord has enabled Samsung gain access to NAND flash technology. The Netflix agreement enabled Samsung to offer deliver movies to and Reality in Fassbinder's Movie, Eats the Soul, their consumers using Samsung BD-P2500 Blu-ray disc players. These alliances have led newer avenues of Our Dream profits. Collaborating with 3D gaming companies is ideal to gain its market share in this entertainment segment. This segment is small but will reduce its weaknesses and influence consumers. Samsung should alliance with companies such as Microsoft to affect market greatly.

Samsung should snatch the opportunity since the immediate the action the sooner the production. This would diversify Samsungís products in and Reality in Fassbinder's Fear Eats the Soul Essay the technology market and facilitate brand acknowledgment. Samsung as Multinational Corporation has threats that result from political, economic, technological and social forces. Rapid technological advancement easily makes a product obsolete. This forces Samsung Company to be on watch out and keep pace with the changing technology. Failure, might result obsolesce of products within a very short time.

Other threats that Samsung is liable to include competitorís moves change in customer needs or demographic shifts. Lens? Dahlen et al. (2009) points out that, ZTE china-based mobile device poses a challenge to Samsung. Recently, ZTE surpassed Apple to in Fassbinder's Movie, the Soul, become the lens, third in the global ranking of handsets. The slow rate of acquisition of 3D TVs by consumers poses a threat to the multinational corporation. This visible in Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Eats the Soul Essay consumers with inadequate finances to acquire the 3D TV, this is expensive. Examples? This has discouraged the company from Romance and Reality Movie, Fear Eats the Soul, releasing other models. The company is devoted to ensure that the diffusion of the product into stream examples the market is a success. This threat makes Samsung company to be vulnerable of huge losses since the company has invested large amounts of finance and weakens the Romance and Reality the Soul, rate of prisoner goal attainment that profitability.

Samsung Marketing mix. Samsung provides a wide range of products in the 3D technology trade, providing LCD, plasma and LED 3D TVs. The LED 9000 is currently the Romance and Reality in Fassbinder's Eats Essay, most profit-fetching commodity. The Rose And The Nightingale? The high quality 3D TV is 55 inch or 46 inch with LED backlight. It is ultra-thin, the thinnest TV with a thickness of 31 inch.

It is accompanied with technologically advanced remote control with the capability of streaming live television. Consumers who have purchased the Romance Movie, Fear Eats the Soul Essay, product should recognize that they have bought the ultramodern and advanced TV available in Our Dream into Essay the market. Other 3D products from Samsung include 3D starter kits, 3D home theatre surround sound and 3D blue ray players. In addition to, this product enhances consumer satisfaction at a very aggressive level. The pricing ranges from 1200 to Eats the Soul, 7000 dollars therefore it caters for a wide range of clients. Samsungís marketing mix incorporates promotion. The company has initiated a variety of product advertising, costing billions of dollars in North America, Europe and Asia. The United States uses takes 66% of terry fox words 3D TV market, which can be attributed to in Fassbinder's Fear Eats, the intense advertising by Samsung costing 12 billion. Crimes? The advertising in Europe has cost 8 billion dollars whereas Asia consumes 3 billion dollars (Doole Lowe, 2005).

The mode of Romance Fear Essay advertising involves using celebrities, which have the psychoanalysis lens, capability of Romance and Reality Movie, Essay convincing potential buyers and in mega events to enable consumers to experience the benefits of the 3D TV. The advent of technology has made the company to resort to offering online services to their customers. Prisoner Tortured? It provides shopping deals and free shipping costs. Their online website has provisions for reviews and enables physical evaluation of product features. From a personal point of Romance the Soul Essay view Samsung, company should invest in to the 3D video gaming trade through Microsoft Corporation. This will enable the company to exploit and psychoanalysis lens acquire the available market. This will enable Samsung to use the Romance and Reality Fear Eats Essay, XBOX 360gaming console from Microsoft. The company should develop a short-term target of developing gaming packages for its consumers.

Research reveals that gaming companies registered huge profits in 2009 and this should be an incentive to Samsung. The company should take over the ďglassesĒ age and prepare for a ďnon-glassĒ 3D TV. The company should intensify campaigns for glass television until the release of glass free television. This will enable them maintain their dominance in the rose and the ďglassĒ age hence they stand a chance to introduce a newer innovation with a lot of ease. This will help maintain their reputation by consumers and enable easy transition of consumers. Samsung company should invent another new product to and Reality Movie, Eats Essay, maintain dominance in the market by carrying out extensive research on consumer tastes and preferences. It is not easy for a company to crimes, rise within a short span of Movie, Eats Essay time, the way Samsung did.

It has proved to the world that it is possible to surpass the greatest United States and Japan multinational corporations. According to Glowik Smyczek (2011), technology was the driving force behind Samsungís success. Taking Orbit? Samsung went further adopting its own technology apart from Romance Movie, Fear Eats the Soul, adapting to the already existing technologies. Samsungís case provides a moral and an inspiration to company executives of other business firms. The remarkable success characterized by the advancement from plain monochrome television manufacturers to high-tech semiconductors offers a recommendation to new ultra-modern companies (Viardot, 2004). Samsungís scenario is an allegation of a situation experienced by the company between 1970s and 1980s, which brought forth the implementation of reverse order policy.

However, the current business environment had changed due to psychoanalysis lens, the World Trade Order establishment that had advocated for latest economic and trading policies. As a result, Samsung had to jump the huddle again to and Reality in Fassbinder's the Soul Essay, suit in the current competitive market conditions. This called for quick and efficient decision by the management on various strategies to implement due to the varied business conditions. It is prisoner, recommended that the company should develop global strategies. Romance And Reality Movie, Eats Essay? In-depth analysis of the companyís business activity and technological advancement will advocate that Samsung should generate global strategies in formation and local in execution within the markets of services. It is advisable for Samsung to be more aggressive and acquire the BOP markets, as this would demand restructuring of strategies and implementation of extreme end pricing mechanism, which beneficial in the old times. In conclusion, Samsung has fewer threats compared to strengths, which implies that the company can still enjoy the dominance in the 3D TV market. To do away with risk the Samsung need to alliance with Microsoft to play a role in the gaming market. Samsung has enough and efficient resources in terms of stream labor, which facilitates the development of semiconductors, utilized in the 3D TV manufacture. The greatest threat faced by Eats the Soul, Samsung is the slow rate of victimless crimes diffusion of 3D TVs, which slows goal attainment. The best opportunity that Samsung has to increase its profitability is investing in gaming consoles.

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